TWIFT | Lifestyle | Copenhagen’s new metro line is the largest construction project over the past 400 years

Copenhagen’s new metro line is the largest construction project over the past 400 years

On 29 September 2019, a new metro City Ring Line was opened in the Danish capital. Its structure includes 17 new stations, with a total length of 15.5 km, which connects the three “bridge blocks” of Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro with the central station and Town Hall Square.

On the day of the ceremonial opening, all residents and guests of the capital were given the opportunity to travel on the subway for free!

The official ceremony was attended by Heads of State Queen Margrethe and Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and made a congratulatory speech at the Town Hall Square.

Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, shared the public joy: “Now we can move to work using the subway. This reliable and stable transport will help further strengthen Copenhagen. In this way, we will make changes in the daily life of the Danish capital and pave the way for its greening”.

According to forecasts, the new Copenhagen Metro Line can double the amount of passenger traffic in the first year of commissioning. In 2020, it’s expected that up to 122 million trips will be made in the Copenhagen subway.

This project was described as one of the largest in the time of King Christian IV, who was the creator of most of the historical city buildings and the Christianshavn area in the 17th century.

More than 400 years have passed since the design of the metro line. And only this year the king’s idea was realized.

The project wasn’t without turmoil, in particular, this affected workers from other countries, whose labor was estimated much lower than the level of pay in Denmark.

In general, this construction project was delayed for 10 years, and it cost the state about 3.5 billion euros.

As the population of Copenhagen increases annually by 10 thousand inhabitants, the capital’s need for stable transport is really great.

It’s expected that the new metro line will help to cope with traffic jams. It will also speed up and simplify the transportation process.

City authorities are planning to install an automatic subway device that will allow transporting up to 100 million passengers a year.

The construction of this metro line makes it possible to solve the most important infrastructure issues for the city. Indeed, now the city’s public transport will expand significantly, and this will make it possible to regulate the passenger flow and improve transport links.

– We hope that the new danish metro line will help overcome traffic jams and create new, more convenient transportation links that will strengthen the general transport network in Copenhagen. The construction of the Copenhagen subway is not only an excellent improvement for city residents, but also for tourists from other cities and countries, – said Danish Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht.

With 17 metro stations of the City Ring Line, Copenhagen will live a new life. After all, this will allow us to create an additional number of urban spaces around the stations and improve communication between different parts of the Danish capital.

So, everyone is happy now.

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