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How to be Creative and Also “Travel”

People love to have an adventure. That’s why traveling is one of the most utilized methods when it comes to having an adventure. “Conquering” fresh territories can be exhilarating, which is another reason why people love to travel. Humans ache for new experiences. However, 2020 was a challenging year for us. And even in 2021, we are not sure how things will be. 

Because of this, have a quick escape can be more challenging for some of us. Some may not look for an escape, but it will undoubtedly help break from our usual daily routine. For example, brick toys are one way of having a break, and you don’t have to go somewhere; that’s the job of the mind for this year at least. 

When I say brick toys, people tend to think of LEGO, but LEGO can take a lot of space, and not all of us have it. There is one LEGO competitor that offers the same benefits and more. Called nanoblock, this is a line of brick toys made by the Japanese toy company Kawada. The nanoblock sets are for children and adults because some are more complex than LEGO. What else is unique about nanoblocks is that the bricks are tiny in size, which means that all of the structures can be built and easily fit in the palm of your hand. 

Nanoblock, just like LEGO, has different themes and series. Each nanoblock set ranges from 80 to 150 pieces of a small collection. Of course, a set has about 5800 parts, which is the Nanoblock Castle deluxe edition. Besides, you can choose a nanoblock set that has a difficulty comfortable for you.  

Speaking of traveling, there is one attractive type of nanoblock set called Sights to See series. This series includes designs of famous buildings and landmarks from all around the world. Each Sights to See structure can have from 200 to 1600 pieces, depending on the history. At least when you build your favorite famous building, your mind can go wild with imagination. What is good to remember is that each brick has the size of 4 mm x 4 mm x 5 mm, and each set is specially designed to recreate the structure of famous monuments. Below, you will find some of the most memorable Sights to See series.


London’s city is the go-to type of travel experience because pretty much anyone is curious about the place where the English language originates and to experience royalty. You can have a small part of London with the nanoblock Sights to See London where you can build the beautiful city all by yourself. This set contains around 1600 blocks, and it needs about 8 hours to complete. The set is a colorful and exact replica of what London looks like. If you are a block structures collector, you can add this to your collection and enhance your home’s look.

However, Sights to See London isn’t the only nanoblock collection that features the British city. There are others, like Big Ben, which is one of the most famous clock towers. This nanoblock set has 450 assorted block pieces, and when it is finally constructed, you will have the perfect mini structure to add to your collection. 

The next nanoblock set you can add to your London collection is the Buckingham Palace nanoblock set. Home to the Queen of England, the palace is an architectural wonder. This nanoblock building can be constructed even by children. It has around 310 blocks specially designed as different parts, and there is an instruction sheet. 


When we think of France, we think of Paris, the city for lovers, of gothic architecture like Cathedral Notre-Dame and we think of art with Louvre Museum. The Sights to See nanoblock series also have pieces of France with the famous Louvre Museum which can be part of your art collection. This small replica of the Louvre Museum and its outer structure has around 320 pieces and is perfect for teenagers.

The next nanoblock set that is part of France is the Cathedral Notre Dame, which is an architectural masterpiece. The brick structure is easy to construct because all you need is to join the 400 pieces with the instruction book’s help. This beautiful cathedral is so small that it is right in the palm of your hand.  


Every time I think of Sydney, I think of that “dangerous” land of Australia, surfing in the ocean and of course the famous Sydney Opera House. I’m sure that for those who traveled to Australia and went to Sydney, the opera house was the must-go visit location. The good news is this year, at least, you can construct a Sydney Opera House replica with the help of nanoblock. The Sydney Opera House is a center of arts and culture, and you can have it right in your home at the size of your palm. 

Another Sights to See nanoblock set that is part of Sydney is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of the most famous bridges globally. The collection consists of 310 pieces, and the level of difficulty is 3 out of 5. This series is suitable for both adults and children.

Ancient Architecture

When we think of ancient architecture, we think of the ancient civilization with its Ancient World Wonders, landmarks that we only see if we visit old cities with rich histories, like Rome, Athens, and others. One of the most famous architectural wonders in the world full of history and bloodshed is the Roman Colosseum. There were some other colosseums around Ancient Rome because Romans used them as stadiums to watch matches between trained gladiators. However, none of them were as great as the Roman Colosseum from the city of Rome.

The Roman Colosseum is also found in the Sights to See nanoblock series, where you can build this oval 3D structure with 320 colorful blocks. This set also comes with a detailed instruction sheet which will help you replicate the original structure easily. 

Next to the list of Ancient World Wonders is the Parthenon from Athens. Besides being at the highest peak in Athens, this is the place where you could see the other parts of the city all around the Parthenon. It was also a place of worship, especially for the goddess Athena, where it is speculated that there was a statue of her besides the Parthenon. A statue so high and tall that it was seen from below the peak. 

Today the Parthenon is all ruins but still a major attraction if you go to Athens. Another way to “explore” the building is by constructing it with nanoblock bricks. You can bring Greece to your home with this beautiful Greek temple. The 3D structure is built by connecting 560 blocks in a specific pattern. The difficulty for the Parthenon Nanoblock is 3 out of 5, which is perfect even for children.  


Most people are familiar with visiting places like New York in the US or other parts of Europe, like Spain. However, not everyone is familiar with Asia. To anyone who has the experience reaching Asia is a little bit harder because of the requirements needed for a passport. However, once you had decided on an Asian country, what you will see there, is just a completely different civilization with a different mentality. The Asian people are one of the most welcome type people, and everything we see there is technological wonders that go hand-in-hand with tradition.

The Sights to See series also has famous Asian landmarks in its portfolio. For example, you can take a trip to China by building the Forbidden City, a Palace Museum complex located in the heart of Beijing. The Forbidden City nanoblock set comes with 290 blocks, and it can take from 20 to 60 minutes for you to complete it.

Next to this list is the Marina Bay Sands, one of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is also available as a nanoblock set where you can join over 250 blocks together. In this set, you can also create the lively Central Business District and the Marina Bay in front of it. 

What else Singapore offers to us is the Merlion, which is a mythical half-fish half-lion creature and the official mascot of Singapore. You can have this guy on your desk. The structure can be built by using over 260 blocks. It is easy to assemble, and it can be done in less than 60 minutes.       

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