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The Perfect Morning Routine Is Waking Up Late

The Perfect Morning Routine Is Waking Up Late

Do you think that your mornings are terribly unproductive? Yes, not all of us are fucking early risers. We live in an era of “successful success”, which motto sounds like the sooner you get up, the more you’ll accomplish. But if you get up late in the morning, you feel shame and consider yourself a complete lazy good-for-nothing. You’re filled with anxiety coming from unmade plans and deadlines. You tell yourself that if you had slept less, you would have completed everything, oh, what a stupid guy! 

Stop, man, it’s not that simple.

Maybe you are one of those who love mornings and uses the beginning of a new day to the maximum. You like jogging, read the morning news and check mail while drinking coffee and taking off the checklist of achievements. You’ve already done so much while everyone else is sleeping. 

Well, not everyone is like you. For me, early rise causes only irritation and a desire to either shoot myself or kill everyone around ‒ especially those who are proud to have already done a lot of things. I was trying to get up early, make plans, go to bed earlier in the evening, but every time I got up early, it only caused tension and terrible fatigue, hatred for life and for myself.

It’s All in the Biological Rhythms

It’s not just a habit when you need to get up early for 21 days and then everything will be fucking great. Indeed, now we have awesome life advice from psychologists, for example, you can achieve anything despite small growth, great weight and imperfect appearance or lack of talents, the main thing is to make efforts and even small steps towards your goal. Sometimes it works, yes, it really works! Otherwise, I wouldn’t work at all, but in some situations, this habit can only do harm.

You can take any relaxing rubbish before going to bed, melatonin tablets or warm milk, honey and all kinds of crap; you can listen to birdsong, turn on a lamp for sleep and do it all for 21 days, but these actions will not give any result, except a nervous breakdown for those who are destined by nature to fall asleep and wake up later.

It comes to individual differences in the time preferences of us, mere mortals. We don’t choose it, but we can simply accept our biological differences as part of ourselves and organize our time so that we like it and like to sleep in our lives!

How to Make It Possible? 

Find a job with a free flexible schedule, work on a freelance, agree on that with your team or CEO.

Talk about your night preferences with a partner, if you have a family and children. You’re lucky when one partner gets up earlier to help the child get ready for the kindergarten or school, and the second takes the child from school in the afternoon. Then you feel fresh and happy! Now think a minute, what is more important for the child ‒ a happy parent or a grumbling one, who would rather be silent and sleep at that time? And don’t tell me about keeping in control crap and any social game.

Respect for your natural rhythms and optimal “human” distribution of responsibilities finally deprives parents of shame on what ideal parents they should be!

What Does It Mean to Be Productive? 

Society doesn’t care that you do your job well when ‒ oh my God ‒ you get up late not with the dawn. But you can still judge yourself for this terrible habit of sleeping long. Until you find out that each person has own biological preferences that make you an absolutely useless piece of shit in the morning, but super productive genius in the evening! Yes, for many of us this is the best daily routine, but we still blame ourselves for spending our precious time sleeping in the mornings and not appreciating our body when we work at night!

But does the constant filling of your day with usefulness make you happier? Rather, it makes you an excellent employee and performer. Well, then who will enjoy life? It’s damn short, my friend!

There is time for work and for relax. This holy balance is fucking so hard to catch in this damn chaotic and fussy rush for success. Even more, the most interesting thing is that rest is when you do nothing, literally ‒ do nothing. At this time, the neural networks of the brain reboot and the most creative and cool ideas come to your mind.

Maybe, it’s time for us to reconsider what it means to be productive and successful and to understand that your productivity cannot depend on how early you woke up or how late fall asleep. You are very lucky if you are an owl and can live like an owl ‒ get up at 10-11 a.m., organize your work schedule according to your needs, set priorities. All in all, it’s all about autonomy and how much you are a rebel, maybe you don’t want to obey the “from 9 to 5” work schedule or whatever rules are. It’s like taking a risk and making a challenge for myself – I’m free, as the elf Dobby, and live the way I want, but not trying to be killed by my choices.

The one who does something to achieve goals and is inspired AT ANY TIME is productive, and not the one who just got up early and drank coffee before you.

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