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“Don’t fuck the Earth!” ‒ Pornhub Presented Special Ecological Project

The world-famous site of spicy porn is shocking with its ideas. Who would have thought that a platform where everyone comes for a virtual handjob or sweet ideas for non-childish entertainment would suddenly start to struggle for the environment? But it is. Just recently the site of lust and dirty stories presented to the world its new project “Sexstainability”. The organizers urge all onlookers to stop fucking their planet and start treating it as gently as possible. After all, this is Mother Earth, not a cheap whore.

The organizers invite everyone to unite and not arrange group sex but watch videos that will help make the Earth better.

Pornhub’s eco-friendly trend idea invites every hot video lover to get a little sexier.

After all, now, for each viewing of these videos, the platform will transfer money to the climate change fund.

If you aren’t standing near a water cooler and don’t carry an eco-bag with you and still use plastic and watch porn all the time, you need to see it.

The hub for adults, together with the advanced environmental group 2030 or Bust, is creative in an interesting way. They have created a series of videos called Sexstainable.


Their idea deserves respect ‒ to replenish the budget of foundations that deal with environmental issues, conduct talks, lectures, and training, and also engage in information education in these matters.

The authors of the idea are convinced that sex and the desire for lust will live forever, and people will never stop watching porn, so you can start from the very beginning. You can introduce a culture where you are most often used to consuming. Therefore, ending from sticking to naked fucking couples, it’s not even bad to mention the ecology. This is certainly a joke, but the organizers are sure that this particular idea should give its exhaust.

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Note that the idea was created with the help of the super creative ODD Company, which lives in Sweden. This is not their first collaboration. Such projects regarding environmental topics and the importance of preserving the planet have become one of their top developments.


The videos cannot but captivate. The first of 30 is the so-called call to mindfulness. The video is hosted by a sexy brunette and porn actress from California, Kira Noir. Even the most selective of users will love to look at her in the frame. Without a doubt, you can listen to naked Noir for a very long time and about anything. Kira, with her feline passion, talks about fairly important everyday issues. these stimulate to take care of the planet a little more. For example, turn off the taps with water, if possible, not let it go to waste and even reuse it (for example, to drain the toilet), turn off the light, do not leave the light bulb on if there is no urgent need, and do more environmentally friendly things, such as gardening.

Teaming up with Bust, Pornhub plans to help the platform raise money by 2030, to improve the planet’s health, slowing down pollution, and a shared initiative to reduce its carbon footprint.


The project will be led by the charming American woman Asa Akira, together with Kira Noir, who in 30 days are going to turn all the lustful into loving nature at the same time. Because of their words, you need to fuck only in bed, and the planet will not tolerate all dirty sex, BDSM, and all sorts of human jokes, she urges: everything should be very tender with her, and only with platonic love, no penetrations. Such things as care, love, respect for the planet and its beauty, will be taught in a month-long course by sexy porn stars Kira and Asa. They will inspire viewers in every possible way, not only with their ideal forms but also with their experience of caring for the planet, minimizing water consumption, reducing waste, emissions, and waste recycling methods, as well as saving electricity.


The pornhub simply breaks records for the number of projects aimed at educating the population on environmental issues. Who would have thought that blowjobs and cunnilingus, naked asses, and tits would be compatible with such important topics? And it turns out that jerking off and hearing about the planet’s eco-friendly crises is not so bad at the same time. And for that, just respect the authors of such an idea. Now more and more people stop fucking the planet, even though getting them not to fuck is almost impossible. This machine will exist forever, and you can tell something important and this can also last endlessly.

Before the project to combat climate change, Pornhub organized special crusades that cleaned up litter from the beaches of the coast and so fought the impending disaster. It was all put into a super-watched video “Dirtiest Porn Ever”.


By its example, Pornhub showed that you can get orgasms and enrich society with new knowledge in parallel, these components only perfectly complement each other. That’s why Ride With Pornhub was released, where an Italian audience could ride electric scooters for free.

Also, a special channel project was created called Bee Porn. Its message is to save honey bees, donations to organizations of which were collected on a porn site. They depicted the most sexually explicit depictions of bees foraging for honey among the erect stamens with the most direct hint. Excitement, passion, orgasm, aesthetic pleasure, which caused the audience, helped to bring large sums to the treasury to help and support these important insects.

The Sexstainable commercial stars emphasized:

“We will be happy to teach people to live a meaningful life, while not changing the meaning of our main videos on Pornhub. Sex and ecology is an explosive cocktail that already causes bursts of orgasm. People just like to connect the unconnectable. Especially since 2021 is in the yard and it’s time to take up the mind and save the planet.”

According to Laughlin Artz, CEO of Bust, cooperation with a porn site is new, fun and interesting, because it is much easier to work together to achieve a goal. Besides, sexuality has never been in the way, wherever it was. After all, people always strive for pleasure and a good ending. This can be the case with ecology.

International Ocean Polymers and Pornhub just blew the world with their new joint video.

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Now it’s not just sex on the porn platform. Pornhub filmed a video on the beach with a pile of garbage. The company Ocean Polymers, which specializes in recycling waste in the ocean, is interested in a porn site.


Thanks to this, a new video was born, the profit from watching of which is transferred to the fund for the fight against pollution of ocean waters.

The porn scenes themselves were filmed on the most polluted beach on our planet.

The organizers of Pornhub were prompted to make such an investment in saving nature by statistics, according to which our oceans contain more than 12 million tons of waste at the bottom, mostly made of plastic.

The video has a very original title “The Dirtiest Porn in History”. Because all the action took place on the coast with a mountain of garbage. The role was played by the porn star Leolulu, who had sex, hiding behind clothes from waste. And it looked hot and dirty. First, the heroes covered their penis and vagina with plastic objects, then they began to get naked. Hot sex in the middle of a mountain of rubbish excites and makes you think about the environment.

At the same time, Pornhub itself continued to promote the eco theme not only with porn videos. The team has created a special website where users can find all the important information on how to take better care of nature. In particular, the process of waste recycling, waste disposal, and how to do it at home, how to reduce plastic consumption, and switch to more environmentally friendly consumption methods is described in detail.


Ocean Polymers are confident that collaboration with Pornhub can help make information about massive environmental pollution publicly available. It will also help fight this problem with a powerful ocean cleanse program. The executive director of the company, Heather Wigglesworth, considers the well-known porn site to be one of the most profitable and popular platforms for promoting their ideas, as well as raising awareness of the world’s population about existing problems.

Wigglesworth also expressed the hope that there will be even more such initiative companies in the world as Pornhub, which is not indifferent to the fate of Mother Earth.

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