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20 Ways To Have Wild Sex No Women Can Resist

Sex, even with a loved one, can generate certain insecurity or fear, so I will try to give simple tips on how to make your life in bed more pleasant and varied.

During a long relationship and life together (and even more so marriage), emotions gradually disappear from the union of a man and a woman. The sensitive barrier is dulled, and so-called romance diminishes. This affects both the psychological state of both partners and the sexual component of life: desire arises less often, and the habitual act of love does not bring former pleasure. However, the situation can be remedied. We have compiled some tips for you on how to diversify your intimate life and thereby maintain a healthy atmosphere in your relationship and have wild sex.

wild sex

Set up a “stage” for a romantic night

You may be used to having sex on old shabby sheets in an untidy room, but to improve your sex life, you need to improve conditions. Take some time, clean up, light a candle, or at least fresh up the air and tune the light to suit your mood. This will demonstrate to your significant love that you have made some emotional “investment” in your sex life and will strengthen your rapport during sex.

Talk about sex outside the bedroom

A pillow is a great place to get what you want, but it’s not always the most productive. If you want to deepen your bond with your partner and have more enjoyment, try talking about sex outside the bedroom.

Try to start a conversation with your partner in a neutral place. Better not to provoke new discussions when you are in bed … Autodrom is a great place to start a dialogue.

Stop comparing yourself to others

It’s hard not to compare yourself to examples from the media, so it’s not surprising that many people are hesitant about having “good” sex. Throw away unnecessary opinions and comparisons.

wild sex

Pleasant sex is often not at all like the models we’ve seen or the images. Bodies, positions, sounds, and actions are much more varied, creative, and beautiful than the things we try to impose.

Breathe in unison with your partner

If you don’t pay attention to your partner’s breathing during sex, you may be missing the easy path to emotional connection.

The couple should try to breathe in unison during and after sex to obtain a more satisfying result.

Develop your emotional connection in other ways

Wild sex starts outside the bedroom ‒ if you don’t feel oneness with your partner during sex, you should seek out other ways to connect with him.

The emotional connection during sex is usually built outside the bedroom. For many, the intensity and enjoyment of sex increases when their bond with their partner is strong. While someone can achieve this level of connection during instant meetings, most of us take time and investment in relationships to create it.

Develop a “sex menu”

Talk to your partner about the different things you love in bed and how you enjoy doing it. This way you can streamline your “preferences” from gentle to hotter sex, depending on your mood.

The menu helps to create variety, and it also helps couples expand their definition of sex. Not everything on the menu may be attractive to both partners. One of the lovers may have to find other ways to meet certain needs if his partner is not open to something and this is important to him.

wild sex

Get rid of everything that distracts

It may be a difficult task to free your head, but before having sex with your partner, you should get rid of everything that can be distracting.

This means turning off cell phones and TV, throwing the cat out of the room, and making sure your room is closed. You may feel like these things can be ignored, but to get the best sex, you need to focus all your attention on your partner.

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Have sex during the light

An easy way to get out of your comfort zone is to turn on the lights when you are making love.

This idea sounds scary to some, but when you share this vulnerable space with your partner, you help deepen the connection.

If you are very worried about these changes, try starting with a soft light or candle and work your way towards full light or daytime sex.

Don’t be afraid to talk during sex

Conversations during sex can seem strange or intimidating, but it can be a tool that deepens your connection or sparks passion.

You can say dirty words or just show emotions, but try to get at least something out of your mouth. If you haven’t done so before, see how your partner feels.

Ask if yours is good or what you should be doing more or less. By talking, laughing, and enjoying each other, you can increase your emotional connection. 

Take time for sex

Films and television often show sex as a spontaneous and passionate thing, but if you have a family, a career, friends, and a social life, you may find yourself too exhausted to paint your nails, and of course desire for your partner. Experts advise couples to plan “sex dates” if they have problems during sex.

wild sex

The biggest mistake couples make to their sexual relationships is that they don’t take time for sex and intimacy. Some couples believe that sex should be spontaneous. It is unrealistic to think that something in our life is spontaneous because we control and plan everything. Why most couples don’t include sex on their schedule?

Share your fantasies

Not everyone will be able to turn their partner, for example, into a pumped-up handsome Channing Tatum, but sexual fantasies will help improve your sex life.

My observation is that the vast majority of couples are not comfortable talking to each other about their fantasies or needs because they are embarrassed or afraid of being judged.

Your partner is someone who needs to be trusted more than anyone else in the world. If you both don’t judge each other, then it can open up a whole new world of sexual opportunities.

Sharing porn

An obvious way that many couples avoid due to embarrassment and fear that the partner will not understand. About half of the people surveyed admitted that they would react positively if a partner offered to watch an adult movie together. The main thing is not to push if you meet a sharp rebuff (after all, for someone this is a very intimate process). But if you feel interested, go for it! Something that excites both of you will match, or you can try the category you want to nudge your loved one into. Do not forget to be careful: you should not start from hard BDSM or videos with a strap-on if you have not even experimented with spanking before.

Change the decor

Try previously unknown and even unexpected places to have sex, from a banal hotel room to highly exotic options. Elevator, the roof of the house, cinema, staircase, car ‒ there is a great choice. The main thing in this matter is to overcome shyness, shame, and fear of being seen.

Also, the fear of being discovered will increase arousal. Adrenaline is a great way to tickle your nerves and experience something new that you have never experienced before. If you like it, you can periodically arrange repeated sessions ‒ just try to change the location.

Even if no one caught you, there is a possibility that the staff in public places suspected you of something deviant, but did not betray you (holy people). In such a situation, you may simply not be allowed in, although in any case there will be something to remember.

Learn new poses

Trying differently is the easiest way to diversify and improve your sex life. The Kamasutra was invented for this. There are, of course, variations that require good stretching, but there are also more adequate positions that will not be difficult to master.

Watch some porn videos together, find interesting poses, and try the same. The beauty of the porn industry is that the set of tricks is usually adapted for normal people (although not without exceptions) ‒ it is quite possible to repeat this and does not require much effort.

Besides, watching such videos can quite arouse both, and there is a chance that you will not finish watching the film.

Learn to massage

The massage is pleasant even in cases when the session has no continuation. And it’s also useful. It is especially pleasant when it is done by gentle hands and other parts of the body of a loved one (and a loved one knows how to massage). A high-quality massage guarantees a good mood, pleasant sensations, and high libido.

It works, by the way, in both directions, so learning the massage technique will never be superfluous not only for a man but also for a woman. Moreover, in addition to traditional methods, there are many others: simple relaxing massage, classical, Thai, and our favorite ‒ erotic.

wild sex

Having mastered this technique, you will be able to please women even before the action unfolds.


Subtle variations on submission play can change the sexual context and turn you both on in earnest. Plus, with a regular partner, it will be much easier to relax and trust. Start with something small: blindfold, limited mobility, spanking, wild sex. Sex shops sell sets of BDSM accessories for beginners: handcuffs, blindfolds, tickling feathers. All these things perform rather a decorative and psychological function: you cannot reliably fix your partner’s hands with handcuffs with pink fur or inflict pain with a cute multi-tailed whip, but you can feel the taste of the process and understand whether it delivers a buzz. Caution: it is addictive.

Try toys

When all sorts of slopes, angles, and points of contact have been tried, you can turn to the improvised inventory. Vibrators, strap-ons, rings, clamps, and many other inventions are designed just to ensure that intercourse does not become something mundane and boring.

If you and your woman are open people to everything new, then later you can try something more interesting than the starter kit of a person who is in search of a variety of experiences.

Do you want to dive into the choice of sexual assistants on your own without feeling awkward in front of other people, or do you worry too much about what strangers will say about you? Online catalogs are at your disposal ‒ look, order, and pick up a well-packed parcel at the post office. And at home, you will happily and impatiently open the box, and together you will start testing new toys.

Role-playing games

Many people give up role-playing because they feel kind of stupid, but try turning your head off and just plugging into the process. Sex in a couple becomes boring because the element of the game is lost: you know each other’s bodies well and use familiar scenarios. And it is just the feeling of novelty, forbidnness that excites ‒ this is how our brain works. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of arresting your beloved girl or unconventionally curing your man. Sex shops today offer costumes for every taste, and you can organize some options yourself: the same “teacher’s costume” can be found in the wardrobe of most women.

Eat pineapples

The point is this: pineapple, or rather the substances contained in its juice, have a positive effect not so much on the quality of sex itself, but on the quality of its derivative ‒ ejaculate, making it sweeter.

Experts point out that, in addition to pineapple, kiwi, melon, peaches, and mango have such properties. Vegetables include celery, parsley, and dill. Yogurt also helps with the taste issue, but you should not get too carried away with dairy products: an excess of lactose adversely affects the taste and smell of semen.

If your evening schedule includes an oral sex clause, we advise you to prepare for it in advance. On this day, it is better not to drink alcohol, smoke, or eat fatty foods (unless, of course, you want it to be pleasant not only to you) ‒ all this gives bitterness to the taste.

When you use this advice, your woman will understand that you are very caring, it will sink into her heart, and she will probably decide to please you more often. It tastes good, you are pleased ‒ what else is needed for happiness? Perhaps a massage.

Take a movie

Surely some of you dreamed of becoming a movie star as a child, but for various reasons, it did not work out. However, do not despair, because it is never too late to make up for lost time. “Oscar”, most likely, will not shine for you, but discovering the talent of an actor ‒ is still pleasant. After filming a home video, you are likely to discover in your partner something that you did not know about her before, and vice versa. Thus, filming will become a catalyst for a new round of interest in each other.

wild sex

Make a movie, look, rate. Perhaps you would like to repeat and make another joint picture. Leave the feed for your archive and periodic review, but if you still want to share your creativity with the world, choose specialized sites as a platform. They pay extra for posting content, and if your film becomes popular and gains a lot of views, you can earn some money that way.

Sex Training

Previously, it was difficult even to imagine, but now more and more people realize that sex is an area in which you need to develop in the same way as in all others. And I’m not talking about pickup classes now, but about seminars in which people are helped to improve technology and achieve sexual understanding in a couple.

As you can see, there are a lot of options to diversify sex with a partner, and I’m not talking about more daring ones, like attracting third people, swing, and sex parties. Experiment! Breathing life into an established sexual relationship is much cooler than cheating on your loved one.

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