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Fake InstaBeauty: How Much Truth in Celebrity Instagram

Fake InstaBeauty: How Much Truth in Celebrity Instagram?

There are no perfect people on this planet. Even those rich and famous with botox, a million facelifts, and plastic surgery have flaws. When you see pictures with a perfect beautiful appearance, do not rush to conclude just like “Oh, no, I’ll never become like him or her!” cause you can also use as much Photoshop as they did. It seems that Instagram has lost photos with images of real people a long time ago… You can easily meet a thin blonde online and meet a woman five times the size more than you in a restaurant, and the most shocking thing is that she will surely be without dog ears and a nose!

Many beautiful photos that cause an inferiority complex for users are often well-photographed and photoshopped. Nobody usually thinks that this pussy is deceitful and the photo is unreal, but they begin to embody an unrealistic image. They lose weight to the skeleton size, pump up the lips to fucking awful large sizes, but nothing has happened. 

Let’s reveal the truth of these cunning bugs right now so that your dear self-esteem does not suffer from a fucking frank mess.

Beauty is a Terrible Force: Cheating on Instagram

The most common and dumb myth is that stars have no flaws. Do you believe? Well, guys, this is a really stupid thing. If they pay for the perfect photoshop, this does not mean that everything in real life is similar to perfect pictures. A filter is the most minor thing that they use. There are so many lies in their perfect photos that it is even too squeamish to watch. But simple mortals follow their example. 

Be careful on a date, because you can get far not a strong jock or miniature blonde girl, but completely different people. Stop, no one says that without rock-hard pecs and weighing 100 kg you’re not handsome. All in all, it is better to be honest with each other and at least not to photograph yourself beyond recognition.

We have collected evidence that the stars use filters, photoshop and retouching not only for glossy magazines but also on Instagram. Is there a big difference between how world stars look on Instagram and how in real life? We took photos on the left from the celebrity Instagram, on the right ‒ from reports on public events or from the results of a paparazzi photoshoot.

Here she is — the famous Britney Spears, beauty, right?

And how do you like skinny Lady Gaga? Well, who told her that to be dystrophic is cool? She’s rather neat in life. Why?

Uma Thurman seems to be not so critical, but we advise to work with posture because scoliosis spoils the figure. Or maybe bad paparazzi caught her just in a bad pose. Of course, the difference with the cover photo is great, no doubt.

Lindsay Lohan clearly hides her belly and “several” years of age. Maybe it would be great to work on her body or not lie to fans so frankly. But man, she is still no less sexy, yeah? 

Well, the owner of one of the most beautiful buttocks is Coco Austin. She also was not entirely honest with her subscribers.

Alas, the beloved beauties Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz also fall into the list of network liars. They actually have the same problems ‒ a crazy desire to hide their age as much as possible. But on the cover of the magazine and on Instagram, these two ladies look better than 25-year-old girls! 

The jaw drops from shock to Rihanna. But she is still a diva on Instagram.

Let’s even say something that makes everyone go into shock. Even Jessica Alba is imperfect! She hides from her fans a cute tummy with not a child inside, but several thousand burgers with a coke.

The most shocking news was about Vanessa Paradis. On the one hand, there is a goddess, and on the other there you see a woman looking like a medieval witch who forgot to kill a virgin to rejuvenate. Here you have a world-famous model. 

Do you think only women in the network put photos that have nothing to do with reality? Well, of course, no. Men also remove acne from the face, well, add muscles and remove beer belly.

Justin Bieber, for example, even increased his dick. Actually, it’s clear why he has such a thin voice.

He also covered his terrible skin.

Stop building fucking illusions looking at celebrities or beauties promoted on Instagram. All of them, in reality, are simple and imperfect just the same as everyone else. Everything is very simple. Drop the complexes, go to the gym, take care of yourself. That’s enough to feel happiness. Photoshop is a quick way to make yourself a true ideal. But what for? For a big cheat that inevitably ends with disappointment. Look in the mirror, accept yourself, and only then cultivate improving not from the deficit point but from the fullness of fucking joy.

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