TWIFT | Lifestyle | Danish people will choose name for massive planet. How cool is that!

Danish people will choose name for massive planet. How cool is that!

The Danes think how to call the planet Jupiter: who’s going to make it?

The Danes have the chance to choose a new name for the most massive planet. This is so damn cool! In some countries, people have no right to choose their political leader, but here they got a choice to name a star. What an amazing country with warm laws and hearts… So, what name will Denmark give to Jupiter? Read more in our damn material.

Residents of Denmark got an unusual interesting proposal to pick a name for the most massive planet Jupiter. The name will get an exoplanet and its star around which it rotates. By the way, the star is known previously as HAT-P-29b. Fucking description: hot planet about 1150 degrees, the size of this baby is like Jupiter. Well, a fucking star!

Do you wonder what’s the honor to give them a chance to pick a name? What’s the reason for such generous gifts from the universe? The whole thing is that it’s a part of the 100th-anniversary celebration of the IAU (International Astronomical Union).

At the moment, applications for the planet’s name are being actively accepted. Every resident of Denmark can become a part of this excellent process and make a contribution to its future. Let’s see some terms for choosing a name for Jupiter:
the name should express the feelings, emotions, position of the Dane;
no advertising sense;
names of people aren’t accepted.
The representative of Denmark Ole Knudsen told about the above conditions at the IAU. Applications are accepted from June 6, 2019. Perhaps you have a chance to come up with a name for the most massive planet Jupiter and the star who dance with it.

The committee will select the three best offers. The best name among the top three ones will choose everyone with the help of an open vote this fall. Officially, the world will know the name in early December!

That’s not all yet, because the representatives of the International Astronomical Union want to give the names for another four thousand exoplanets that were already found. Just think how much beauty there is in our universe! Damn exoplanets everywhere, more and more with each passing day. We hope bad boys who want to destroy our planet Earth won’t live there… Well, now the whole world and basically Denmark has only one mission to choose a fucking awesome name for a big planet.

Perhaps Jupiter, the star nearby and the rest of exoplanets aren’t visible with the naked eye, but this doesn’t deny the fact of their existence. Take a look at a large telescope and see all with your eyes. Perhaps, a wave of fucking inspiration will cover you and you’ll come up with the future name that will convey the spirit of Denmark and won’t annoy anyone around!

Remember, such names in the future become a part of future star catalogs. Wow! That’s why think carefully so you won’t be feeling ashamed.

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