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How To Become A Demonologist

Do you want to become a demonologist and follow the footsteps of famous demonologists like Ed & Lorraine Warren?

How To Become A Demonologist

A demonologist, like a de-miner, can make only two mistakes in his life: the first – when choosing a profession, the second – while doing his job. But if the de-miner can either make a second mistake or not, the demonologist makes a mistake at least once! His mistake can be of varying severity, as well as its consequences. There are a lot of misconceptions associated with this area of ​​practice. I will try to teach you how do you become a demonologist.

How Do I Become A Demonologist

The time has passed when demonology was a science only for chosen ones. It is the era of technology and the global Internet. All the information can be found online or you can find someone who can teach you how to become a demonologist.

By reading this ‘how to become a demonologist’ guide, maybe you are looking for a way to get a demonologist degree or make a demonologist career.

You can find many different courses on the Internet or you will find a demonology school that will entice you but you should not believe everything at once. This is a subtle and dangerous science… Not all those who are ready to teach you are well versed in demonology.

If you see a description of how much money do demonologists make, do not fall for it. Well, yes, there are many demonology jobs in our mysterious world, but this is not so much a job as a vocation.

What Is Demonology?

Demonology is one of the most difficult occult sciences. It is extremely demanding of its adherents in terms of obstinacy, will, knowledge, cunning, strength, imagination and other personal qualities that are not the most popular in our time. 

When I began to study this issue in my youth, I spent a year or so just reading the books, and only then I was poked into trying something in practice. Probably, I would not have studied so closely before the first call, if at that time I hadn’t met one authoritative person in witching circles who chilled my youthful fervor, saying something like: “Demonology, it is akin to motorsport. First, you get protection, and then a motorcycle, otherwise you are dead.” The conversation took place at the funerals of his student, so I favored to believe.

How To Become A Certified Demonologist?

Demonology is the science of demons (demons, devils, incubi of all ranks, Gods of the “lower” worlds, etc.), their essence, methods of calling, submission, exile, and protection from them. The most paranoid occult science, because everyone, EVERY summoned or independently sent infernal spirit will try to deceive you. They will cheat, lie, tell half the truth, set traps, praise and humiliate you or scare you with anger and crush you with force. They need only one thing from you – your soul. Everyone! Without a fucking exception. From lousy imp to high-rank demons. That is their nature.

How To Become A Demonologist
1830 George Cruikshank

Ways Of Practice. How Does One Become A Demonologist?

In “popular” demonology there are several basic methods of calling and communicating with the summoned forces:

  • A call with the pendulum,
  • Challenge the Ouija board,
  • Call to the crossroad,
  • Call in the mirror,
  • Call to/from the circle (with or without a triangle of manifestation).

These are the most available demonology methods. Moreover, the first three ones do not require any special efforts on the part of the practitioner and are also very sparing to the required level of knowledge. The first two methods (pendulum and Ouija) are loved because with their help you can get not some blurry images and other glitches, but rather specific words and letters that add up to whole conscious texts. True, this does not reduce possible risks at all, but… you always have to pay for simplicity with something.

Demons can speak only two languages. The language of trade and the language of brute force.

As for bargaining (contracts), it requires not only a sharp mind but also a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of the considered type of contacts. As I said above, any form of agreement will deceive you anyway. They will succeed. Why? Because – I repeat – this is their nature. Well, also because they have the experience of deception ten times longer than the life expectancy of the coolest long-liver from the Himalayas.

But the situation is not as hopeless as it seems. They always cheat, that’s true, but they cheat in the most obvious way that is possible. Therefore, smart and experienced citizens always leave an obvious loophole in their agreements, but one that they are well aware of and which will not cause any serious damage to the “human side” of the agreement. When the loophole is triggered, everyone is satisfied: the demon – that he deceived, the adept – that escaped with little blood.

Demonology Training

Understand clearly that you can “disappear” during the summon. Or it will be not you who will return…

Soberly evaluate your strength. If you call immediately someone big, he still will not come. But the demon will come to this call with ease and will impersonate anyone. Figs, then you will untie him.

Mistakes Of Demonologist 

Recently, I attended a call and drew attention to several tricks that the callers almost fell for, although they could have been if they had not the appropriate training and knowledge.

One spirit generously offered knowledge. When asked what he wants in return, he answered “0” over and over again. It seems that zero is nothing, that is, the service is free. The zero shown on the Ouija board is not just a number. It also means a circle, “infinity”, “eternity”, “eternal cycle”. Everyone who has studied Turner’s Key knows this. If they agree, they would endure forever.

You will not always be able to summon the demon you need. Instead, the nearest demon will come. Always ask all his names (demons always have a lot of them). A strong spirit, which came instead of the required, will not appear to be a stranger. His name is part of his strength. It’s easy to immediately expel them without entering into dialogue.

How To Become A Demonologist

Do not believe any of the called spirits 🙂

Another misconception on how to practice demonology. If you called the spirit and gave it an order, then for some reason many people think it logical not to expel him. Like, how will the spirit do the job if he is banished? And this is not your concern – how. It is ALWAYS necessary to expel. It is easier for it to devour you after an incorrectly completed call than to perform some work for a small reward. So, you see how much time and mistakes do demonologists make during a demonologist training and a demonologist career. 

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