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Back to the Future! Tesla Revives Its Roadster!

Tesla takes its relationships with the original Roadster’s owners to a new level and is going to revamp its first car.

Their first vehicle was the 2008 Roadster. Elon Musk says that this is an early draft of what they did at that time.


It’s obvious that they took some ideas from Lotus. Still, other features were unique – it was all-electric and fast. In 2008, its price was around $110K. Around 2500 cars found their owners.

Today’s Life of Tesla Roadsters

Many of them are still on the road, still, Tesla decided to breathe new life into this TOP model and revamped it. In September 2019, Tesla held a closed presentation of a new generation of the Tesla Roadster electric sports car, presenting the car as a pre-production prototype in Switzerland.

Elon Musk states that his new Tesla Roadster will be the fastest production car ever. This statement made a stir among supercar manufacturers. For example, Christian von Koenigsegg confessed that Roadster is another challenge for his company and he will definitely create a worthy “competitor” for it.


The challenge is going to be tough, as 2020 Roadster goes 1-100 in LESS than TWO seconds – 1.9 seconds, actually. The maximum speed is around 400 kmph, still, it’s not official data yet but Musk’s words.

A battery capacity of 200 kWh will provide this all-electric supercar with a range of 1000 km. The Roadster will be equipped with three engines. One of them will be installed in the front and two – in the rear. 


Also, you will be surprised by the interior which will have four seats! It’s quite unusual for roadsters that commonly have only 2 seats. Maybe Elon Musk plans to drive this car himself and thinks of where his children will sit.

As for the price, the electric supercar will cost around $200,000, which is not bad for a vehicle of that power! For comparison, Lotus Evija 2020 will cost around $3 million, and its acceleration is worse by 1 second. 

Finally, we recommend you scrolling its photos and enjoy its sexy look. It’s really awesome!


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