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All-New 2020 Ford Escape Gets Sprung April 2

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Hello there, twifters! We’ve got some great news for those of you who are keen on cars or at least don’t mind reading stuff about them.

If you are a fan of Ford cars (and who isn’t in America) you probably have already heard about the upcoming new Ford Escape. And Ford finally announced that the big reveal will happen on April 2. For now, they teased us with an eight-second video posted on the company’s Twitter profile.

The teaser lets us see the grille and taillights of the new Ford crossover which looks definitely different from the previous generation of a renowned Ford Escape SUV. The previous version, which is the 2013 model, has a much more hexagonal grill than the one in the video. The rear of the car is equipped with reshaped taillights that give the 2020 Ford Escape a more modern look to keep up with the industry trends. Between the lights, Ford put a huge “Escape” lettering, so nobody confuses it with some Toyota (like it’s even possible). The 2013 model has a small badge on the back. But you know, big car – big badge.

The 2020 Ford Escape is based on a new front-wheel-drive platform. The same one is used on the Lincoln Corsair  – a small crossover to be released on April 17. The architecture of the SUV is taken from the not-for-U.S. Ford Focus. Powertrain options for the new Escape are still a secret and will be released on April 2. However, rumors on a hybrid version were already confirmed.

Ford Escape SUV is a key model for the company. It stands in the line together with Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and other crossovers on the market. Just bear in mind, that the Escape is the second bestseller of all Ford’s vehicles sold in the U.S. and goes right after the F-Series. Despite that, Ford should have updated their Escape years ago. Now it may be difficult to keep up with the rivals who also did their best to impress the customer.

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