TWIFT | Football | Sports News Football. Jose Mourinho Called Opponents Coach “An Idiot”

Sports News Football. Jose Mourinho Called Opponents Coach “An Idiot”

Sports News Football. Jose Mourinho Called Opponents Coach “An Idiot”

Jose Mourinho latest news today. The coach will never change: he looked in the notebook of the Southampton coach. After the match, he called him an idiot and criticized VAR.

On the day when Ancelotti was fighting with Pep, and Arteta with Solskher, the match of Southampton and Tottenham could hide from people’s eyes but Mourinho was against it.

His team was laid down (0: 1), and the goal was scored by the hosts Danny Ings in the 17th minute. The forward received a pass from Jack Stevens, where he managed to get through the defenders and hit the ball into the corner with no chance for the goalkeeper. This is already his 13th strike this season, he took second place in the scorers’ race. Only Vardi has more (17).

Tottenham results in the Premier League table are not so good. Under Mourinho’s rule, Tottenham won only three games of the last eight, but it is unlikely that anyone will scold the players because the Portuguese deftly drew attention to himself.

One of the highlights of the match happened on the 78th minute. Just before that, referee Mike Dean did not score Kane’s goal because of an offside position. Harry was immediately injured, and Mourinho was forced to remove him from the field. Even during the first half, the coach had to change Ndombele – also because of an injury. Portuguese was very upset and he threw out his emotions outside the box: he went to Andrew Sparks, the goalkeeper coach of Southampton, and looked into his notebook.

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Mike Dean showed yellow card.

After the match, Mourinho acknowledged that referee was right, but took a swipe at the opponent’s coach: “I was rude. But I was rude with an idiot. I clearly deserved the yellow card. I had bad words with the guy.”

Mourinho never admitted what happened: “Of course, there was a reason. I won’t tell you, but for a certain reason my reaction was like that.”

premeir league table sports news football

The work of VAR pissed off the coach, he even came up with a new name for it: “I’m not happy, there was an episode from the penalty spot, which the VAR ignored. They did not want to figure it out, and then decided to make out something that clearly did not deserve a penalty. It just requires common sense. You don`t want to analyze good reasons for a penalty, but disassemble those that just doesn`t worth a penalty.

“In my opinion, the referees are not referees now. I think it’s necessary to change the name of VAR, because it’s wrong to call these people the video assistants of the referee. You need to call VR the video referee, because they are the judges themselves. And this is strange. You see referees on the field, but they are not referees, but assistants.

And important decisions are made by people from the office. As for offsides, for example, over the past three weeks, Kane’s goal to Brighton was not counted. There was supposedly an offside position, but I don’t know what distance there was. Then they did not count the goal of Norwich against our goal, and there were some half an inch (2.54 cm). Now this goal – I’m not sure either, although I didn’t watch the replay.”

But most of all, Mourinho was worried about injuries: “Ndombele is constantly injured. He plays one game, next week he is injured, and then he plays again. We hope he can get in shape, but this has been going on since the beginning of the season. This is a problem for us. You think that the player is progressing, that he will be ready to play most of the match today, but he is injured again.”

Kane injured his hamstring and left the stadium on crutches, Mourinho commented his damage: “Kane plays all the time, every minute.” His injury may be serious or not, but he certainly will not play for some time.”

Injury leaders only exacerbate the problems of “Tottenham Hotspur”, and in front of the third round of the FA Cup and the match with “Liverpool” at home.

We look forward to the awakening of Tottenham Hotspur and the new shows of his fucking cool coach!

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