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How LSD Overdose Can Actually (Kill?) Heal You

The demonization of drugs by society is gradually turning into a thing of the past. Even for those who have great drug phobia, it is becoming more and more obvious that smoking a joint after a hard day is not the same as smoking a crack in a ghetto.

In recent years, scientists have been looking at psychedelics with curiosity and even trying to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, and hard drug addiction with their help. And although they have not yet been able to prove that psychedelics can cope with these tasks. They made an interesting discovery. It turns out that LSD overdose can be useful for health.

Of course, this is unlikely to be an experience that you will enjoy or want to repeat. But it can have a very good after effect.

The executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, Mark Hayden, in his report told about a curious case of an LSD overdose.


On June 20, 2000, at a party in Canada, 20 young people accidentally took a dose of LSD that was at least 10 times the norm.

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Among them was a 15-year-old girl with bipolar disorder. After a “small” mistake with the acid dose, she lay 6 hours on the floor in a fetal position. What, frankly speaking, is not surprising. But her friends got scared and called an ambulance.

When the frightened parents came to visit her in the morning, she hurried to calm them down: “Everything is over”. They breathed a sigh of relief, deciding that their daughter’s acid LSD trip is finally over. But everything turned out to be much more interesting — the girl talked about bipolar.

The doctors, of course, did not believe her and decided to observe the condition of the young overdose. They were observing her for 12 months. But the recurrence of bipolar disorder was never noticed.

20 years passed but the girl has not had any depression or mania, which are so familiar to all people with bipolar disorder. The only thing that a lover of experimenting with substances faced was postnatal depression.

We are certainly not encouraging you to eat psychedelics like candy, but this story is an interesting subject for reflection.

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