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15 Things You Should Know About Big Boobs

For all of you beauty enthusiasts out there, here are 15 things you should know before dating a girl with big boobs, brought to you by girls with big boobs.

Let’s start from the number one

1. Not all the time bigger means better
Sometimes big boobs might be even less sensitive than small ones. And don’t stuck up on them only, other body parts enjoy foreplay as well.

2. Big boobs do not mean big nipples
So don’t act like this is something you didn’t know when you’ll see big breasts with small nipples.

3. Other women might appear to be more obsessed with them than any men
Because we all love beautiful don’t we 😉

4. Jumping or jogging with big boobs might be joyful for your eyes. But it’s freaking hard for our backs. So give us a break when it’s needed

5. We’re just “adjusting” bra back on its place, not trying to seduce you
It’s so hard to spend a whole day in an underwired bra not having to make several moves along the way. Adjusting it in public might not look gracefully, but when we need to – we need to.

6. Being on holiday, our big boobs are most likely to get more tan, than our back
Unless you will dig a small (well, big ones, actually) pit for our boobs to lay on our front?

7. It’s okay for us to be playing with / fondling them
Big boobs are like great big, comfort blankets, so when we’re watching TV we sometimes wedge our hands into our bras, just because it feels lovely.

8. At some point, you might find yourself putting our bras on your head
Don’t! It’s not THAT funny.

9. Wanna play with them? do exercises.
They’re heavy, boi

10. Big boobs might make us not being able to wear certain tops
…and not being able to buy dresses which fit our bottom half AND our top half. Our kingdom for a slinky backless top. Sigh.

11. Yes, we know that you want to put your penis in between those huge things
That we may allow you to do, but don’t ask for it every day – it’s really not the most exciting thing to do all the time.

12. It might appear to be hard if you’re buying us lingerie
There are a million different sizes in a million different shops. A double D isn’t as big a size as you thought it was –  so, there’s a big chance that lingerie you’ve bought might not fit. It’s easier to bring us along with you for shopping.

13. Yes, we know they are magnificent, and big, and maybe, enormous, but please focus on other stuff
They are one of the first things you always notice, so be thoughtful with the compliments and jokes.

14. Our minimizer bras are not the end of the world
Sometimes a beautiful top NEEDS to be worn, end of the story.

15. You’ll find a lot of bras in the living room
Because taking them off once we get on that sofa is heaven that nothing else can replicate.

Got any additional advices? Be sure to put them in the comments 😉

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