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Fortnite Battle Royal. Guide for Survival

Thanks to constantly improving settings, the game is much better than those where developers are constantly releasing updates, introducing a new economic system, skins, and weapons that give even more incentive to try on the battlefield.

Even though winning is just bragging, there is a desire to get to the top of the best players thanks to the presence of tasks and the level system, since there will be a chance to receive rewards in the form of cosmetic loot and high rank.

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Consequently, the game has become more demanding and deadly as players come up with some ingenious tactics to take the highest places on the leaderboard.

However, as players get to know the game better and old tactics become obsolete, it is important to stay one step ahead of the competition. So it doesn’t matter if you’re playing solo, duo, or as a group, these basic tips will keep you at the top of every match.

The rules are simple: 100 players arrive on a flying battle bus. They can land anywhere. At key intervals, the playing space will shrink, forcing everyone to stay together on the segment. Hide, mine, listen and survive. The last survivor wins.

1. Select the lowest point on the surface

Your parachute will open automatically at a certain distance from the surface, and this does not depend on the topography on the map. If you jump over the mountains, then the parachute will open a short distance from their tops. To get on your feet in such a situation, you will have to land in the mountains, or immediately after opening the parachute, direct the character towards the ground and start planning, but this is an inevitable waste of time. Becoming the first to appear on the surface will not work, and rivals will calmly grab the best trunks for themselves.

If you want to get to the ground as quickly as possible, you should avoid any elevations during landing. Mountains, trees, buildings, hills, and more can cause the parachute to open much earlier than desired.

Some players intentionally choose the mountains as a starting point to better prepare for the battle and then play a self-taught sniper. In this case, choose the lowest elevation on similar terrain. Then you will be able to descend to the ground much faster after opening the parachute than in the situation when you jumped over the highest point of the mountains.

There is one fun fact: The parachute does not treat the water as a surface. You can fly out of the island, descend to the most comfortable height, and release the glider ‒ gently diving to the land under the envious glances of the other players.

2. Some bushes can completely hide you

Epic Games hasn’t designed a hitbox around the various bushes that decorate the landscape, and if you sit behind many of them, you can completely hide from all sides.

But this is not the case for all “spherical” ones, because you will immediately jump, look for a bush consisting of leaves or tall grass, and you can hide there.

Most importantly, when turning, do it slowly. If you move too fast, your character will raise his head and burn. As I played carefully and moved from bush to bush, I felt even phenomenally tense moments with several players fighting right in front of me, giving me a chance to challenge whoever survived.

Hiding in the game is almost the same as in real life.

Use shadows, trees with large overhanging leaves and corners to hide the character from the rest. The icon turns red only when a shot occurs ‒ so you don’t get burned when another player just wanders around.

This way, you can stand or sit right in front of someone, but still be able to shoot first. They won’t know what hit them, and you will feel like a trained Royal Marine.

3. Stay near the building if the enemy gets the rocket launcher

It will be superfluous to remind you that such a weapon is in the game. While many players may not understand the meaning of buildings (unless they come in handy one day), your mastery abilities can often come in handy in places where conventional weapons are useless.

For example, if you linger in a game, there is a great chance of bumping into a person swinging a rocket launcher. If you don’t have something powerful enough to respond in kind, or you find yourself without cover, it may seem like it’s useless to resist. But in this case, the building can save your life.

Since placing walls between you and a rocket-firing enemy is a good way to make them spend all their ammo. Keep moving and use the obstacles that the explosions can take over. This will save you the trouble and allow you to make a counterattack when he runs out of projectiles.

4. Shoot suspicious bushes in sight

One of the most cunning tactics from the early days of Battle Royale is to crouch in the bushes and enemies will pass you by.

With such foliage capable of hiding you almost completely, some one-on-one matches will turn into something that both hiding players will wait for the other to reveal.

While this tactic is still in use, it is quite popular, so feel free to fire a few shots at a bush that seems suspicious to you. There may be nothing there, but if you spend an extra second trying to figure out if someone is hiding there, it can allow the enemy to eliminate you first.

5. Build to climb higher, do not use ready-made routes

The building can be a dangerous option in Battle Royale, but if you need to climb quickly this is the best option.

It doesn’t matter when it happens: at the beginning of the match or near the end. If you know that someone is hiding at the top of the mountain and quickly build a temporary road, you have an advantage. Or you can just get where you want to go more efficiently.

It is especially convenient in stressful one-on-one situations: while other players are eyeing certain routes, you build your path and attack them into an open territory.

Of course, you can also destroy these buildings after use, so that no one will follow you. But even if you don’t have time for that, it’s still better than going straight into an ambush.

6. Don’t be too afraid of the storm

The storm in Battle Royale can be a deadly threat (especially towards the end of the game) if you get caught in it. As each match progresses, it can be tempting to focus on the radius of the map, assuming you can be one step ahead.

However, a storm, especially early on, is far less annoying than constant map checks. You can freely loot buildings and cities far from the direction of the eye of the storm, as long as you have the advantage of about 40 seconds, even at long distances. Then there is nothing to worry about.

Of course, be careful not to delay until the last minute, because there will always be players at the edges of the safe zone, waiting for someone to shoot while trying to get ahead of the storm. And so do not be afraid to linger outside the safe zone to avoid enemies and snatch good prey for yourself.

7. Use the loot of killed opponents as bait

Killing another player in Fortnite is very enjoyable. Not only because you ruined someone’s chances of winning, and you survived, but also because of the influx of loot that follows each death always presents some kind of new epic equipment.

Just refrain from immediately raising the loot when you have done damage. Because there is a chance that the racket can attract the players that are nearby.

Of course, if there is a rare weapon or rocket launcher that might help in future gunfights, don’t hesitate and pick up. But you need to leave at least a couple of seductive items as bait to attract nearby enemies.

By keeping an eye on the fallen prey, rather than immediately rushing after it, you can prepare the perfect ambush for the unsuspecting player who decided he was lucky. But you will double the number of items you need.

8. Break the first timber to destroy the entire building

While it is important to know how to build in Battle Royale, it is equally important to know how to break them. Because effective destruction not only gives easy access to loot (never destroy the floor the chest is on, as it will disappear forever), it is also possible to destroy a structure that the enemy has created without breaking every part of it.

For example, if you see that someone is building a ladder to get to the top of the mountain, you only need to destroy the very first part of the structure to break it.

It can be daunting if you spot someone in the air on the impromptu cover, but smart players don’t even have to step on a building to kill an enemy, as they can do so with just a few swings of the ax.

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9. High position is important in late-game fights

When the eye of the storm begins to narrow and there are only a few players left, it is important to try to get to the height before the others ‒ to the top of a building or to the nearest mountain, where you can fully see where opponents can attack. You will have enough tactical information to eliminate the last survivors.

Because if you find yourself on the other side of this equation, trying to sneak up on a player at a height, then you are at a disadvantage. You only have a few routes that can be seen from above. Therefore, you, can only hope for luck and that the enemy does not follow the road you are walking on.

Obi-Wan figured this out in Star Wars, and now so do you: being on top at the end of a match is almost the surest way to win.

10. Get away from the battle bus

People are very lazy and impatient. Most of the other Fortnite players will instantly jump off the Battle Bus and thus create war zones in the first seconds of the battle. To hold out as long as possible, do not repeat after them. It is much more effective to turn the parachute in the opposite direction immediately after the jump and rush into one of the corners of the map.

In this case, you will have to spend much more time in the air, but you will save your life at the initial stage of the game. A huge number of players die solely because they create a crowd under the bus and kill each other from the first trunks that come across. If you land in the corner of the map, then you can better prepare for battle and even develop some tactics for the future. It’s a longer-lasting way to win Fortnite, but it works.

Bonus: don’t believe in the myths about fashionable gliders

The game offers a wide variety of items, including unusual glider models. At the same time, they do not provide any advantages in the game, although they may look completely different. Any unique glider in Fortnite is purely cosmetic. Do not think that if the developers have added some unusual sound to it, it somehow speeds up the landing. No, from a mechanical point of view, this is still the same standard glider, only it looks different.

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