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10 Young Brazilian Football Players Who Will Soon Be Transferred To Europe

The Brazilian nation has always been known for its exceptional footballers. The talent of the Brazilians is proverbial and continues to be highly valued in the strongest championships of the Old Continent. Although “Seleção” is not performing in the best way lately, the championship of the South American country does not stop abounding with incredible young players, who will surely soon be grabbed by the European giants for fat sums.

  Today we will follow the ten most promising young Brazilians who will soon be transferred to Europe. Some of them had been transferred to Europe recently. 

Andrey Ramos do Nascimento, Vasco da Gama

Not such a typical Brazilian name, but the 21-year-old midfielder of Vasco da Gama is certainly one of the best on the grounds of Brasileiro Série A. In his homeland, he has already been compared to legend Juninho Pernambucano, as he has a right foot as accurate as the former Olympique Lyonnais player. Andrei Ramos do Nascimento, as the player’s full name is, is characterized by good maneuverability, serious linear speed, typical of most players from the “country of coffee”, enviable technique and precise passes. 

In addition, he is hardworking in the defense phase, returning if necessary and helping the defenders. Static positions are his real strength, as he has a great right kick. There are several matches for the Brazilian national team under 17. According to the website, it is valued at a modest 1.5 million euros, but he is unlikely to come out cheap for the ones who have a  real interest in him.

Lincoln Correa dos Santos, Flamengo

He is considered one of the most talented young players in the country. Although not very tall, the 20-year-old striker could easily be the next big transfer in the destination Brazil – Europe. Lincoln Correa dos Santos has already been known by the media to be the next Robert Lewandowski, although it is still too early for such comparisons. Following the purchase of Vinicius by Real, Lincoln has been the subject of interest from other leading European teams such as Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United. He is part of the national team of Brazil under 20, for which he has 11 games and 4 goals, and with the club Flamengo he is already the champion of Série A, as well as the winner of the Copa Libertadores for 2019. It is rumored that Atletico were asking for Lincoln back in 2017, but their aspirations were cooled by the player’s new contract, which includes a purchase clause of 50 million euros.

Léo Santos,  Corinthians

A versatile player, which is always a good deal in the event of a transfer to Europe. Leonardo Rodríguez dos Santos, as his full name is, can play both as a central defender and as a right back. Despite his serious height of 186 centimeters, he is quite fast and handles the ball well in his foot. Already 21 years old, Leo Santos is part of the Brazilian U17 team that won the South American Championship in this age group in 2015. He is currently recovering from an injury, but is still valued at 6 million euros, and according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Real Madrid is closely following his performances and is ready to act.

Pedrinho, Corinthians (upd. SL Benfica)

Pedro Victor Delmino da Silva officially isn’t on this list anymore, because on the 3rd of August 2020 he was bought by the portugees FC SL Benfica for 20 million euros. He appears in the right wing position. Already 21 and with serious experience, having played nearly 130 games, he is considered to be one of the typical Brazilian dribblers. His technical plays and spectacular tricks have already made him an absolute favorite of Corinthians fans. Dutch Ajax have already tried to lure him for 10 million euros, but the Brazilian club said that negotiations for the signing of Pedrinho will start at 50 million (as we may see, 20 million had closed the case).

Reiner, Flamengo (upd Bor. Dortmund)

Rainier Jesus Carvalho is only 18 years old. A creative midfielder, he has the incredible ability to always stand between the ball and the defenders, and then, with a masterful touch, challenges them to the unbearable challenge of taking control of him. In addition to another Brazilian technician, Rainier was also captain of the national team of the “cariocas” under 17, for which he has 6 goals in 10 games. 19 August he was sold for 22 millions to Bor. Dortmund. 

Antony Matheus dos Santos, Sao Paulo (upd. Ajax)

Brazilian publications describe this young winger as follows: “There are more tricks than a box of tricks.” One can feel sorry for the opponent’s full-backs, who have the misfortune to face Anthony Matheus dos Santos. Only 19 years old, he has already begun to contribute to the success of Sao Paulo.

 In 2018 Anthony took part in a youth football festival in Japan and was named the best player in the tournament. So far, he has scored only 4 goals in 42 games for his home club, but is already setting him a starting price of 20 million euros. The qualities that set it apart from the others are speed, explosiveness, technique, great dribble, very precise first touch and creativity. Extremely useful in Sao Paulo’s counter-attacks, Anthony has a habit of invading the penalty area from the flanks and creating turmoil in the area in front of the goalkeeper. In July 2020 Ajax bought him for 18 million euros.

Ramires, Esporte Clube Bahia

You may not know it, but from this Brazilian club come people like Daniel Alves and Anderson Talisca, who have been sold for many millions in their careers. Yet Eric dos Santos Rodríguez, better known to the audience as Ramirez, is linked to the most expensive player Bahia will ever sell. Only 20 years old, he has 50 games in the Brazilian Serie A, and since this season he has been playing on loan in Basel, Switzerland. In his second men’s match, Ramirez grabbed the eyes of the fans, totally humiliating the former head of the national team of Brazil and Juventus, Felipe Melo. His nickname comes from comparisons with the former Chelsea player of the same name. Ramirez’s calm play does not correspond at all to someone born in the year 2000. In addition to technique and dribble, he is able to hold the ball perfectly, and he also has a great vision, garnished with accurate passes. His name is associated with the Arsenal team, and his price starts from 10 million euros and up. 

Bruno Guimarães, Atletico PR (upd. Olympique Lyon)

The young midfielder has already signed a contract with one of the newly hatched super-agents and former water polo player Giuliano Bertolucci. The impresario was recently involved in the multimillion-dollar transfer of Eder Militao to Real Madrid, and his other clients are top players such as David Neres and Felipe Coutinho. Although Bruno Guimaraes Rodriguez Moura is already 22 years old, he will certainly generate huge interest with his performance last season. He helped the humble Atletico Paranaense win Brazil’s first cup in its history, and last year lifted the Copa Sudamericana, the South American equivalent of the Europa League. Tall, physically fit and playing with both legs, Bruno Guimaraes has already been watched by Chelsea scouts and Shakhtar Donetsk. Hard and constant in his performances, he rarely has weak matches, he is useful both in attack and defense. In the beginning of 2020 Olympique Lyon bought him for 20 million euros. 

João Pedro, Fluminense (upd. Watford)

Probably the hottest name in Brazil right now. João Pedro Junqueira de Jesus made a phenomenal debut season in 2019. scoring 10 goals in 33 games. More impressive is that he managed to score 7 goals in 4 games in May. This may explain the fact that the English Watford has agreed a deal of 10 million euros, which will bring the promising Brazilian to the Island in January 2020. Apparently, the deal was made, but for 20 million euros. Now Pedro is playing for Watford until 2025. 

Everton, Grêmio (upd. Benfica)

Undoubtedly the brightest star on this list. Already at 23, Everton Sauce Soares, better known to Gremio fans as Everton Cebolinha, was one of the most coveted players in the 2019 summer transfer window. His name has been associated with a number of top teams in Europe, the most frequently mentioned being those of Milan and Arsenal. Eventually, he remained in Brazil until the end of 2019. Everton showed incredible games at the Copa America and also scored a goal in the final. Fast, technical and combinatorial, his flair for goal makes him equally useful on the wing and as a forward striker. In August 2020 Benfica bought him for 28 million euros. We sure hope they have fun there with Pedrinho. 

What are your predictions for the next big name in Brazilian football? Leave your variant bellow 🙂 

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