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Top 10 Movies Like Top Gun

Top Gun is one of the iconic films of the 1980s that began an era of similar cinema. Many of the subsequent movies took the qualities and plot tricks from this film. Well, the images of brave American pilots cannot be different from the legendary Maverick at all. We’ll talk about such movies similar to Top Gun.

Pearl Harbor

It is one of my favorite movies, like Top Gun. Yes, there are a lot of historical inconsistencies, and the film was not received by critics very well. Nevertheless, the plot, and especially the air fightings are just amazing!

movies like Top Gun

Rafe and Danny have been friends since childhood, and the boys shared a common dream ‒ aviation. Having matured, friends passed the exam with honor and became military pilots.

Very soon, Rafe meets his love, Evelyn. Young people are full of hope and make plans for a joint future. But fate decrees in its own way. Rafe is transferred to England to confront Germany, and Denis and Evelyn are at Pearl Harbor military base. Soon, Evelyn learns of the death of her lover, and Denis, as he can, supports the inconsolable girl. Evelyn’s affection for Danny is growing every day, giving way to a stronger feeling of love. But one day, miraculously escaped Rafe arrives in Pearl Harbor.

Crimson Tide

In any war, there are times when the fate of all mankind depends on the execution of the order, and then the lives of millions of people are in the hands of the captain. And only his endurance determines whether in the morning the ocean tide turns into an ominous crimson color.

movies like Top Gun

This film, shot by Tony Scott, has a really exciting plot, good cast, and special effects.

A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise didn’t stop at the success of Top Gun and decided to try on his military uniform again. By the way, later he did it more and more often in movies like Maverick.

movies like Top Gun

After the death of Private William Santiago at the American military base of Guantanamo, Private Downey and Corporal Dawson are arrested. The advocacy of the division comes to the conclusion that the accused applied a non-statutory punishment system to the deceased, which was the reason for the death of Santiago. Beginning attorney Daniel Caffey is going to defend their interests in court, who has never had to bring a case to a court hearing. But having gone to Cuba, to the part where Santiago served, he discovers many strange details. Soon, the prosecutor, Captain Ross, offers Caffey’s deal for his part. The defendants plead guilty, after which they will receive two years in prison and will be released in six months.

American made

The film is based on a true story about Bobby Seale, an American pilot who became a drug-runner for the CIA in the 1980s. It is not one of the Top Gun similar movies, but Tom Cruise`s image was very similar to pilots of a fighter jet.

movies like Top Gun

He was the youngest Boeing 747 pilot in the United States, and a few years later becomes one of the richest people in America. His lifestyle is as extreme as his business ‒ gorgeous blondes, cool cars, and risky deals. He has a talent for making money out of air.

It’s unusual to see Tom Cruise in the role of a bad guy, but believe me, he coped with it!

Captain marvel

You probably think what the movie about superheroes is doing here? Yes, I agree, the main plot is focused on superheroes, but great attention is paid to the pilot Carol Danvers. Many moments and even entire scenes are very reminiscent of fighter jet movies like Top Gun. And the female pilots are shown really well.

movies like Top Gun

Air Force pilot Carol Danvers becomes the owner of the most impressive superpowers in the galaxy after a collision with aliens.

Nevertheless, I agree, the film sucks.

First man

Fate loves daredevils, and Neil Armstrong clearly belongs to their number. The whole world knows his name, but few people know at what cost the astronaut took a small step, which became a huge step for all mankind.

movies like Top Gun

Astronauts very much resemble pilots from movies similar to Top Gun. And Ryan Gosling is so great as Armstrong.

Behind enemy lines

The Top Gun similar movie tells about an American pilot shot down over the territory of Bosnia in 1995.

movies like Top Gun

Lieutenant Chris Barnett (Owen Wilson) is an officer of the US Navy, serving in the aircraft carrier. Barnett, flying a jet plane over enemy territory, is engaged in reconnaissance. During his normal flight to photograph enemy locations, Chris’s plane crashes over hostile Bosnia’s territory. After that, the American pilot finds himself in the victim role, who is being pursued by many enemy troops following in his wake. While Chris is trying to survive on enemy territory, his commander Admiral Reigart (Gene Hackman) is ordered not to make any attempt to save Barnett. The admiral ignores these orders and begins a mission to save his pilot, sending marines after him …

Days of Thunder

Racer Cole Trickle is young and few people know, but he is not afraid of speed and at full speed can fit into the sharpest turn. During the races, Cole’s main rival is the more experienced athlete Rowdy Burns. But neither Cole nor Rowdy reaches the finish line: there is a strong collision, as a result of which the rivals end up in the same hospital ward.

movies like Top Gun

The movie is basically one of the Top Gun similar movies, but with race cars, and if you are not fond of aircraft, you will definitely enjoy cars.

Hot shots

Anecdotal situations at the military base, where the heroes, without noticing it, and parody of the most famous films, will make you laugh uncontrollably throughout the film. Their hot heads produce so many awkward ideas, that being near them is simply dangerous to health.

movies like Top Gun

This is a must-see film for all those, who love movies like Top Gun.

The Right Stuff

The great arms race begins with the simple desire of the Americans and the Soviet Union to become the best in a certain field, but representatives of both nationalities have no idea what challenges a simple human body will have to face. There are supersonic flights and space travel in ancient times when technology was far from modern development, exerting significant loads on testers, but in 1953 the long-awaited event happens.

movies like Top Gun

Chuck Yeager, being in the ranks of sailors who serve on an American aircraft carrier, takes part in the tests of an ultramodern aircraft capable of overcoming the speed of sound. Departing from the ship, Chuck just in an instant disappears from the radar, which serves as an excellent result, because even the creators of the aircraft have not expected such a success. Since then, the fierce competition of superpowers for the right of the first flights around the Earth begins …

Have you noticed that Tom Cruise appeared in many films? Coincidence? I doubt it. Characters like Maverick go so well for him that this image seems to haunt the actor. I would like more films about brave pilots, preferably with an exciting plot and epic fights. I hope you enjoyed my list and even going to watch some of these films!

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