TWIFT | Lifestyle | Japanese pop singer was nearly killed because of her selfies

Japanese pop singer was nearly killed because of her selfies

Japanese singer was nearly killed by her selfies

The Japanese singer has suffered from a fan attack who tracked her down through selfie. The criminal claims that he tracked the singer in a very original way. Obsessive stalker carefully examined her eyes through selfies, in which he saw the reflection of the railway station. Then the man found this place using Google Street View. He is just sort of sick in the head, but it’s genius!

Sick bastards do everything to track down their victims. Only non-mainstream maniacs track an object while sitting in the bushes. 80 lvl perverts are hunting them down on social networks. So attention, sexy beauties! Post your photos more carefully. The Japanese pop singer, for example, was tracked down by the reflection in the eyes of her selfie. It’s fucking top level!

selfie stalker

J-pop star Ena Matsuoka (right) and her stalker. (Photos: Twitter/Ena Matsuoka, YouTube screenshot)

“Attack of the Century” in Japan: nearly died because of selfie

In Japan, murderers know how to keep track of people. The local celebrity was tracked by the reflections of her eyes on social network posts. The girl just made her selfie and didn’t know grief, but the dude tracked her. What a twist!

The 26-year-old resident of Japan Hibiki Sato, accused of sexual harassment, admitted that he tracked down the victim on a photo in social networks. Maniac studied the publications of the singer. He peered into the reflection of the streets in her eyes on a selfie. The Japanese broadcaster NHK has reported about a weird man.

We remind you that Hibiki Sato attacked a 21-year-old member of the popular Japanese pop group Tenshi Tsukinukeni Yomi Ena Matsuoka. The maniac attacked her when she returned home after her concert. The man went into the house following the beauty and closed her mouth with a towel.

The pervert began to do terrible things, but the victim didn’t give up. She tried with all her might to fight off the criminal, that’s why she got severe injuries to her face. It took her a whole week to treat them.

Hibiki Sato: the arrest of a dangerous stalker

Sato was arrested in mid-September 2019. He was formally charged. According to Japanese media reports, he admitted what he’s done. The man is proud of the method by which he tracked his object of adoration. It’s known that he has long been a fan of her art and beautiful body of a Japanese girl.

The accused told investigators that he enlarged one of the artist’s photos on a social network, where he noticed the reflection of the railway station in her eyes. It sounds scary how inventive sick people could be! Sato found this station using Google Street View, arrived there and waited for Ena Matsuoka. When she got off the train, he followed her till home.

The maniac studied not only Matsuoka’s selfie but also her video on social networks. He even liked to examine the curtains in the singer’s apartment through her video. So he also tried to understand the angle of light to find the girl’s apartment. Imagine, the criminal found an apartment by the reflection in her eyes and the direction of the light in the video. Yes, he is a fucking damn evil genius!

Similar cases in Japan: attack on singers

selfie stalker

In 2016, Mayu Tomita had suffered from one of the terrible murderers. The Japanese singer had 20 stab wounds. So Matsuoka should be thankful for the fact that she wasn’t stabbed so many times. What a fucking world we live in!

Mayu Tomita was attacked by Tomohiro Iwazaki. He was convicted of what he had done for 14 and a half years. It’s strange that such an easy punishment for a terrible crime is practiced in Japan. Tomita protested against the fucking decision and filed a lawsuit for $700000. He was directed against the criminal and the authorities. Well, baby, the right decision! She was defending herself, that’s all.

It turns out that the victim claimed that she had reported to the police about the persecution by Iwazaki, but her appeal was ignored even though the singer showed the police messages from Iwazaki in which he promised to kill her.

Only after this terrible incident in Japan, the police have introduced punishment for persecution in social networks. In our world, alas, to feel calm, you need to bring everything to chaos and terrible incidents, only then the real situation will reach people in higher positions.

At the beginning of this year, singer Maho Yamaguchi suffered from a maniac in social networks. She was attacked by several crazy fans at once. They waited for her near the apartment and brutally threw her to the floor. The girl was lucky to stay alive and not suffer at all, but she remained indignant by the fact that her managers ignored this awful incident. An online petition was later launched against those guys, signed by tens of thousands of people.

As we can see, ignoring the problem carries a chain reaction of the fucking shit in our world. So the conclusion is the following: the authorities, the police, managers (everyone in general) need to pay attention to such incidents, and the girls, in turn, should be more careful. You see, maniacs have become smarter, alas, their number doesn’t become smaller. So, treat your Instagram posts differently. Perhaps someone has already tracked down the location of your home and is waiting for you at the door right now. Have a nice day, honey!

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