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35 Funniest 10 Year Challenge Memes

The so-called Challenges have been gaining momentum over the past few years. Difficult to execute, funny, moronic, whatever. Especially this crap is used to create funny meme stories. One of the best is the funny 10-year challenge. These are memes where you show the “difference” of something after 10 years. 

The number of things that have changed over 10 years is very high, so we have enough stuff for funny meme stories.

Let’s make some comment challenge for memes from 2009. Go and check these 10/10 memes.

1. We all love sitting at the computer, staring at the phone… But what are the consequences? Something like this for your eyes. 

2. We all know memes about the indestructibility of the old Nokia. And also the difference between new smartphones with their batteries which lasts for 1 day. And here is beloved old Nokia.

3. State Dining Room in White House under the previous US President and current. Make America Great Again? In general, the president is not afraid to show off to the public. Eh, I wish I had the same “lunch”.

4. The more time passes, the worse our Earth becomes. 10 years will not be enough to describe what shit is happening with the planet. Yeap, it is very sad. Although petty Greta Tunberg is still annoying…

5. Well, at least something does not change. It remains as it was 10 years ago!

6. Anti-vax people are worse than idiots. Idiots are just stupid guys but these also endanger children. Black humor, yeah, but very understandable.

7. All good things come to an end. But Photoshop will always rejoice us equally.

8. The fucking sad fate of women. Although, breast plastic surgery has not been canceled.

9. In the new Marvel adaptation of Spider-Man, they decided to make Aunt May younger, and much sexier. Tony Stark approves.

10. Another movie comics. Aquaman is ready for the summer. What about you?

11. There are many more people who believe in all kinds of nonsense. Missing elephant and turtles.

12. Chocolate, you were like a bro to me! But in general, it’s a shame, even chocolate has changed for the worse.

13. Fashion is changing. Unfortunately, just like chocolate, it is not for the better.

14. I love the luminous keyboard. Sitting at the computer acquires new colors!

15. They haven’t moved far in 10 years…

16. Phones are just this generation’s version of computers, landlines, television, telegraphs, indoor heating, electricity, running water, gladiator fights, drum beating, cave drawings, language, and everything else that produces change for the greater good of humans.

17. Sad but true. It’s a pity you can’t make the same meme with the prices of food, gas, etc.

18. Not true. But funny 🙂 

19. 1st Picture: me on vacation. 2nd Picture: me in the 1st week at school/university/job

20. We all became more callous, cruel and unemotional. Well, more precisely you, I’m kind.

21. Years take their role. You still can’t deceive time.

22. Xena rules!

23. Clickbait Title: The aftereffects of doing surgery on a grape that doctors are trying to hide from you!

24. Love this.

25. At the computer, we not only sit all day but also eat sweets.

26. And again, eyebrows. Fashion anew.

27. You see everything.

28. The vampire? Alien? Well, think about it.

29. Ahahahah. Na`Vi Dota.

30. Riding a car is now much more difficult. Oh wait, I don’t have a car…

31. The last 10 years in one picture.

32. There are constant things in this world. Friendzone!

33. Macklemore on the left. He’s a rapper who was popular in 2009. And he was pretty lame and corny but popular. On the right, you’ve got Toby from The Office TV series, who was universally hated by the other characters on the show.

34. Time is cruel again.

35. Do you know Einstein’s theory of relativity? Now you know.

This 10-year challenge was pretty funny. What about 2030 and 2040 years? Hope we’ll see.

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