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How I Became Rich

Here’s a short story of how I became successful thanks to my skills and knowledge. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Abhinav, I was born and raised in Mumbai, living with my parents all my life. I studied at Mumbai University very hard and the older I got, the more freedom I wanted. And in order to achieve this – money is what you definitely need. But how to make money if you spend all your time studying and you really don’t even have the opportunity to relax?

I came to a rather unexpected decision. I decided to try betting on cricket, which I have always loved, and especially which I was good at (analytically). I really enjoyed doing it. My parents were tracking my budget, and I could not bet much, so I had to do everything wisely. I analyzed teams, their tournament history, I followed all the news and made bets only when I was as confident as possible in my victory. My parents, like many others, considered sports betting an addiction, a waste of money, gambling, and nothing more. I was very ashamed to hide from them what I was doing, but I wanted to prove to myself that you can earn money with pleasure. Each viewing of the match became way more interesting, the adrenaline from victories went off the scale, I rejoiced at each victory as my own. Hell, that was my victory too!

I changed a lot of betting platforms before finding the right one. I quickly got bored with all these standard monotonous sites that offer nothing new. I could play any of them, but I was always looking for something new, where I can deposit little, bet little, but have decent winnings. And finally, I found it, a site that impressed me like no other, and it’s called mimy online. By the way, it offers a 3000 rupee no-risk first bet bonus by this link: bonus. At first, it was very strange for me to bet there because it was so different from any other site. Everything was different there: interface, events, design. It immediately attracted me and I decided to dive more into it. And I was delighted!

I liked the very fact that they were not copying others, but did something of their own. Besides the usual sports betting, there I found events for everything! Movies, technology, cryptocurrency, politics, stock exchange. Most importantly, you are not playing against a platform, a soulless site, but exclusively against other people! Finally, I can compare my knowledge and prove that I am better than other cricket connoisseurs.

Despite the fact that many people perceive betting as gambling and a waste of money, I enjoyed it and gradually increased my capital. When I came to I had about 2000 rupees, but at the moment, after a series of bets, I have increased this amount 8 times! I have not only earned some money, but I also had a great time. You need to think, analyze, learn new information about cinema, various sports events, politics, and so on. Sometimes I just relied on luck and sometimes I thought about my bets the whole evening. I like to think that betting is not just excitement or an accident, it is almost like chess or poker. This is thinking through your strategy and analytics. On, I was finally able to fully realize my ambitions and at the same time earn some money.

I am very sorry that most of my friends who also love betting on different sites have to hide it from their relatives. It might be a little wrong to say that, but a non-standard interface on mimy helps with this. At the first look at this site, hardly anyone will think that this is betting. You can safely hang out there at home without hiding.

Now I am an author on several foreign sites and write articles about everything. It also helps me to keep updated on the main global events and understand them even better. Now, because of my work, I don’t have the opportunity to bet as much as before, but I do it differently, I create events myself (there is even such an option on mimy) and earn commission from it. I am very pleased when people like my events, and they place bets on them. That is why I decided to tell you my story to show you how you can play smart and responsible betting, well, and make money on the bets that you place on my events 🙂

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