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If you want to shit your pants while having a glass of champaigne – this is for you

Are you sick of typical aircrafts? Does business class not satisfy your growing need for comfort, luxury, and show-off? We have a solution: a flying super yacht! Go on a wonderful trip in the sky, watching the clouds passing by the window and the ground spreading under your feet. No, it’s not a fairy tale. And not a delusion. This time. It is the Airlander 10.
If it’s the first time you hear about it, what ass have you shoved your head in, ha? The Airlander 10 is the hybrid airship and its first test flight was back in 2016. What is the hybrid airship, you may ask? Google it. In a nutshell, that is an engineering Frankenstein that combines (or should combine) properties of different types of aircrafts. Whatever that means.
The one we are talking about here is named to be one of the biggest of a kind: it is 302 ft long and you wouldn’t recognize it as an airliner, nope. It’s like a plane on steroids, puffed-up on all sides and with a nice hairy butt.

The original idea of a swollen airplane is of Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), the UK company which designed it for commercial and military use. But us, mortals, who have enough money, were also granted a privilege of stepping aboard. The company announced it is going to launch “luxury expeditionary tourism”. Passengers will go on a three-day journey with a route designed to visit the most interesting places in the world while relishing the exceptional comfort and lux of the upscale floating yacht.
Feel poor yet? Wait until the pictures. This week the company fuelled up the interest to their craze plane with a bunch of photos that showcase the interior of the tourist-focused aircraft.

To begin with just know that the interior is designed by an award-winning UK firm, Design Q. And it looks so fucking good! Like a five-star hotel you are afraid even to pass by, not to say come in. These guys know their stuff, no kidding.
So, the interior. The passenger cabin is designed to welcome nineteen passengers plus crew. The idea is to make tourists feel comfortable enough to enjoy the long ride: maximum speed of the Airlander 10 is 91 mph / 146 kph, so the journey will take up to three days. Stephen McGlennan, CEO of HAV, said “air travel has become very much about getting from A to B as quickly as possible. What we’re offering is a way of making the journey a joy.”
The design of the cabin represents luxury, space, and comfort (as if you haven’t understood it yet). Passengers will have some private space in the en-suite bedrooms or spend time together in a lounge with windows that offer “horizon-to-horizon” views. And that means these are not only glass in the walls but a glass floor as well. Yeap, this is a place to test your courage or to piss your pants, you choose. Imagine how fucked up it is to be there hammered as hell. Oh, and there is also going to be fine-dining catering on board and a plush Altitude Bar for social engagements.
Design Q’s CEO Howard Guy said that their team just is just living for the opportunity to do something new and unique. And they took it and they nailed it!
Despite screaming money, the Airlander 10 is actually expected to be a low-cost fuel aircraft. And it can land and take off from basically anywhere as long as it is a flat surface. Which makes it perfect to explore some distant and interesting areas where regular aircraft just don’t reach.
There is only little left — the Airlander must complete 200 incident-free hours in the sky and it can be called safe enough to take people on board. So far it has six test flights done. Let’s keep counting.


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