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Heavy Metal Squad for Norwegian Army

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Yo twifted metalheads! Who’s up to join?
In order to attract more young recruits, Norwegian Armed Forces created a special battalion composed of “heavy music” fans. Metalheads proved to be more appropriate for military service than their peers, who prefer some other genres of music that are not that heavy as fuck.

According to the Norwegian press, Armed Forces are planning to create a special squad for fans of some types of heavy music. When they were targeting certain youth subcultures they’ve discovered a whole army of heavy metal, black metal, death metal, and other-metal fans. Psychological research was done it became clear that recruits from that habitat stand out for their stamina, determination, and courage.
As a bonus – metalheads’ hearing is accustomed to loud noises, so it allows them to perform in artillery or tank corps much easier than some fucking pop-music wimps.
The battalion already got its name “Kirkegårds Troll” and will join the Norwegian National Guard (Heimevernet).
It also will have some cool differences in order to increase troops motivation – in particular, recruits can have any haircut they want. Want to have long hair? You got it! Want to wear a beard or mustaches? You got it! And their whites will contain some leather elements and rivets.

The marching song will be chosen on the Heimevernet website. Currently, Dimmu Borgir by Dimmu Borgir is on top.

Who knows, maybe such a dope ass innovation will be taken into account by other Scandinavian countries. We’ll see.
Stay metal!

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