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Eternals: Everything You Need to Know About the Most Anticipated Marvel Movie

We first heard about the upcoming movie Eternals in April 2018 when Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced it. And finally, three years later, the official trailer was released.

Marvel Studios will release the movie at the end of the year. Curiously, the US movie will be released in India earlier than in the USA. The American premiere is scheduled for November 5, while the Indian one will take place at the end of October.

Eternals release was originally slated for November 2020, but the premiere was postponed. The official reason is the coronavirus pandemic. However, according to rumors, Feige decided to move the movie release closer to the award season, because he is seriously counting on the Oscars. And this is not surprising, given that the director of the new Marvel movie Chloé Zhao recently won a statuette – the first Oscar in her career. And she has already said that in Eternals no one bothered her and she managed to create her author’s view. That is why Marvel’s expectations are very high and the studio is confident in its success. And, given the cast, it is no wonder.


Eternals practically have no plot secrets. This is a film about ancient aliens who secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years, but after the events of The Avengers 4, an unexpected tragedy forces them to come out of the shadows and unite against the most ancient enemy of humanity – the Deviants. And the released trailer confirmed what we already knew.

The trailer begins with the arrival of the Eternals squad on Earth. The opening scene takes place somewhere between 20-30 thousand years ago. People on Earth are primitive, and, as we learn from the video, the Eternals helped them develop, even if they did not particularly interfere with the course of events.

This is consistent with the story that was told in the comics, with the only difference that the Eternals were once created by the Celestials, after experiments with ancient people. During the experiment, the Celestials failed a little, and together with the Eternals, the more fearsome race of the Deviants saw the light. The Deviants may not have been shown in the trailer, but they will become the villains of the movie.

The Eternals founded the cities of Olympia, Polaria, and Oceana on Earth, and entered mythology as gods. From time to time those Deviants appeared on the scene, starting trouble, and the Eternals had to protect people from them. In the process, the Atlantis and Mu continents sank, as well as a bunch of people died. The trailer shows Babylon, hinting that people worked miracles with the help of the Eternals. One day the Eternals decided to go into the final underground.


Marvel does not lay all the cards on the table, but the frames of eruptions, wars, and different disasters make it clear why the Eternals did not intervene in the battle with Thanos. In the past, there were thousands of situations when their help to humanity would also be useful. The guys go on stage only when there is a real threat of all people extinction. And Thanos killed only half and technically there was no reason to intervene.

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Now let’s talk about the characters and actors. The lead character of the film is Sersi. She knows how to manipulate matter and she is incredibly empathic. You can see from the trailer that Sersi is the soul of the team. Gemma Chan plays Sersi. You may have seen her as Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel. The trailer shows us Sersi’s happy relationship with another Eternal – Ikaris.

Richard Madden’s (Game of Thrones) Ikaris is a superman even by the Eternal’s standards. He is incredibly strong and he is the second most powerful after Zeus. Ikaris can fly, projects cosmic energy beams from his eyes, and is the tactical leader of the Eternals.


Perhaps the biggest star in Eternals is Angelina Jolie. She plays the warrior Thena, who can create weapons from cosmic energy and she is third by abilities. Don Lee got the role of Gilgamesh. This guy had many names. Our history remembers him as Hercules and Samson. This rebellious fatty with telepathy ability has the greatest physical strength of all Eternals. Salma Hayek is Ajak – a female version of the Eternal with average abilities from the comics. There Ajak is known only for the fact that he was always defeated by Thor. But in the movie, they changed not only gender but also status, making Salma Hayek’s character the leader of the Eternals team.


Makkari is another Eternal, originally a man who was turned into a woman by the filmmakers. Lauren Ridloff plays this character, and she is best known as the star of the Walking Dead. Ridloff is also known for winning the Miss Deaf America competition. Makkari will be the MCU’s first deaf superhero. In the comics, Makkari is analogous to Mercury, the god of speed. So Marvel has finally got its own Flash.

Silicon Valley series star Kumail Nanjiani got one of the main roles in the film. He plays Kingo – the Eternal, who rarely uses his real superpowers. He spent his earthly years in Japan learning samurai skills and now wields a sword capable of cutting through any material.


Brian Tyree Henry, who has appeared in Todd Phillips’s Joker, plays Phastos. This character designs practically all the high-tech equipment that the Eternals need. The Killing a Sacred Deer star Barry Keoghan plays Druig who can control the people’s minds. And Lia McHugh, the youngest member of the cast, plays Sprite. She is a mischievous deceiver whose jokes have always caused her trouble. She is also the strongest illusionist, who plays with minds the way she likes. By the way, in the comics, Sprite is a boy.

Let’s not forget about Kit Harington – Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. In Eternals, he plays the talented scientist Dane Whitman. Harington’s character wears a pendant, and with its touch, he turns into a Black Knight on horseback in super durable armor. The shield allows the knight to absorb any attacks and to release their energy from the sword.


Something epic is definitely in store for us, but what exactly is still a mystery. So we stock up on patience and popcorn and wait for autumn.

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