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How to Be a Mysterious to a Guy or to a Girl

Let me give some useful tips based on women’s experience but most of these things can be applicable to men also. So, check some of the most common “how to be mysterious to a girl” and “how to be mysterious to a guy” queries.

It’s not so important whether the relationship is in its infancy or you’ve been living with your man/woman for several years or you are just a lonely guy, to be mysterious for your beloved is an art that never goes out of fashion. But how to be a mysterious stranger whom he or she will solve again and again?

If you have been married for a long time, it seems that it is difficult or even impossible to be a mysterious woman or mysterious man. No. It all depends on you. We all have different sides, which we can open at different times.

How to Be a Mysterious Woman?

How to Be a Mysterious Woman?

Let’s talk about the mystery at the first meeting. When you liked a person, you want to “hook” him or her. At this time many people make many fucking funny mistakes… Chatting incessantly about smart yourself, mixed up with stupid conclusions, your company quickly loses interest. Well, if you just taped your mouth with a beautiful tape, a “cover” can be bearable.

You can also become a mysterious demonologist.

Break the Routine

In principle, you need to change what you’re already used to and even started to expect. If your boyfriend is waiting for you to do certain things at certain times, do not do this! If he comes from work at the same time, and you are usually at home – leave today. You can just go for a walk with the dog, meet your friend.

Be Unpredictable

If you have a firm opinion about some things and your man is sure that he knows what you think about it or how you will react to his words, what you will do and say, behave in another way. Let him hear other words. Better not to say anything, just smile than to repeat! It may not be easy, girls like to chat, but it’s worth it.

If you usually talk about your day with him when he arrives home in the evening, don’t do this. Ask about his affairs. If you know each other not so long, don’t tell everything about yourself, stay as long as possible as an unread book…

If you communicate by phone, email, SMS, Facebook, it’s sometimes good not to answer. This may seem a little harsh, and you may feel guilty. But in this way, you’ll give him time to think about you, to get bored, to feel that he needs you. Once again in touch, say that you really love him. He will be happy.

Be out of Reach Sometimes

You’re one of those mysterious ladies but have no friends, nowhere to devote yourself. Having no free time is a fucking problem for every man. So, kitty, sign up for a dance class or arrange a meeting of classmates. Take fitness, sewing, floristry, makeup classes, just everything that interests you!

There are many women’s tricks that you can organize at home. Maybe you have a free room? Close the door and do whatever you want (listen to music, do exercises, read poetry or shave your legs). Just don’t tell him what you are doing here.

When you are going somewhere, do not tell the man where you are going to spend time, keep a secret. Just tell him you don’t know yet. This will work well when meeting with a girlfriend.

Change Your Style  

How to Be a Mysterious to a Guy

How to be mysterious with the help of purely female tricks? Change your shampoo, makeup or perfume. Replace your favorite jeans and shirt with an elegant dress. Wear luxurious heels. Most men do not notice small changes, but subconsciously he will notice the changes. Even if he does not mention it, in fact, an association is created in his mind that you are a mysterious girl.

How to Be Mysterious to a Guy Every Day?

Spend the weekend with your children, friends or relatives. You can go there alone or invite him along with you. A wonderful opportunity to maintain his interest in your life and to reveal the secrets of who you are.

Listen more than you say. Chatty people give others a clear idea of ​​what they feel, think and leave no room for imagination.

If you are sexually active with your man, change the rhythm, the energy of the relationship more often. And then the question of how to become a mysterious woman will not torment you. You should not have sex regularly and on schedule. Be close several times one week, and then cancel sex for a week or two. Decide for yourself what suits you, which rhythm to choose. Ultimately, you know your relationship better than others. Men must experience insecurity.

Useful Tips for Mysterious Guys and Girls

You are a decent girl with your parents. If you’re a guy, try to be a strong and wealthy man. 

At work, you are a professional. You can’t go headlong into work, but striving for the best is also cool. Keep the balance. You don’t have to say your partner what you are doing. Let her or him wonder where you got so much money. Yes, men appreciate women’s independence. Not feminists and strong women like bulls, namely those who can independently solve some problems without hysterical sobs.

Bitchiness, hysteria and obsession are negative laddish qualities that lower the bar of men’s interest.

Never Be the Same Everywhere

how to be a mysterious

You are a playful kitty with him. Malleable, sweet, kind. Listen to his voice, let him stroke you and help when he asks. And settle for everything he offers (within reasonable limits).

In the company of friends, you are a BRO. It’s easy and fun with you. You don’t complain about indecent jokes or chatter that you don’t understand. If his friends will accept you, this is a huge plus. 

Be More Confident 

Even if you are afraid. Everyone likes confident people on whom they can rely. The more confident you look, the more a mystical guy you seem. Just watch carefully, squint your eyes and smile lightly. Speak less, ask more and be interested. Speak calmly and briefly so that your man or woman feels that your words matter and there are many thoughts in your head. This is very important if you want to be a mysterious.

Do not Forget about the “Cover”

Well, I also want to say some words about appearance. From the first minutes, a groomed woman with a faded face does not cause interest. But the chic diva from the first seconds will easily make a rustle among men. If she is also with a rich inner world, then she wins. Always have your own point of view, express it boldly and value yourself. Men love personalities. Probably, tip about your self-value will help to be not only a mysterious woman, but also anyone, if you want.

A mysterious woman or man knows what pleasure is and knows how to feel pleasure. Explore yourself, enjoy your body, know your erogenous zones. Enjoy the process. Sexuality hovers around these mysterious ladies. A mysterious woman will not miss the chance to show her sex chips. And this, by the way, is a fucking science of love.

How to Be a Mysterious to a Girl

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to know how to be more mysterious. The main thing is to keep the brand.

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