TWIFT | Lifestyle | Bollywood actor Sonu Sood became a superhero: PRC Foreign Ministry responded immediately to the star’s request for help

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood became a superhero: PRC Foreign Ministry responded immediately to the star’s request for help

Famous Indian actor, model, and producer Sonu Sood wrote in his Twitter “call for help” from the Chinese authorities. Sonu Sood’s news request was about an audition of medical supplies at customs which were purchased by the Indian authorities in China due to the pandemic of covid-19, as well as speeding up the process of its arrival to the country.

It was quite surprising that the official PRC Foreign Ministry in India wrote a response post and addressed it to the actor.

Sonu Sood

An ambassador Sun Weidong kindly replied to the artist: 

“We have received your appeal, dear Mr. Sonu Sood. Our country is already doing everything possible to support India in this difficult confrontation with the coronavirus.”

Mr. Weidong also added that all the necessary air transportations of medicines and other goods between China and India are taking place as usual and all the needed things will be delivered.

Also, in the past few weeks, the Indian side has already received 61 aircraft with all the necessary medicines. In addition, according to Sun Weidong, the government of the Republic of China made it possible for India to reduce the customs clearance procedure to a minimum, as well as facilitation delivery from Chinese cities.

The PRC authorities said, that they will continue to provide India with everything people need.

The official member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China, Wang Wanbin, drew up an accurate report, where he noted that since April alone, the number of ventilators and oxygen concentrators delivered to India reached 26,000. Furthermore, almost 4 tons of drugs and raw materials for their preparation were brought. At the same time, the PRC provided Indian citizens with more than 15 thousand patient monitors.

Also, the President of Indian state Telangana, Rashtra Samiti (TRS) K.T.  Rama Rao shared truthful Sonu Sood news, by calling him a “superhero” for the fact that the actor constantly assists people, who can’t pay for their treatment. Among them is a man who received an oxygen concentrator. He thanked Indian authorities, but Rashtra Samiti forwarded all thanks to Mr. Sood.

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President of Telangana tweeted that he is just a public figure and doing his duty. And Sood is a real hero, as he helps all Indians in need voluntarily.

One more story erupted after a 26-year-old guy Shashanke Yadav from India has tweeted that his seriously ill grandfather needs artificial oxygen, which is in great shortage in the country. And tagged movie actor Sonu Sood on his page.

However, soon the guy was condemned by police, which opened a criminal case against him.

And the reason is that he allegedly created a rumor that there is bad oxygen situation in India and sowed panic among people. And all this because influential sources of Independent and BBC paid attention to the situation.

Sonu Sood

However, a relative of Yadav Shashanke died. But the police stated that his death was not c

due to Covid-19 (as it was), but because of problems with his heart. In addition, Yadav was directly accused of the fact that he distributes false information about the coronavirus and pandemic in India.

Police of Amet city even recorded a special appeal against the guy:

We want to convey that although the coronavirus caused a crisis in the country and it’s a big blow for all of us, we should not exaggerate, whip up and aggravate fear. That’s why all messages that cause panic are unacceptable. This is not what we need to do now. That is why we are ready to help only if the call for help is objective and real. In this case, we will do all that depends on us.

But so many calls to save lives and find oxygen for those in need were called an extremely negative sign for the authorities by Media. Because in this case, they appear in a bad light in front of the citizens. After all, they cannot control the situation. The press assumes that this is the main reason why police are so zealous against people who ask for help. So that there is simply less such black PR for the authorities.

But the incident with Yadav, who was almost sent to jail, is not the only one. In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where coronavirus left its biggest mark (the number of deaths and cases reached maximum levels), minister Yogi Adityanat said that he will confiscate property from those, who write something negative about the pandemic and the rate of its spread. Besides, he said quite seriously that the situation in India is stable, there is no need for anything and the hospitals are provided with all required equipment. This state was the first in India to censor talks about coronavirus and the freedom of speech of its residents was significantly suppressed.

As soon as they published a message, where Sonu Sood news, where he was tagged, it received thousands of users comments in few hours and 5 thousand people have liked it. The tweet has become one of the top tweets. The actor himself did not leave him unanswered. He shared his feedback with users.

“Sir, I am sincerely grateful for such words about me! But I do think you are a real hero. I see how hard you try for Telangana.”

In 11 hours, this tweet has already won over the public. More than 17 thousand followers liked it. But the dialogue between the authorities and the actor didn’t stop.

The good-natured KTR decided to invite Sonu Sood to a meeting. The choice of the city went to Hyderabad in South India. It was a pleasant gesture in response to Sonu’s kind mission.

It’s worth noting, that in the past few months, actor Sonu Sood along with his childhood friend Nichi Goel, has been actively involved in charity work. In particular, he helped his fellow citizens affected by the coronavirus. Among his manatees are migrant workers, who faced isolation in Mumbai and were unable to return home. He often mentioned in interviews, how difficult it is for him to observe the Hindus, who are going through hard times.

“I could not sleep at night after I watched my compatriots were walking through a hundred kilometers to return to their home village,” Sonu Sood news conversation with BBC.

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This situation is related to the event of March 24, when the Indian authorities announced overall isolation. At the same time, all migrants who were within its borders were deprived of their rights. Most of them lost their usual income and were completely left without a job. Then the borders were closed, and public transport, including trains and buses, stopped communication.

In those days one could see how thousands of women, men, and their children simply walked on streets in the heat for about a thousand kilometers by foot to not die in India and get home. Of course, due to the heat and hunger, many of them never reached home and died on the way.

When Sonu Sood activity started to distribute food and supplies to people who were in danger, it was a time.

“We serve about 45 thousand people every day, who are hiding in the slums or cannot get home.”

After some time, the Sonu Sood launched about a hundred buses around the country, which took migrants to their settlements.

“On May 9, we began to distribute food as usual, when suddenly met people who said, that they were heading home to Karnataka. We knew, that it was 550 kilometers from our place. They decided to go on foot, but we stopped them and asked for 2 days to help them. Then we turned to all instances and already on May 11, about 200 people went home by bus,” Sonu Sood news memories from that day. 

Since that moment, Bollywood star has helped thousands of migrants to get home. But even though a lot of time has passed, such requests are still coming. Sood says, that he is attacked by letters asking for help on all social networks.

At the same time, they work for 18 hours with all their might. But this couple is not complaining about life at all. Mr. Sood claims that he is insanely happy to be useful to his fellows and feels that God blesses him for this.

And he explains his position of helping Indian migrants easily:

“I came to Mumbai as a migrant. That is why these people are so important to me and their problems are not indifferent.”

“I remember getting on a train one day and staying here. I know everyone comes here with a purpose and a dream. And it is important for them that their relatives are proud of them.”

The actor was asked in the interview, how much more he plans to send trains for migrants so that they return home. Sonu replied that he would do this until the last migrant who asked for help getting to his homeland. And it sounded very sincere and generous.

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