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How To Join The Illuminati

Secret societies have always excited people’s minds. A huge number of myths and legends have attributed to them some non-existent merits. This can also be said about the Illuminati. People are still arguing whether such a community existed or is it a figment of someone’s imagination? What do we know about the secret organization? How can I join Illuminati?

In this article, we will reveal interesting facts about the Illuminati, which give answers to the most popular questions like how to become a member of Illuminati or how do the Illuminati choose you. 

A Bit of History

Secret society arose in the 18th century in Germany, the so-called “Bavarian Illuminati.” The organization existed for a short time but even this period was enough to give rise to conspiracy theories.

The organization was founded on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt. Like many such communities, the Illuminati’s goal was noble. Members of the organization intended to stop abuse and prevent corruption in government. The Illuminati struggled with superstitions that have nothing to do with reality, even more so do the church, which people often hide behind.

how to join the illuminati

Most superstitions originate from pagan rituals. The community leader was a professor at a Jesuit institution, the Ingolstadt University. It rejected the excessively Protestant and liberal ideas. This prompted the professor to create a secret organization that was supposed to confront the propaganda machine of that time. Masons pushed the idea of ​​creating a community of Illuminati leaders, and Weishaupt was convinced that only a very wealthy man could become a freemason but he didn’t possess such means. He created his own organization with a similar ideology to save money. Unfortunately, the community lasted only a decade. 

Features of the Secret Illuminati Community

During the existence of the secret community, several thousand people entered it. All of them were united by one idea. A Christian could become a member of the organization. Most of the Illuminati were flexible and willingly obeyed the organization’s leader. Most of the applicants for membership were wealthy people who wanted to gain new knowledge and experience. 

how to join the illuminati

What Happens When You Join The Illuminati?

What are the terms of joining Illuminati? The age of the candidates ranged between 18-30 years. Pagans, Jews, monks, women and members of other secret societies could not join the ranks of the Illuminati. The path to the organization was closed to them. Each of the applicants was carefully checked. Only those who met the requirements were selected. 

However, an exception was made for the Masons. One of the leaders of the organization was Baron Adolph von Knigge. He increased the number of community members precisely at the expense of Masons, who at that moment were persecuted and found salvation in the new organization. To become a member of the secret cell and go further, it was necessary to go through the initiation process. Moreover, not only at the time of entry but also when climbing to each new step. So, the structure of the Illuminati was similar to the Masonic one. Each step involved the acquisition of new knowledge.

Baron von Knigge quickly climbed the ranks. The organizer of the order realized that he didn’t have time to think out the ritual of initiation for the highest level in the community. As a result, Weishaupt decided to offer cooperation to the Baron. This could increase the attractiveness of the organization in the eyes of its potential members. Despite all efforts, the number of people wishing to join the order was gradually decreasing. 

Nevertheless, the current members began to actively leave it. It’s possible that this was due to the anti-religious sentiment of the organizer. For a long time, he lived under the yoke of Catholicism and sought in every possible way to get rid of it. Nonetheless, in Protestant regions, people were believers. The ideas of the order simply scared them away. The turning point was the arrival on the Bavarian throne of King Charles IV Theodore.

Some More Interesting Facts About The Illuminati

At the beginning of the 19th century, several publications about the Illuminati were made almost at the same time. Furthermore, the authors of the books claimed that the community did not cease to exist, but continued its work. True, the order became truly secret. The French Revolution is attributed to the Illuminati. Apparently, the idea of ​​the community itself led to such conclusions. It was against the monarchy, so the ideals of the Illuminati members coincided with the ideals of the French Revolution. The most famous Illuminati were Mozart, Goethe, Schiller. The organization was financially supported by the Rothschilds. Supporters of conspiracy theories are convinced that numerous modern rulers are members of the Illuminati Order.

However, there is no official confirmation of this. None of the “suspects” of joining the ranks of the secret organization does recognize this. One can only guess how true this is and whether there are active members of the secret order among us. They are not in a hurry to reveal their existence. This may only happen until a certain moment or event.

Illuminati Nowadays

Many people think that all these fucking terrible things are the work of the Illuminati. There is a version that during the ban by the authorities of the Bavarian Illuminati society of 1785, all supporters were killed during the repressions. After all, the community totaled several thousand adherents. How could they all be repressed? It’s well known that Weishaupt escaped. Was he the only one to escape?

And there is an infinite number of myths on the net. But we remember about rationalization and a cold mind, as the Bavarian Illuminati bequeathed. The only way to know everything is to become an Illuminati. Maybe then a person can learn the secrets of the Illuminati and something more…

Illuminati Myths

All the Illuminati myths are associated with the fictions of journalists. The assassination of Kennedy, Princess Diana, the organization of the Battle of Waterloo… The list goes on and on.

Can Anyone Join The Illuminati?

Modern celebrities like to hint at involvement in secret closed societies believing that this gives their image a mystery. Therefore, it’s difficult to say with confidence whether there are representatives of the Illuminati among celebrities.

So, for example, Jay Z and Beyonce use Illuminati triangles as a greeting with fans.

how to join the illuminati

In one video pop diva, Rihanna reported involvement in this society. In Senegal, her activities were associated with the promotion of homosexuality as a form of service to the secret order and banned entry.

Madonna and Lady Gaga are considered Illuminati celebrities, both have used a lot of mystical characters in their videos and performances, filling the lyrics with ambiguous phrases.

How Do The Illuminati Choose You

If you’re still wondering how to join the Illuminati, you no longer fit the criteria. They are always the smartest educated and often rich people. Yes, you don’t have to be rich to enter the order. But you need to be an inquisitive and respected person.

You cannot just knock on the door of the order and ask. In fact, you just never know where their door is. There is no such door, you must be chosen. That’s all. Another important point is that you must have a surety. The Illuminati community is secret, so you cannot get into it simply by your wish.

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