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Funniest Sex Comedies To Watch This Evening — Top 10

Looking for something hot and hilarious to watch tonight? We get a list of the top ten sex comedies to watch — alone or with your gal.

American Pie (1999)

If your acquaintance with the best adult comedy movies of Hollywood started with this film, you must have watched it a dozen times in several upcoming days after seeing it the first time, still finding yourself pissing your pants from hysterical laughter. Scenes from this film became classic & brought controversial fame to Jason Biggs (as a pie fucker, surely). The MILF term was derived from American Pie (strongly associated with Stifler’s mother) & made Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia, who was masturbating in Biggs’s character’s bed) a sex idol for horny teens.

Eurotrip (2004)

This Hollywood comedy sexxx movie was both praised & hated. If you’re at your most beautiful age between 18 and 25, you will most likely laugh about half of the movie time & be in a great mood the other half. If you’re older, you might start scolding this film for its lightheadedness and unrealism. But, come on, a sex comedy doesn’t have to be completely real! So it shows a desire of young adults to have a sex trip to Europe to get high and fuck around even though it is centered around a noble attempt to help their peer to get to the love of his life (who is simply an embodiment of sex!). Or course, thousands of horny teenagers in the 2000s must have jerked off at young and sleeky Michelle Trachtenberg who briefly was a sex symbol like Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy. And definitely, the Fluggaenkoecchicebolsen scene is so classic and zany, one of the best in teenage erotic movies!

American Pie 2 (2001)

A sensationally bright continuation of the original that swims on the waves of the glory of the first movie. Mentioning all the laughable scenes in this sexual comedy would take two pages at least, so just watch it to have some of the best 100 minutes in your life. And try not to damage your throat while laughing at horny Alyson Hannigan’s character in the scene “Say my name, bitch!”

The Wrong Missy (2020)

This horribly brilliant sexual comedy is full of sex-connected gags, mostly driven by the never-ending energy of Lauren Lapkus. She portrays a superfluously funny, energetic, and sex-hungry damsel, who seemingly does not have any boundaries in fun, chatting with people, and wooing her boyfriend (David Spade), who mistakenly invites her to a corporate retreat instead of the “right” Missy.

Most jokes are low-hitting and gruesome; at the same time, you would love to see what happens next, especially understanding that another bashful situation created by the character of Lauren Lapkus will definitely make you slap your forehead.

This comedy sexxx movie distributed by Netflix received mainly negative reviews, but come on, what else could you expect from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions? It is funny, gross, and grossly funny.

100 Girls (2000)

You might have overlooked this hell of an odd Hollywood film of 2000 but it is definitely worth your time! It tells a story of a college student who tries to find a mystery girl, with whom he had sex in an elevator during a blackout. The biggest part of hotness is concentrated on devilishly sexy Emmanuelle Chriqui and some part is taken by Katherine Heigl (both young and desirable).

Friends with Benefits (2011)

Friends With Benefits with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake is one of the best adult comedy movies. It’s simple and perfect for a couple in love to watch together. The film incorporates romantic comedy, drama, and the casual sex of ‘platonic’ friends. It is amazing to watch sex scenes with the nudity of young Mila and Justin in their best physical shapes.

Blockers (2018)

“Your ship is going into my harbor” quote from the film would be the best description of what teens on a prom strive for. But what makes this sexual comedy different from others alike where kids wanna lose their virginity on a special day is that they are actively prevented from that by their wacko parents, who are too afraid of this to happen. This is yet another amazing revelation of Leslie Mann’s comedy acting that she shows in many comedy erotic movies, gorgeously peppered on top with the duo of Ike Barinholtz & John Cena.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)

Rob Schneider shows one of his best acting pieces (and writing talent, too!) in this hilarious film, one of the best adult comedy movies of the 1990s. He portrays a fish tank cleaner who, by a twist of destiny, becomes a gigolo (which is specifically funny to watch, given the unsavory appearance of Rob). Every date he has with another woman is a separate story, which makes you laugh out loud. Spiciness into the scenes is added by his pimp (Eddie Griffin) who bursts out the same easily as chills. And, definitely, it’s a pure delight to watch Oded Fehr (the real gigolo) in this comedy sexxx film, given his insane sexual attractiveness in his best physical shape.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

This film has everything loudly hilarious erotic movies must: stoners, sex jokes, amazing chemistry of the leading duo (John Cho & Kal Penn), overnight incarceration for breaking the law, hot sexy chicks (Malin Akerman is vivid!), an insane raccoon in the car, who is being defenestrated — all that in the background of the eroticism of girls-next-door in underwear and ‘chasing the American dream’ in the form of a burger.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

A family couple decides to raise some dough after facing financial difficulties by shooting porn. The duo of Elizabeth Banks & Seth Rogen is perfect to create a lot of awkward scenes because they make everything look too stupid to be true. 

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