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Cats are Genius Creatures: Two Stories Moved Hearts of Millions

Cats are charming and smart tricksters. Someone claims that they don’t care about the owners. The main thing is to give food and clean the litter box. However,  just a few stories, show us that these animals have the highest level of fucking awesomeness! The first story is about saving the baby, the second is about devotion.

Don’t underestimate your furry younger brothers. Cats are smarter than they seem. Looking at their little head, there will be no thought that there is a high mindset BUT, Ursula Dick, thinks differently.

Fluffy, big, lazy and brainy: what talents are hidden in your cat

Ursula Dick, the spokeswoman for the Institute for Brain Research at the University of Bremen, made a big statement. Yes, in fact, a cat has fewer brains than a dog, but this lag is compensated for by a higher density of neurons in the cerebral cortex. So, a cat with a brain weight of 25 grams of cortical neurons is almost twice as large (300 million versus 160 million) than a dog with a brain weight of 75 grams.

The short-term memory of cats is much better than the dog’s one. This was discovered in a simple experiment. The animals were shown delicious food, then people hid it and distracted the pets with something. Cats remembered the “nest egg” for 16 hours, and the dogs forgot in 5 minutes.

Also, cats are often treated as egoists. Fluffy brothers will soon gather to rally around everyone who fucks them. It is scientifically proven that cats are interested in people not only as food suppliers but also as friends! They value their owner more than a pack of Whiskas.

The University of Oregon conducted an interesting experiment that confirms these words. The animals were closed for several hours in an empty room and then released. The cat was offered a choice from food, owner or toy. The fluffy cat moved his fat ass to his beloved master. 65% of the cats chose the owner first, and only then the delicious food. But we people would probably eat first, and then went to show our love affection.

Tailed guardian angels: when the level of fucking coolness is off the charts

The Internet was attracted to a cute video about saving a child by a cat. A furry friend watched the baby for a long time, and when the situation became dangerous the cat reached out to help. The child climbed out of the crib and headed for the stairs. If the cat wouldn’t help the child, it is scary to think about how all this could end.

I want to believe that this awesome handsome cutie in the family is quite loved. If he is not provided with a lifelong supply of food, then people are just stupid creatures. Supercat wouldn’t have received the standing ovation from all over the world if the child’s mother had not turned on the camera in the house. The camera helped her discover the amazing incidents that occurred while she cooked, cleaned, and washed. Pretty sweet, right?

Watch a video. It’s breathtaking. The cat truly cares and worries about the baby. Like a cat mom. Moreover, the cat remained on guard further, not letting the baby to the dangerous place. So who else has the idea that these creatures have no souls, no brains and are egoists?

Furry friends are more faithful than some people

What about the story of Hemi? The cat loved his master so much that he was looking for him for 4 years. Hemi became part of the marine’s family. The cat is madly attached to the owner. Robert Connel was crazy about Hemi.

At the end of 2011, the family moved to a new place of residence in the town of Bismarck, North Dakota, and shortly afterward, Robert had to go to a clinic for a long course of rehabilitation treatment. A loyal friend, the cat Hemi immediately decided: once the owner has disappeared, and the house is unfamiliar you need to find Robert. A lifetime of searching.


Four years later, Robert heard the long-awaited words. The cat was in the shelter. Interested people helped the man raise funds for the trip and return the cat home. It turns out Hemi traveled to Northern California. This is thousands of miles from Bismarck! The cat owner was found using a special chip. My heart rejoices that their meeting took place! The marine’s cat went half the country to find his master. Well, what about devotion? Do you still think that cats don’t have it?

People have been arguing about who is better dogs or cats for many years. Does that make fucking sense? Everyone is beautiful. Cats are often exposed as fools but there are a lot of examples where these handsome cuties showed their level of awesomeness. Animals have not just beautiful faces, they are our devoted companions. Cats love us so much that they are ready to give not only their food but also their own lives.

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