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Quarantine Travel: How to Organize a Vacation

Maybe this year you are not very lucky and all your plans for a sunny life in Hawaii collapsed, but do not worry, you still have the chance to go on quarantine travel.

We often associate summer directly with vacation. And this one is so because everything contributes to relaxation ‒ both the weather and the lack of schooling for children and ease of movement. If in the summer you like to go full-scale to the islands, to the mountains or go on expeditions with tents, or you still go to your friends at the weekend, then most likely quarantine has managed to become a big obstacle in your path.

Soon, it will hardly be possible to arrange a full-fledged trip with all kinds of entertainment, however, some of the countries and states open their borders in several stages. At the moment, many countries still restrict travel for foreigners. And, just getting on a plane and flying to any place, as usual, can be a problem.

But all this does not mean that you will stay at home, as you have already spent the last five months. Nevertheless, the self-isolation regime has ended and the news is already more comforting. Of course, take a tour in search of yourself around the world, like the famous Britney Spears star in “Crossroads”. However, there may be beautiful and unexpectedly interesting places nearby. They can be explored as an alternative at this time, which is not quite easy for the world.

We will tell you how to travel safely in quarantine and what you need in such conditions.

And in case you still can’t get out somewhere, even not far from home, we will help you diversify your entertainment right in the apartment

For example, if you live in California and are already tired of the monotony, you can choose a state nearby and have a little vacation. Of course, now we need to care more about who and where we are going. Most states require 14 days of isolation upon arrival and return home. Carefully prepare your trip plan, measure it according to your financial resources, because isolation will turn a week’s vacation into a three-week vacation. You should also not visit sights where a lot of people and swimming pools, resort public beaches. After all, the likelihood of catching COVID increases significantly. If you suddenly feel unwell, immediately contact your doctor and do not leave the house.

If you still stay at home and do not have the opportunity to leave for another country, take a look around. Think about whether there are interesting places nearby, perhaps monuments, sights, abandoned parks, buildings where there are no people. All this can be an excellent route for a mini trip. Perhaps there is nature, a lake, a mountain, or an estuary not far from you? If you don’t know the area where you live well enough, the Internet will come to the rescue.

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Google what is around you. Perhaps you will find something completely new and unexpected. If your search is successful, and there is a pleasant park or lake nearby, take food, necessary equipment with you and go camping. It can be arranged both for several hours and the night with tents. Since this place is most likely unknown, the probability of meeting a large number of people there will be small, so such a vacation will certainly be safe.

Also, you can use Getaway sites if you suddenly find yourself close to them. There are 12 such sites, perhaps one of them is available to you, check it out on the Internet. These cabins are comfortable because they have a limit on seats and thus help to maintain a distance between passengers. Also, for your convenience, you can register without contact, and check-out is done remotely. Cabins are spaced up to 150 feet apart. It is worth noting that there are no common spaces where there would be a risk of meeting a stranger. Everything is thought out and safe, given the conditions of the pandemic.

Enhanced security measures in quarantine

It is very important to include all safety precautions while traveling. For example, if you are in a public place, at the airport, bus, or train station, wear a mask or respirator. Protective products can be sewn on your own, or bought from an online store or at a pharmacy. If you buy a non-disposable mask, you will have to wash it quite often. Since it gets dirty when worn. To do this, you need to take with you the means with which you can carry out cleaning. 

It is important, and even one of the key aspects, to keep your hands clean. This will not be easy on a trip. Therefore, you must have water in large bottles and soap with you. Also, take antiseptics if you have enough. This is especially convenient if you have a large family with children.

Besides, an important attribute of a trip that can save you in an unexpected situation is a can of gasoline. If you want to limit contact with people, a supply of gas will allow you to stay out of the public once again. However, if you are unable to arrange an additional tank of fuel, try wearing gloves and a mask and only then approach the gas station. After the procedure, try to take off your gloves without touching your face, doors, phone, clothes. And immediately disinfect your hands. And of course, please remember about the environment, do not throw used gloves on the ground.

Also, it may be so that the public toilet will be closed. Although some are still available. If you are planning to be in a tent camp, inquire in advance about toilets and their availability on the way to the camp. Also, prepare for the hike itself.

Car rental while traveling

Even if you don’t have a car, a trip during quarantine won’t be a problem. Since car rental continues to work. The main condition is the right to drive. The pricing policy will depend on the type of car, as well as how long and how far you plan to ride. Many people recommend renting an Enterprise, although Avis is a good option too. You can also take Hertz if the price seems reasonable to you.

However, you will not be able to take a discounted car with Dollar or Thrifty during a pandemic. At the moment, the most top-end service is car cleaning. It can be found on the websites of various companies. However, we still recommend that you be vigilant and disinfect the interior of the car yourself with antibacterial cleaning wipes. If you cannot afford to rent a car financially, or you do not know how to drive, then you should wait out the time. Since public transport can be very unsafe and cause a lot of discomforts.

Everything you need to have with you

It all depends on where and for how long you are going. However, the main points are still worth considering.

Among them, the first thing that is important to pay attention to is shoes. Do not forget that this is the main attribute of any trip. Therefore, the legs should be as comfortable as possible, since you will have to walk a lot. You will need soft, practical running shoes or hiking boots. Don’t forget to stock up on socks and underwear.

It is important to have masks with you, not only to protect against coronavirus but also from dust, cold and other influences. Remember that in any case, people will get in your way, so you will have to use protective equipment.

Don’t forget about hand disinfection. Take antiseptics as a remedy, and also use tissues and soap. If you do forget to take them from home, find the nearest grocery or home store. Also, these funds can be found at the pharmacy.

Disposable gloves are also an important and convenient travel item during a pandemic. Especially if you often touch doorknobs, switches, or buttons in toilets and bathrooms, as well as petrol pumps at gas stations.

It is also important to take care of a comfortable bag. A hiking backpack is just what you need on a trip. You can purchase it depending on your preference and style. For example, a stylish Baboon to the Moon bag for just $149 can spice up your trip. In addition, there is an opportunity to buy an even more capacious 22-liter backpack at a more budgetary price of $89.

Optional accessories

In addition to everything already listed on the road, the following thing may be useful to you ‒ Lamp. It can be left uncharged for two to three weeks. With a lamp, you can read an e-book anywhere, even at night by the fire.

One more important thing is the instant camera. Of course, the world of technology is moving forward, and your smartphone’s camera shoots great, but you should not deprive yourself of the pleasure of shooting with the real one. Take a look at Nintendo Switch Lite. And if you don’t have a travel case yet, we recommend getting one. Your Nintendo will be able to help you have a great time and capture all the warmest moments.

Certainly, special capes will not be able to interfere with you, because at night in the forest or in the mountains the temperature can drop sharply compared to the daytime.


Another useful thing if you suddenly find yourself behind the wheel. Of course, having maps on your phone is great, but on long journeys, this is not always enough. The whole problem is that the Internet and the network on the phone can disappear and then you simply lose touch with the world. A GPS device will help you stay accessible, even where your smartphone won’t stand a chance. This compact and convenient navigator is what you need in any car. After all, a spare device never hurts. Therefore, I suggest that you take Garmin with you ‒ one of the best options for technological innovation. It never fails. And it serves long enough. You don’t have to buy the most up-to-date models. Even a simple navigator will do its job perfectly.

Food and drinks

It is possible that during the quarantine, not all cafes and restaurants may be open, especially nearby, where you will be. Now most of them are closed, so you run the risk of being hungry. To prevent this from happening, we recommend purchasing a special container that will help you not only transport food from home but also keep it fresh. Also, if you do avoid social interaction, this is the best solution for your situation. You can compactly pack your food, take all the necessary drinks and snacks that you see fit.

This way you will remain well-fed and satisfied without violating quarantine restrictions. This cooler will keep your preparations flavorful and fresh. In addition, it is very convenient to take it on the road in any situation and with any financial capabilities. All you need to do is put it in the trunk and don’t worry about anything else.

The Pelican Elite 20QT container is one of the best ways to make your quarantine journey easier. It has a fairly convenient size, advantageous height, and narrowness to help to save more space for other accessories. The device has passed all the necessary tests. In a frozen state, it can stay for about two days and everything that is in it remains fresh. In addition, it has passed the 80-degree heat test. It is also very convenient that the container can be easily used as a table as it has 4 cupholders with drain.

Tent or shelter

This is one of the symbols of any travel. A tent for four with all the necessary amenities is the best idea for a hike. The Coleman hideout is many times better than even super-light tents and elegant cabins. This is one of the most popular and affordable options. This portable home, which costs only about $200, is good news. Since it has a closed veranda, it also makes it possible to fit everyone, while there is enough head and legroom in it, thanks to a chic mattress.

If your company is a little more than 4 people, we suggest considering the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin option ‒ up to 6 people can stay here at the same time. Its price is not high at all, only 125 dollars and you are the owner of a wonderful home for travel. In addition, two sets of queen-size inflatable mattresses are quietly placed inside.

However, if the price is not the main criterion for your selection, we can also offer you MSR Habitude 4. There is a place for dirty shoes. Note that the super-new technology makes it easy to install, and its size and weight will delight you. However, its price is 2.5 times higher than the previous options, prepare to pay $500 for such a tent.

Another important attribute is a sleeping mat. If you are an experienced traveler, then you know exactly how much you need it. Sleeping on the ground is one of the toughest challenges, which is why this Alps Mountaineering Lightweight Series AirPad can ease that burden. For only $190, your back will be comfortable.

Charging equipment on long trips

In order to travel far, it is worth stocking up on chargers. Since it is almost impossible to charge equipment in the forest. You can use the Nimble portable charger, which lasts 10 days. Of course, when traveling, screen time decreases. However, at some point, you still want to connect to the network, post a photo, contact your family. The device has three ports for USB-As and one USB-C. You can also take a device with an 8-day charge, which is as good as the first. You will pay about $100 for it.

Stay connected no matter what happens

One of the main problems of any travel is the lack or weak signal of the network. But even that can be fixed. The special signal amplifier weBoost Drive Reach will help you with this.

Of course, this is not the main condition for traveling to the central cities of the country, however, if you get to those places where communication leaves much to be desired, this device will become the most effective find. It costs about $ 500. But if you need your cell station, this is the best choice.

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