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Alpaca in a Restaurant: a PR Stunt in China

The owner of a restaurant in Shenyang (Liaoning Province, China) spent about $ 43000 to buy two alpacas – and he was right! The mi-mi-mi effect brought profit to the cunning bastard. Maybe he will bring cats there too. Too cute, too much power, it’s all about alpacas.

What do we know about alpacas? These are cute South American animals that live in the Andes at an altitude of 3500-5000 meters in Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Chile, and western Bolivia. Indians domesticated these cuties many thousands of years ago. Alpaca gives people awesome warm blankets, clothes and a fucking ocean of love. In one restaurant in Shenyang, people decided to take advantage of this and take animals to attract more customers. This PR stunt makes them the coolest genius bastards in the universe! Well, who would not want to have breakfast, or to make a proposal to her beloved in the place where ALPACA lives?!

The Chinese know a lot about PR: a lunch with alpaca

Restaurant owners paid $ 43000 to take two alpacas. But a good PR was more necessary for the residents of Liaoning. Moreover, animals are employees! Okay, there’s already a cat or a dog with work, but even an alpaca found a job, but you don’t!

Alpacas work as waiters here. Their uniforms are cute collars that just blow the roof. No, you do not need to ring in green peace in a panic and shout about the illegal use of the labor of animals. Everything here is very humane, because they just move between the tables taking all kinds of delicious food from visitors.

Alpacas became a great advertisement for the restaurant, and more visitors come here now. Many people go there not even to eat, but rather to visit an unusual “contact zoo”.

Also, do not forget that alpacas, although cute, but still unpredictable animals. Alpacas belong to the Llama family, which means that they are able to bite the eggs of a competitor.

If you get to a Chinese restaurant then beware, maybe someone’s treasure will suffer. There is no difference between alpaca, a llama, or a human! 

Everything is possible.

In general, the ball should be kept intact, because a soldier will not offend a child. Remember: alpacas are unpretentious to food. Just feed your cute furry friend with grass, leaves, hay, vegetables, bread or oatmeal. Then you will become his best friend…until the next good Chinese customer!

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