TWIFT | Lifestyle | Carmen Electra reveals everything ‒ nudes and sex stories

Carmen Electra reveals everything ‒ nudes and sex stories

If you have forgotten about Carmen Electra and her hotness ‒ you’re probably not alone. Luckily, the actress is here to remind you through none other than #Instagram that she was once every teenager’s wet dream fantasy.

If you were too busy with all the young new thots, I get it. Carmen is 48 years old now which makes all of us, who grew up watching Baywatch, feel like the old adults we are. The great news is, Carmen still looks better than a lot of 20- something-year-olds. She’s still hot AF (judging from her recent nudes) and willing to bare it all (almost).  

Carmen Electra

Yes, you read that right. Two weeks ago, the actress from our beloved ‘Scary Movie’ exposed everything ‒ and that actually means EVERYTHING. There was a towel present which was supposed to cover her body up. And you guessed it, it did everything but cover Carmen up. 

Like that wasn’t enough to trigger our interest, not so long ago Carmen didn’t even shy about admitting her wild sex-filled nights with ex-bae Dennis Rodman. The actress revealed on ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ that her ex-husband. She did it ‘all over the Chicago Bulls court’ while they were together and the Bulls had the day off. 

This is probably why horny teenagers and men all over the world gathered effort and blew up Pornhub. The classic bombshell’s searches in the porn site rose to 1.7 million after she shared details about her sex life. I guess Pornhub users were hoping someone taped the whole sex-fiasco Carmen and Dennis got into?

All the abovementioned points to say that even though Carmen is slightly older than her bombshell-colleagues. She’s still doing great when it comes to grabbing the attention of males from all over the world. Proof of this is her 1.1 million followers’ army on IG, which is not bad considering all the new Instagram-made models who can barely make it to 500K. 

We can basically safely admit that Carmen is going strong and gorgeous/ We’ll never even think of complaining when and if she decides to bless us with more nudes. Now head over to check out the photos. You know you want to 😉 ->

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