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Danish “Top Gear” is a reality

Already in the spring of the next year, a new version of the famous automotive program called “Top Gear” will appear on the screens of Danish television. The host of the show will be Felix Smith, and his partners in the TV program will be Jesper Carlsen, who used to be a popular racer, and also actor Dar Salim.

The premiere will take place on Channel 5. Discovery Networks Denmark, which manages Channel 5, acquired the rights to produce this show from the BBC.

This TV program has been broadcasting on the BBC since 2002. Will it be interesting after so many years in the Danish version?… Most likely, car enthusiasts did not decrease during this time. Moreover, this show, which will be released in Denmark, is good because it will not focus only on expensive car brands, but will also show more affordable models.
Also, the success of a car show can be guaranteed by the fact that it will have practically no competitors in this field in Denmark. Unfortunately or fortunately, most of the television time in the country is now occupied by cooking or dating programs. In general, the Danish version of “Top Gear” will definitely be able to attract its target audience, yeap?


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