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BMW beats competitors. Again

You wouldn’t expect less from a company with such a history. Especially that it has already been four winning years in a row. And here is the fifth one: the BMW i8 has won the International Engine award in its class. Again. BMW truly established itself to be an unquestioned leader in the industry.

On top of that, BMW debuted in a new category and has also gained the award in the Best Hybrid Powertrain (BHP).

The BMW i8 has been on top since it first launched in 2014. It has been regularly named the top-selling PHEV sports car. Easy to guess, this vehicle received an award in its category every year since it appeared on the market. It was not a surprise to anyone that it has won the first place, however, people were startled by the number of points it earned in the new BHP category: 233 points. Taking into account that the second place got a bit less than a hundred and forty, BMW really set a high bar.

The history of the International Engine of the Year awards counts twenty-one years of keen competition. During this period, the BMW Group has collected a total of seventy wins in the categories it was represented.

BMW’s growing legacy.
BMW is going to launch ten models within this new line of electric cars by the end of 2019. This means that BMW is attempting to overtake every other company with a range of choices for the customers.

The BMW i3 and the BMW i8 together create a solid base for the BMW Group to gain the position of the leader on the electrified vehicle market. BMW has been on top of registration statistics in Europe and Germany — not just in the premium segment but for the market as a whole since 2017.

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