TWIFT | Lifestyle | Dog Bark Park Inn B&B: Oh my god! This is a giant beagle-shaped house!

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B: Oh my god! This is a giant beagle-shaped house!

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B: Oh my god! This is a giant beagle-shaped house!

Traveling with dogs has become really trendy, it is another mainstream of the 21st century. And it is really awesome! If earlier you would have been taken for an eccentric dude with a dog in your bag, but now many people take pets with them to the far distances. To the delight of many people, back in 2003, a giant house was created in the shape of a large beagle in Cottonwood (a county in Minnesota State).

The online marketplace for hosting, searching, and short-term private rental housing around the world, Airbnb, has shared with us great news! Especially for the damn dog lovers was created a big and fucking cute beagle-shaped house! 

dog-shaped hotel

A House for Dog Travellers — Dog Bark Park Inn B&B 

Over the past few years, more and more pet owners during long trips have been looking for interesting houses to stay so the apartments were acceptable not only for a person but also for their pet. It is important for the owners that the dogs could have comfortable facilities too cause animals are their little beloved family friends! So, they want to create maximum comfort for them.

There is a perfect beagle-shaped housing for such people. Maybe you are one of them? The hotel is as unusual as possible! Here it is, a paradise of pets and their owners. The shape of the house says it all. We wonder, if they will also create a house for cat owners in the form of a large cat with the kitty litter box?

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B is created by Francis and Dennis. Working with these nice people is a unique experience for Airbnb. A cozy house for tourists with pets attracted a lot of attention. Everyone wants to come here, and then they feel no desire to leave this paradise. According to reviews, the housing is really damn good!

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B: Cuties Willie and Toby welcome everyone!

Married couple Dennis Sullivan and Francis Conklin opened the hotel back in 2003. It impresses with its eccentricity. Outside the house looks like a huge beagle dog about 10 meters high. It even has its own nickname “Sweet Willy.” Near it stands the figure of a smaller dog, whose name is “Toby” about 3.5 meters high. 

dog-shaped hotel

The house for travelers in the shape of a beagle dog has included a list of great bonuses. We see that its creators think, first of all, about the comfort of their customers. It offers a range of services and plenty of space to relax with your pets.

The tourist, who is the guest of the Dog Bark Park Inn B&B, is offered a home-made breakfast, an amazing view of the local beauty. In Cottonwood, Idaho, the list of attractions is just off the charts! And the hotel in the form of a dog turns into a strange, but very cool local highlight.

The most unusual hotel has become so popular that even locals want to spend the night there at least once. By the way, the rooms are located right in the stomach of the dog. At the head of the hotel is an attic, and there is a cozy reading corner in the dog’s face.

The rooms have a Queen bed and two convertible sofas. A bath, microwave and small refrigerator are also included. There is also a coffee maker, hairdryer and clock, which are both an alarm clock and a radio. The room also has a library and a range of board games. It is worth noting that the rooms don’t have a telephone and a TV, that was done to completely relax from the noisy life and enjoy moderate and calm country life, watching through the windows of the hotel-dog for a picturesque view of the planted fields and hilly landscape reminding green waves.

Background of the beagle-shaped hotel

In 1997, Dennis Sullivan has created the Dog Bark Park art studio. There the man liked to carve figures of animals, especially dogs. He created them with the help of an electric jigsaw from a bar of wood and a chainsaw! Over time, his wife Francis joined his hobby, having mastered such a male tool as a chainsaw. Now she also creates figures of dogs, as well as other animals as good as her husband.

As we can see, the couple didn’t stop at the creation of figures and moved on to a major project. The idea of creating an unusual hotel belongs to both spouses. According to calculations, it should have been built in 10 years, but fortunately, the project was implemented much earlier. However, its interior is changing to date!

dog-shaped hotel

Even the most severe critic will appreciate this hotel. Everything is saturated with the highest degree of sweetness here. Adults, children, and pets like this hotel. Probably it was not worth mentioning the latter, because this is their shrine.

The hotel currently has four rooms that look very homely. Images of dogs are used to decorate the interior. Now you need to book a room in a few months, as many travelers want to live here.

As for the cost of the room at the Dog Bark Park Inn, the price is not overpriced and is just over $90. This amount includes a delicious breakfast. Just keep in mind that the food in the hotel is mostly vegetarian. Dishes are prepared according to recipes from the family archive of the Dog Bark Park Inn owners.

This beagle-shaped house is a damn strange picture, but everyone would like to visit it. Just call your relatives and say, that you renounced the world for a couple of days and decided to spend the night in the stomach of a dog. And let them understand you the way they want! But stop, phones are taken there from you. Maybe it’s for the best.

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