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Dogs on Duty: a Charming Labrador Took The Oat

Two-year-old Labrador Hatty became the new prosecutor in Chicago. The dog took the oath and put its right paw on the Constitution. Hatty will work according to the standard eight-hour schedule in the US from 9 am to 5 pm. That’s the moment when the dog found a job, but you didn’t. Well, let’s know more about animal workaholics.

While humanity around the world is concerned about the issue of job search, animals are finding jobs quite successful. How to humiliate the one who whines and sings his favorite song that he or she can’t find work because it’s so difficult? You know, dogs and cats, not all of course, but have work. You can certainly say that they have enough help and support, but nevertheless, we humans have more opportunities for employment. Okay, here’s a sweet topic for you about the dog at work.

The dog got a job: the US government took a nice employee

The government of the USA took the cutest employee in the world. The dog became one of the prosecutors in Chicago. Labrador Hatty took the oath and laid her right paw on the Constitution.

If one day your lazy relative says: “Well, I can’t find a job, because the situation in the country is sooo hard”, just tell him/her about Labrador Hatty. The dog will work according to the standard eight-hour working day in America from 9 am to 5 pm. The tasks of a cute employee of the US government are to help and emotionally support victims of the attack and children with psychological problems.

Hatty will have about two hundred different patients. The work is difficult, but it is only a joy for a responsible dog. Her mission is to help people. Hatty became the first dog in the United States to provide emotional support. Perhaps the new government employee is not aware of this grand fact, but Hatty is ready to fulfill her duties with great desire.  

Pet therapy: the mission of the US Labrador 

The advantages of pet therapy have been proven a long time ago. Communication with animals benefits the emotional health of a person. This fact became the basis of canistherapy. Labrador Hatty is not just a dog who has become an employee of the embassy. It turns out that dogs have been trained in medical institutions for social adaptation.

In 2019, the number of jobs for specially trained dogs has increased. Black Labrador is an example of one of the employment of such handsome dogs. Now, this is an important character in the US Attorney’s Office.

The beneficial effects of animals on human health were discussed more than 3 thousand years ago. This is not new information. But only in recent years, people finally thought about this method and began to implement a great thing in life.

Cats will soon sign an employment contract

Cats are also workaholics. Well, the fact that they are kind to their owners, of course, can be called labor, but now we will talk about real work like a labrador’s one from Chicago. Some cats work only to feed themselves, even wear a special uniform!

We are talking about workaholic cats. Not all of them just sleep and turn on the play mode. Since 1868, it was known about the employment of pets. Then 3 cats were officially accepted to work in London. The Money Transfer Service needed a furry employee to catch mice. Well, who can work better than a cat?

They received a salary in the amount of one shilling per week, which, as a rule, was spent on their maintenance. Each cat was given six months of probation. One thing is scary what was the fate of kitty who didn’t pass the test. 

The practice spread to many departments and its effectiveness has been officially proven. The most famous cat was Tibs, who had served for 14 years, where the staff of the General Directorate of Post gathered. The basement in the London center no longer had the problem with rats, all thanks to the responsible furry employee, called Tibs.

Also, cats were postmen. In Belgium, 37 cats were hired to deliver letters. Surprisingly, all the cats coped with the tasks. In the end, the shop was closed and the cat’s postal service was closed because it is unreliable. Amazingly, the cats were able to deliver all the letters. The jaw fell from such information and will never close if the cat won’t deliver it.

It turns out that not only dogs but cats began to be recruited to serve in the police. One cat works in Huddersfield. Its main task is to provide psychotherapeutic support to police officers. A similar position has the cat Smokey who was hired by the police as a volunteer in Skegness. The responsibilities include creating a favorable atmosphere at the police station.

At all times, cats and dogs showed what they are capable of. There are many war heroes among them who saved lives. Many people underestimate their capabilities. Mostly this is due to a lack of knowledge. People who don’t know anything, don’t read, never heard about historical details, will probably laugh when seeing a working dog or cat. Half of them, most likely, don’t have work but it would be worth thinking about it. 

Look carefully into the eyes of your little fluffy and smart pet. Maybe it is ready to fill out an employment contract, draw up a cooperation contract with the embassy for six months or a year? Take an interest! Stop being selfish 🙂 

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