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Two-Factor Authentication To Protect Your Fortnite Account

Fortnite 2FA is an additional security measure that helps protect user accounts from hacking and unwanted connections. Due to the popularity of the game, scammers are increasingly encountered in the community. They try to get money from other people’s in-game values ​​and hack accounts for this.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication involves additional confirmation of logging into your account using a code. The latter can be sent to an email account or an authenticator.

As a result, the user needs not only to know the password but also to be the owner of the linked e-mail or the device on which the application is installed.

This does not exclude the possibility of hacking, but it greatly reduces it.

Connection options

There are two options for connecting dual authentication: via the app or email. The first method is safer but less convenient; the second does not require additional manipulations to check the confirmation code, you just need to go to the e-mail. However, attackers can gain access not only to your Fortnite account password but also to your email.

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To enable two-factor authentication, visit the Epic Games website and sign in to your account. Select the Password & Security tab. Move the slider down. You will see the item “Two-factor authentication”. Next, the system will ask you to choose where the confirmation codes will be sent.


If you want to connect a mobile authenticator, you will need to download one of the following applications to your smartphone:

  • Google Authenticator;
  • Microsoft Authenticator;
  • LastPass Authenticator;
  • Authy.

You can find programs in any official app store. For Android, this is Google Play Market, and for iOS users, AppStore. Do not download other programs or use unofficial sources: this can lead to infection with viruses that steal the personal data of users.

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On the website, click on the “Enable Authenticator” button. A new window will open with instructions for connecting the option. You will see a QR code that needs to be scanned. Open the downloaded application, click on the “Add” item. Point the camera at the code. The app will scan it. As a result, you will get a string with numbers. Enter them at the bottom of the window in the “Security Code” field.

Sometimes users get an error about entering the wrong code. This could be due to the wrong time and date on your smartphone or tablet. To eliminate the error, enable automatic synchronization with the network in the settings.


To connect to e-mail, just click on the “Enable email authentication” button. An email with a security code will be sent to the address associated with your account. Go to the email and find it.

If it is not in the list of incoming emails, check your Spam folder ‒ it may accidentally appear there. If you link several email addresses to 1 main mail at once, try to log into the desired account separately. When using additional e-mails, letters to a non-primary mailbox may be received with a delay. After entering the security code, authentication will be enabled.

Logging into Fortnite with two-factor authentication

If you decide to enable two-factor authentication, you will have to enter security codes frequently to gain access to your account. This will need to be done on any platform: computer, Xbox, PS4, etc.

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The system asks for a code in the following cases:

  • you have activated double authentication for the first time;
  • you decide to log into your account or game from a new device;
  • more than a month has passed since your last visit;
  • you have deleted cookies in your browser.

The standard login procedure after enabling authentication will differ only in the need to enter a security code. It will arrive in the mail or the application. Do not give your personal information to anyone, including e-mail, phone number, codes, etc. Even technical support never asks for such information.

Disabling Fortnite Two-Factor Authentication

If you find it inconvenient to enter codes or you have lost access to the linked location or mail, you can disable authentication. To do this, go to your “Personal Account”. Hover the mouse over the account name and click on the “Account” button. On the left side of the window, select Password and Security. At the bottom of the page, you will find the “Disable Authentication” button. The system will warn you that privacy protection will be weakened. Confirm the action and continue. Now you will not need to enter codes.

Data recovery from Fortnite account

You can connect double authentication only if you remember your password and the email you registered with. If you forget your password, go to the Epic Games website and click the Sign In button. Below the form, there will be a line “Forgot your password?”. Select it. Enter the email address to which you registered, if necessary, go through the captcha and click on the “Send letter” button. In the mail you will find information to change your username or password, you just have to enter new data.

If you lose access to your inbox, you will need to contact Epic Games Technical Support. To do this, go to the site and select the “Account” item. Click on the “Contact Us” button. A pop-up window will appear. In the latter, select the “Accounts” item. This will be the reason for contacting you.

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In the form below, explain the problem in maximum detail and send a request.

Sometimes players remember the password but forget to which mail the account was linked. You can try to search for letters if access to mailboxes is saved. If there are no results, it will be problematic to restore access. You can contact technical support, but for security reasons, specialists rarely satisfy such requests.

Fortnite scam

Fortnite holds the record for the gaming industry, bringing developers nearly $2.5 billion in 2018. This is the maximum indicator for the entire existence of computer games. Everything is monetized at Fortnite: you can buy special skins, weapon upgrades, currency, etc. Even the account itself with a copy of the game is valuable. Because of this, Fortnite has become a tasty morsel for scammers. They hack accounts, search for rare skins and items, sell them, and transfer money to their accounts.

In 2018, the BBC interviewed a teenager from Slovenia. In 7 months, he earned 20 thousand dollars by hacking other people’s accounts. The teenager described this process as fishing: either you find an account full of in-game currency and valuable trophies, or you find a dummy. Some rare items are valued by players in the hundreds of dollars.

Fortnite’s in-game currency, V-Bucks, is the only way to purchase cosmetic items such as outfits, gliders, pickaxes, and emotes. But V-Bucks cost real money.

Here’s the thing: there are no free V-Bucks. Epic Games has confirmed this. If you don’t win a competition from, say, a famous streamer, there won’t be any freebies. Anything else is a scam to get your Epic Games account.

To protect yourself, you need to avoid clicking on links that promise you free V-Bucks. Never.

The developers know that Fortnite has become a haven for scammers, so they are trying to increase the level of security through rewards. They offer an in-game reward for connecting dual authentication. In Battle Royale, users get the Boogiedown Dance Emote, and in Fighting the Storm, they get 50 Armory Slots, 10 Backpack Slots, and the Troll Stash Llama item.

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