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21 Best April Fool’s Pranks 2021

April 1 or April Fool’s Day is a holiday of practical jokes, surprises, and laughter. And although this is not Christmas, and this day is not indicated in any calendars, in many countries it is customary to joke about relatives, friends, and colleagues. In this article, we have prepared a list of the most successful April Fool’s day ideas, jokes, and pranks that will help you to easily joke with your close people.

1. Really white back

April Fool’s

Remember the joke from childhood when friends deceive each other with the words “your back is white”? So Fool’s Day is a great opportunity to remember childhood, only you have to stain your friend’s clothes with chalk. Lubricate your hands with chalk, then go to the object of the joke and in a friendly way slap on the shoulder with the words “oh, yes, your back is white, congratulations on April 1!” Of course, your friend will not react to the joke in any way, because he has been developing immunity to this prank for a long time. However, in this case, he will walk contentedly with a white back, thinking that he did not fall for the old bait.

2. Classics of the genre

April Fool’s

If we discard the past “your back is white”, then the most reliable classic is to move all clocks in the house an hour ahead. All your relatives will wake up an hour early on the alarm and go about their business, not suspecting that in the end, they will have to wait another hour. However, if there are people in your family who are always late, then perhaps that person will show up for work or school on time.

3. An inverted glass of water

April Fool’s

Another classic example of an April Fool’s day pranks. For the prank, you will need a transparent glass of water and some kind of thing for the person you want to prank. It can be anything that cannot be spoiled by moisture. For example, mascara, razor, or other daily necessities. You will need to put this thing in a glass of water, cover it with a piece of paper and turn it over, holding the paper underneath. Put all this on the table and wait.

4. Sudden letter

April Fool’s

One of the best April Fool’s jokes. On the eve of April 1, put a letter in your neighbors’ mailboxes on behalf of one of the utilities. In the letter, indicate that a new cable will be laid in your house, and when working from the roof, fragments of concrete may fall. To protect the glass in the windows, utilities recommend sealing them with tape.

5. Ice with Mentos

April Fool’s

All you have to do is freeze Mentos tablets in ice cubes. When they get into your friend’s soft drink, the effect will be unforgettable.

6. Brick as a gift

April Fool’s

If you are a student, then this joke is the best as an April Fool’s prank. The person you are going to make fun of should have a large backpack or bag of books and study supplies. At a convenient moment, put a brick there. Given the number of things, a person will notice the excess only when he has taken apart all the things at home.

7. Bertie Botts

April Fool’s

Remember the candy from Harry Potter? So, if you are fond of cooking, you can cook similar goodies as a joke for fool’s day. All you need to do is make the usual sweets taste strange. But we don’t have the recipe. 

8. Another April Fool’s Joke

April Fool’s

Another “classic prank”. Add food coloring to the cistern and mix well. When someone drains the water, a surprise awaits him.

9. SMS to the chief

April Fool’s

We warn you right away that if your bosses do not understand humor well, it is better to refrain from this joke. You will need to send a message with the following content:

“Hello, boss! Today I cannot go to work, as our family is celebrating a solemn occasion. 100 years ago, my great-grandmother cooked her first scrambled eggs. Traditionally, we celebrate this holiday in the village every 5 years. Excuse me, and Happy April 1st!”

10. Surprise box

April Fool’s

Great prank for April Fool’s day. You will need a cardboard box with no bottom and a bag of confetti. On the box, you need to write a catchy phrase or word, fill it with confetti, put it on the cupboard at home or in the office, and wait.

11. Practical joke for the smoker

April Fool’s

Works great on a sullen and silent person. Invite him to try the cigarettes that a foreign friend gave you. After a while, turn on quietly Indian psychedelic music, and turn up the volume. Then, unnoticed, release the previously hidden chicks. In general, the more oddities you can prepare, the better. The main thing is that everyone around is aware and pretends that everything is fine.

12. With love…

April Fool’s

Since February 14, for sure, some of your friends still have a greeting card. You need to cut it into two parts and write “find your half” on one. Then discreetly place parts of the card with the people you are going to play with and wait for a reaction.

13. Salted sugar

April Fool’s

Another world-old April Fool’s prank. All you need is to replace sugar in the kitchen with salt. Your relatives or colleagues will be very surprised when they want to enjoy your morning tea or coffee.

14. Fantomas

April Fool’s

Remember the old movie? For this joke, you will need to burn a dozen matches. Brush your hands with ash, then go up to your friend from behind and close his eyes. Once he guesses who did it, remove your hands and quickly put them in your pocket.

15. The mouse is broken

April Fool’s

Simply tape the sensor of your colleague’s non-computer-savvy optical computer mouse with tape. Until he guesses what the matter is, you will have time to laugh well.

16. Spoiled soap

April Fool’s

An old, but one of the best April fool’s pranks, the essence of which is to put a layer of clear varnish on the soap and put it in the bathroom. It will not wash, no matter how hard you try. After the joke, you can peel off the varnish and continue to use soap.

17. Prank on strangers

April Fool’s

You will need a good friend to play the prank. You go to the Subway, and when you drive off from the station, pretend to order a cheeseburger, medium French fries, and cola in your wagon through emergency communications. At the next station, your friend comes in, loudly asks who ordered, gives the order, quickly collects the money, and leaves before the train starts.

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18. Outdoors…

April Fool’s

If you are celebrating in nature, this April Fools’ Day prank is the way to go. All that is needed, being unnoticed by other people, pour some vegetable puree on the ground and throw scraps of toilet paper next to it. Then invite your friends for a walk and, as soon as you are there, shout “Dinner!” start eating vegetable puree.

19. Greetings to truants

April Fool’s

Great prank if you are a student and there are people in your group who skip a lot. You need to announce on behalf of the dean that these students will be expelled from their place of study. It is better to add some more surnames to the list for better believability. Then you stick it on the message board, take a photo and send it to your group’s chat.

20. Balloon room

April Fool’s

For this joke, you will need a door with a glass window and a dozen balloons. Using scotch tape, attach the balloons so that it looks like the room is full of balloons up to the ceiling.

21. Bubble wrap

April Fool’s

On April Fool’s day, place bubble wrap under your bathroom rug. When one of your relatives comes in to wash up in the morning, a surprise awaits him.


We are all not averse to making fun of others, but be that as it may, humor is something that is perceived very subjectively. Therefore, all your pranks on April Fool’s Day should be harmless, and not cross the line between a joke and a hurt. After all, a quarrel over a trifle is not part of your plans?

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