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18 Best Car Sex Positions: Tips Of What You Should Try In Car

Best Car Sex Positions For Unforgettable Experience

Youth is a time of adventure, and it never dies. You might think that car sex times are long gone, and it is not suitable for grown accomplished people to be messed in such trifles. But it is really far from reality. Teenage carelessness will return a spark to long-term relationships and help strengthen the new ones, despite age. 

One might argue about the questionable convenience of car sex positions, and they will be somewhat right. But the feeling of doing something forbidden or the fact that literally, anyone can be passing the windows of your vehicle while you’re at it is an igniting and tempting thought. However, let’s not be careless and take some time building precautions. It might not be a very good idea to start feeling romantic in a Walmart parking lot – not all people are as open-minded as you, so the rendezvous may end up in an unpleasant conversation with the police. Remember, privacy here is of first and utmost importance.

Secondly, your outfit may become a salvation or a curse. So, think well of what you’re about to wear – loose clothes are always easier to pull off and similarly simple for a quick dressing in case of an emergency. Casual and oversize clothing items are a good choice. As well, fighting your tight jeans before sexual intercourse may spoil the initial prelude and lower the interest of your partner.


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Get to the backseat of your car, the male partner being the first to sit with his legs crossed. Climb over him taking the same position and wrap your arms around each other during the penetration.

If sitting cross-legged does not create too much trouble for you or your partner, it’s a great car sex position to experience. It is perfectly doable in a mid-size car, although may be challenging for smaller models. The width of the rear is not as important as its depth since you will need the space for the “lotus to unfold”. If experiencing difficulties, you might want to give it a little angle on the side, or just try doing it on top of the hood. It might be a little time-consuming to achieve a quick orgasm in this position, so bear it in mind when parking a vehicle.


18 Best Car Sex Positions: Tips Of What You Should Try In Car

The backseat is obviously the best place for Spooning, but you can try making it happen on the front passenger seat by pushing it back as far as possible. The idea is that a man penetrates his woman from behind, both lying on the side in a tight fashion.

This might be one of the best car sex positions, as it provides a very high level of closure. If one of you is really tall, this might cause some problems, but will not make this position impossible. If you see that your partner slips from the side of the seat just wrap your arms around them providing additional support.


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Often called face spooning, this might be one of the most intimate sex positions in a car. Lie sideways face to face, woman’s leg thrown over and around her male partner. Hold each other tightly during the process, as this will make the closure more passionate.

Again, the space here is important, and it may turn out difficult to perform if one of you is too tall or a car is not big enough.  You can also try and reduce the height by tucking your knees or simply opening a door. The latter may not be very discreet, but hey – car sex is a kinky endeavor. 


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One of the classic sex positions in the car for a passionate prelude, and probably the easiest one to handle. If a woman takes the lead, any place in a car will suffice. However, if it is she who needs to be pleased – no place is better than in the back. Don’t be afraid to be original and experiment. While receiving, a man can stand right beside the open door or provide full access to his ‘strong point’ through the open window.

If the dimensions of your vehicle allow, 69 will be the best option for mutual pleasure. On the other hand, smaller cars may provide obstacles for simultaneous petting. If that is the case, the receiving partner can easily assist with the manual stimulation. Despite the size of a car, there is always a way to put oral positions into practice

Person On Top

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One of the most obvious car positions, and kind of similar to Lotus. Get your lady to sit over you with her legs tightly pulled on the sides of your hips. 

This is a nice intimate position, which allows you to kiss during the process. It will also be very comfortable to switch to Missionary from it – just hold a girl and softly put her on the back. The front seat might be a little short for comfortable sex, as width here is pretty important. However, stretching out in the rear of a car will make it easier to perform. If you have still decided to do it in the front, try pulling the torso of your top partner all the way into the dashboard. In addition to the nice view, it will create some extra pleasant traction.


18 Best Car Sex Positions: Tips Of What You Should Try In Car

Speaking of intense car positions – Cowgirl is a must. Let a man lie flat on the backseat, then climb over him. During intercourse, if the seats are not deep enough, the lady’s side foot can be dropped all the way to the floor, to achieve increased stability. Tall men can bend their knees which will also help to be a little more active by performing steady translational movements.

Girls, however, should mind their heads. In the height of passion, one may fail to calculate the distance to the car roof. So, instead of up-and-down movements, consider practicing some sliding motions. Bending down to kiss your partner is also a safe and practical measure.


18 Best Car Sex Positions: Tips Of What You Should Try In Car

By trying one of the good old sex positions in the car, you can bring something new to familiar sensations. No place better than the rear for this one. Let your lady get on the back spreading her legs, then climb over and get to it. You will see how different it will feel.

Being relevantly simple, the missionary position has freedom of performance. You can practice it in and out of the car (on the trunk e.g.) and even try it sideways in case of limited space. 

Over the Roof

18 Best Car Sex Positions: Tips Of What You Should Try In Car

If your car has a sunroof – this can diversify the oral practice. Tell your partner to peer out while you perform the masterpiece of satisfaction. You can switch places afterward.

In addition to a fun experience, the position lets one of you be on the lookout during the process. This way, you will not be alerted by someone passing by. 

Modified Doggy


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One of the best positions for car sex if both of you feel a little tired. This one is else called the Lazy Doggy, which does not require as much effort as the original. The passenger seat may be suitable for this position, if flattened enough, but the back is still favorable. Get your lady softly on the belly and penetrate her from behind. The male partner will feel much more relaxed bending down as well.

You can also experiment with the position of your legs. A woman can spread them, hold them tightly together, or bend them slightly in the knee to softly touch her partner from behind. All variations will bring different sensations. Try it.

Mutual Masturbation

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Talking about classical must try car positions. Any car… well, any place, really. This one is as discreet as it can be. Just sit comfortably, relax and start stroking. The one to cum first loses.

This position leaves you free from worries about the comfort of the process. The driver and passenger seats are perfect (considering they are not too far from each other). Of course, more closure can be achieved in the rear, however, your imagination is the limit.

Sofa Brace

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Don’t pay attention to the name – it is really another variant of a standard Doggy Style. Even if your car has no sofa – this position is totally doable. Turn your woman around facing the rear window, bending over the backseat. A man will perform the movements, while slightly leaning forward. 

Mind your heads while having sex in this position. It can be very easy to get absorbed by passion and hit your woman against the rear window, or your own head against the roof. Big cars are especially fit for Sofa Brace since backseats can be often moved and there is a big trunk. It will be easier to find a comfortable way of performing.

Out The Window

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If being a little too obvious is not a problem for you, or you’ve parked the car in a distant secure place, you might want to try this one. Let your woman sit on the edge of the opened window holding the roof from the outside. Now, that’s a nice position for pleasing her orally.

It could be simpler for men though – with a woman staying in the vehicle, all you have to do is slip your willy inside and enjoy. This might not be one of the best car positions but is definitely worth trying.

Legs In The Air

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Else called “the plow”, this position is perfect for saving space on the backseat. You can easily switch to it from the missionary position which will provide diversity without much additional effort. A woman basically fixes her legs on a man’s shoulders – this will give the male partner more flexibility in movement, which is ideal for a quick climax. While receiving, a lady can move her hips, adjusting the depth of penetration. 

Another great place to try this position is the hood of the car. If your model clearance is too high – try the trunk or do it inside with the open door. In any case, among the best positions in a car, this one is in the top three.

Reverse Scoop

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As lazy as it might seem, Reverse Scoop is one of those sex positions for car pleasure which get complicated in a limited space. Here is how it’s done – lie on a side with your partner, holding her tightly just a little above the bottom, and pull towards your groin. You can penetrate from here, while she maintains the balance of your head.

If it gets uncomfortable, a woman can spread her legs slightly, or place the upper one over your hip. That only a backseat will be suitable for this position (if you are not ready to climb to the roof that is).


18 Best Car Sex Positions: Tips Of What You Should Try In Car

Try this tender oral sex pose, if you want to get her affection and provide lots of pleasure. Face-sitting is always a nice way to end intercourse and reach an orgasm. Lie down on a backseat and let your lady position herself over your head in a way that her private parts reach your lips. Focus on her clitoris and be active. She will appreciate it.

Reverse Cowgirl

18 Best Car Sex Positions: Tips Of What You Should Try In Car

Riding positions are always suitable for a car sex experience. This one is quite similar to the original Cowgirl. The difference is that a woman sits on top of a man facing his legs. It may seem like the sensations will be the same as well. However, the angle of penetration is different, and so is the level of pleasure. If a girl arches her back and leans slightly forward, it will provide an increased aesthetic enjoyment. The male partner can create an additional foothold by bending his knees, this way increasing his degree of participation.

What are the benefits of car sex?

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Changing something is always for the best, especially if this is about one’s private life. While our body gets used to certain comfortable conditions, the soul asks for excitement. Even though you probably know it in and out, and use it on a daily basis, making love in the car once in a while will definitely contribute to your feelings.

If you are new to such experiments, take it slow. You can start by having sex in the garage first. This will bring on the long-desired adventure, of being safe and comfortable at the same time. The memories will not wear off too soon, so the car will be a good reminder of that sexy episode.

Practicing different positions for car sex adds diversity to the relationship. If you’ve been together for a long time and think that you know each other, try it. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new about your partner.

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