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How to Clean a Fleshlight. A Simple Step-by-Step Instruction

How to clean your fleshlight: The Best Cleaning and Care Tips

Frankly, cleaning fleshlight is not the most pleasant but important thing. I’ll lie if I tell you that the fleshlight care is to keep it for 10 seconds under a stream of water. No, it’s about your health. Fleshlight deals with your dick, so be patient and take care of yourself.

The good news is that these procedures become easy if you know a plan on how to clean fleshlight. This is something without which we cannot live long like going to the shower or brushing your teeth.

Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you’ll choose the most comfortable way of fleshlight care.

Well, long instructions on cleaning fleshlight may seem overly pedantic, so before I begin to share information on how to clean fleshlight, I’ll tell you why we need to do this.

According to the “Adam & Eve” adult market survey in 2017, only about 57% of men clean their fleshlight after using it. Almost half do it irregularly and rarely. More than a third part of men never clean fleshlight, maybe because they don’t know how to clean it! This is poor statistics because it puts the health of men at risk.

Okay, well, there are only three most important steps for fleshlight care ‒ cleaning, drying and refreshing your fleshlight ‒ so that everything is okay with your penis and that your sex toy does not fail. Just carefully follow the instructions, do not spare the time and energy to clean fleshlight, because then you will get much more pleasure, and at the same time stay healthy. Your dick deserves it, man!

Why Do We Need to Clean Fleshlight after Each Use?

I don’t want to dramatize the problem, but if you don’t know how to clean fleshlight, your dick may just not get hard anymore. Experiments showed your sperm can freeze there and turn into popcorn oil ‒ not the best thing to see one day.

Just imagine your favorite sex toy smelly and moldy? Really, unpleasant? You still have a chance to prevent this. Also, if the fleshlight is not properly dried and cleaned, you risk catching it covered with mold, black spots, and awful smell, so you’ll lose all the money you paid.

If you haven’t been scared yet, let’s take a closer look at how this can harm you personally.

The appearance of mold means the invasion of microbes. Imagine that you are putting your dick into harmful particles. Then bad news is definitely waiting for you.

Bacteria in a dirty fleshlight can cause infection in your body as well primarily on the genitals. At best, you may have a yeast and urinary tract infection, and at worst ‒ complete impotence. Of course, this may not happen if you just follow basic hygiene standards on how to clean and how to dry fleshlight.

And if you have a partner and you love him or her, you still put the health of your loved ones at risk. I do not want to escalate, but I’ll give you one more useful advice. If it’s not so disgusting for you to put your dick in a not quite clean sex toy, think about whether you could take the same smelly and moldy fleshlight into your mouth. This test is always valid for some disdainful people. If someone can neglect the hygiene of the most valuable thing he has ‒ his dick ‒ not everyone is ready to take smelly muck in their clean mouth.

How to Clean Fleshlight: Step-by-step Instructions

Now you are familiar with all the consequences of not taking fleshlight care. So let’s move on to the main thing. I will tell you two methods of cleaning your favorite sex toy. One of them is verified and approved, so to speak official. And the other one is the underground way of cleaning fleshlight but its big plus is cheapness.

Let’s start with the official tips.

Step 1

After you get the pleasure, disassemble the sleeve and wash the hard case with warm water and soap. Special attention is paid to the lower suction cup lid that contains the most microbes and biological fluid.

Step 2

Wash the sleeve using warm water. The main thing is to check its temperature. Too hot water negatively affects the material.

Step 3

To flush the sleeve, you need to let the water flow through one inlet during 30 seconds.

Step 4

Put the sleeve again underwater and use your finger to remove the cum on the walls of your fleshlight. Textured sleeves especially require this care, as they absorb large amounts of sperm and lube. Don’t do too sharp movements that can damage your fleshlight.

Step 5

Cover one of the holes with your hand and let the water dribble from another one.

Step 6

Now do the procedure in reverse order. Place your hand into the other hole. Then close both and shake the fleshlight.

Step 7

Now finally spray enough Fleshwash (the cleaner for Fleshlight both inside and outside the sleeve.

Step 8

The last thing in the cleaning fleshlight is drying the sleeve, but more about it later.

Using the official method, you’ll have to pay big money for fleshlight care. Since the Fleshwash cleaner is non-budgetary. But is it worth that money? In fact, yes! Your fleshlight itself is quite sensitive and the use of unverified cleaners can damage it. And it will be more expensive than stably using cleaners proposed in the official instructions. Thanks to the Fleshwash cleaner, you care not only about the sleeve but also about the health and hygiene of your penis.

For those who are willing to take risks and don’t like to overpay for branded add-ons, I offer my own option. As for me, it works not worse, and sometimes even better.

A Budget Way to Clean Fleshlight

You can follow the previous instructions up to step 7 when the Fleshwash was added. We will replace it with… isopropyl alcohol.

Step 1

Pour a small amount of alcohol into one hole, and close the other with your hand. Add isopropyl alcohol inside the fleshlight for 30 seconds. This time is enough to kill all the bacteria.

Step 2

Pour the alcohol out. Carefully process all the inlet openings of the sleeve.

Isopropyl doesn’t harm the material of the sleeve. The only thing is ‒ do not drink it! I know that it’s difficult to resist and not drink alcohol, so much pleasure, orgasm, getting drunk… but keep yourself in control, man.

As for me, a cheap way of cleaning fleshlight is more efficient. Alcohol can be bought at a pharmacy for a penny without spending a lot of money on the company’s official products. There is one more advantage. The liquid does a much better job of removing microbes than a spray. Also, alcohol dries the sleeve faster, which means returning to its former shape.

Attention: in the pharmacy, ask only for pure isopropyl alcohol 70%. All other mixtures can only damage your fleshlight.

How to Dry Fleshlight

And now for the fun part. After all, drying your fleshlight involves a million different variations. And I’m not joking. The technique for removing moisture will depend on the conditions, circumstances and various nuances of using your sex toy. Before we move on to fleshlight care instructions, let’s talk about the basics you need to know.  

Basic Fleshlight Care Tips:

Drying a hard case is easy enough. You need a paper towel to absorb excess water. If you managed to properly dry the fleshlight case with a towel, you don’t need to use a drying rack for this process.

Before drying your sleeve, take a microfiber cloth to remove excess water. In order to remove water from the inside of the sleeve, you need to use a chopstick or some long object. Wrap your microfiber cloth around it and carefully thread it into the sleeve. In this case, it’s not recommended to use a paper towel, as it may leave a lint inside the sleeve. This can cause discomfort or irritation on the skin around your penis.

Finally, control the dryness of the fleshlight itself. If it’s not dry, do not put it in a case. This action can lead to mold on your sex toy. If you missed the first part of my article, I recall that the lack of proper care can harm the health of your dick. So, carefully follow even the smallest care instructions.

Classical Way to Dry Fleshlight

After cleaning fleshlight sleeve, place it on the radiator so the water can leak out. Make sure radiator is turned off so that your fleshlight doesn’t melt. This is the easiest method. The only minus ‒ drying fleshlight on a radiator takes time.

For Those Lazy of Us

Here is the simplest method without complicated actions. All you need is to put your fleshlight on the towel and give it some time to dry.

Of course, this is not an express method, and it will take more time than others because ventilation does not occur through the towel, the air flows do not penetrate into the fleshlight. But it is ideal for those who are ready to wait and go to do their business while drying. It’s also worth using this method in dry places. For this, the bathroom and the toilet are definitely not suitable. After all, high humidity can also increase the risk of mold.

Risky Way to Dry Fleshlight

This option is rather unsafe but as fast as possible. This is a hairdryer. Some users are skilled at using it in cool rooms.

You need to direct the hairdryer into the sleeve of the fleshlight and keep it until holes become dry.

I’m against this fleshlight care because its material can be damaged and you won’t fix it.

Another variation of this method is to put a sleeve on the fan and wait for complete drainage. There are people who are successful in using this fleshlight care, and they are pleased with really quick results. But I would call this method too bold. If you are ready to experiment, you can try, brave boy.

Super Crazy Way to Dry Fleshlight

This method may seem weird to you. I did not know about this fleshlight care for a long time until I explored all possible ways to clean my fleshlight. So, according to one of them, people use aquarium pumps when drying sex toys.

Try it if you have extra money to buy another fleshlight or if you use it often and you need it to dry quickly. To dry your fleshlight, just put a sleeve on the pump and leave it until it becomes dry. There is no heat inside the pump that means there is no danger to fleshlight. The air will dry it in minutes. This fleshlight care requires a minimum of time and doesn’t cause stress. You can do anything while your fleshlight is drying.

DIY Method ‒ Your Space for Creativity

The best conditions to dry a fleshlight sleeve without damage and quickly are constant ventilation inside when water drains down.

You can create your own dryer from anything, your imagination can help you. For example, you can bend the hanger for clothes into the desired shape, in the style of Macgyver. Now, when the hanger is in your hands, follow the instructions:

Step 1. Take a hanger in your hands and bend it around the case.

Step 2. Try to make a loop where the bend ends.

Step 3. Now tighten the loop as much as possible.

Step 4. Take your fleshlight sleeve and hang the sleeve in a loop till it is completely dry.

An important advantage of this method is the ability to keep your sex toy away from the eyes of others.

As a fleshlight dryer, any mounted structure that is well ventilated will come to the rescue. If you prefer fashion and style, you can purchase a stand for drying dishes.

Important information:

The texture level of your sleeve determines the drying time. So, for example, if you have Fleshlight Original or Super Tight, be calm, they will dry out soon. But if you have a Destroya, you will have to wait a lot longer.

If you use a simple method to dry the fleshlight sleeve, wrapping in a paper towel can take several days.

How to Refresh Fleshlight

Fleshlight is like a girl ‒ needs care and love.

After fleshlight has dried, do not put it right into the case. Give it a TLC.

If you reuse a fleshlight, even a patented texture like SuperSkin can fail. Its texture runs the risk of becoming sticky and that’s perfectly acceptable. At the same time, it causes a lot of discomfort as the sleeve attracts fluff and dirt.

You can easily get rid of these problems with the following instructions.

Elite Version

You can also purchase a special updating powder for your device. It is 100% corn starch but packaged in a super-convenient box.

Minimal Version 

If you are not a fan of giving money only for the original packaging, this option will be most suitable for you. Corn starch is sold at any grocery store and it is quite possible that you already have it in your kitchen, so you should not even think about buying it.

The only difference from the original product of the company is the packaging. If you are not too demanding, this inconvenience will not be an obstacle for you. The bonus is its cheapness. You do not have to pay extra money for a branded product of the same composition. But think up a container for your starch ‒ it all depends on your creativity and practicality. It can be a pill bottle or a box from Tupperware.

To refresh your fleshlight, you just need to put the powder over the entire length of the sleeve in a plentiful amount. When you are done, your sleeve should turn into a soft donut.

But before you apply the powder generously, make sure your device is dry!

How to Not Harm Your Fleshlight

Here is a list of your worst enemies. We want experimentation and diversity. What if the innovative method will work? If you want risks, I recommend experimenting with a cheap analog, and not with a really high-quality fleshlight. So, you will be at least not sorry for the money if the device is damaged.

Remember that all substances besides Fleshwash, isopropyl alcohol, water and starch can damage your sleeve.

Let’s learn the top tips that certainly will not work.

Soap is the nuclear fighter of your fleshlight. Its ingredients not only decompose the material but also contribute to the emergence of bacteria and mold. Also, you can forget about the softness and elasticity of the fleshlight.

Sex cleaner is one of the forbidden options. Despite the fact that it was created for sex toys, it is not suitable for a sensitive flashlight. Its substances can damage the structure of your fleshlight.

Sanitizer or hand disinfector is bad way to clean fleshlight because of the content of additional components, avoid it.

Flashlight Care Tips:

Finally, I want to share with you the wise advice from experienced users, thanks to whom your fleshlight will remain fresh, soft and well-groomed for a long time.

Can I turn the sleeve inside out?

Many users recommend turning your toy inside out to water it. This idea is interesting but has risks. Micro scratches may appear. And if your penis is too sensitive, you will immediately feel it. Another catch is that your sleeve will wear out quickly.

Water-Based Lube

Any entertainment with a fleshlight is impossible without lubrication. It can bring pain and inconvenience. The sleeve material contains mineral oil and must not be used with oily lubrication so bacteria can spread there.

Conditions to Wash Fleshlight

You can use the sterile clean sink. Disinfect it with alcohol and a sanitizer. For some, this is a good option. But I don’t like cleaning my fleshlight where I brush my teeth.

Bathroom. A pretty hygienic way to clean fleshlight is to use a small bathroom. Place fleshlight in the sink and turn on the water. Pour dirty water.

Tip for the Impatient

If you are one of those who do not like to wait long and who want to have more fun, you will like this option. Two sleeves. In this way, you can try different textures and sensations. Now you do not have to wait a few minutes, or even hours, until the fleshlight is ready for use. One of them will always be at hand.

And now let’s see fleshlight care problems.

Fleshlight with Mold: How to Save Fleshlight?

If you’re not ready for a new purchase, there are instructions on the Internet how to revive it. But I wouldn’t recommend this option ‒ it may harm your health.

This method only hides the problem but doesn’t fix it. Material that decomposes can cause genital diseases. I guess you don’t want this for your dick.

But if you still want to reanimate your fleshlight, I won’t argue. Perhaps this is the only way out for you now. There are a couple of popular ways like the use of male facial scrub, isopropyl alcohol, a means for removing mold in the bathroom, as well as using bleach.

You can try all of these methods. You already have nothing to lose and your fleshlight is half faulty. If you are a brave man, I wish everything turned out well!

If you are testing these methods, tell me your results. Be aware that mold can still come back so then the cleaning will be just a cover.

If you read this line, congratulations! Now you know absolutely everything about fleshlight care, how to clean and how to dry it. You can be given a certificate as an expert. Just kidding, but seriously, I believe that you can keep your fleshlight in perfect condition. Do not forget about the three main cleaning fleshlight steps: cleaning, drying and refreshing. Thus, you won’t have problems.

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