TWIFT | Lifestyle | A Beating Man is a Loving Man: Why Did Hayden Panettiere Return to Her Cruel Boyfriend?

A Beating Man is a Loving Man: Why Did Hayden Panettiere Return to Her Cruel Boyfriend?

A Beating Man is a Loving Man: Why Did Hayden Panettiere Return to Her Cruel Boyfriend?

Stars also become victims of domestic violence. Hayden Panettiere returned to the guy who had beaten her severely before. Why did the girl renew her relationship with the tyrant? Or does she like such a shitty attitude to her cute blonde person?

If you are rich and famous, this doesn’t mean that you don’t like, like all women, to make the same mistakes. Hayden Panettiere is not an exception. We remind you that the actress dated Brian Hickerson. The lovers broke up when Brian severely beat Hayden. Then he was given a ban on approaching a girl closer than 90 meters. Moreover, according to the court’s order, he wasn’t allowed to write and call a star.

Hayden Panettiere’s behavior scares her relatives

Brian was facing a prison sentence, but he was cleared of all charges at the end of September. It would seem that there can be no talk about the continuation of the relationship, but the media reported that Hayden and Brian are together again! Well, maybe the actress may love such a treat to herself, it’s not clear.

Relatives of Hayden Panettiere are worried about her behavior. This guy would have almost killed their girl, but she doesn’t mind. As for Hayden’s relationship with Brian, there are several other negative aspects besides the beatings. He lived entirely at her expense. It’s incredible how people can even beating another person, make them even more dependent. Well, both sides are sick to the fullest!

The case of beating the blonde is closed because Hayden refused her testimony. Well, maybe she decided that she just thought that she was beaten. So Brian is now a fan of domestic violence, and maybe a story about him will come up in the broadcast of People’s Investigation many years later.

Hayden Panettiere and Zack Hickerson

Besides the statement made by actress Hayden Panettiere, the cops had nothing on Brian Hickerson. Representatives of the district prosecutor’s office felt something was wrong with him, but it’s impossible to keep someone in prison without evidence.

Those present who attended the meeting said that the decision was made due to a lack of evidence against Brian. This means only one thing: little Hayden refused to provide any information about her boyfriend’s brutal behavior.

The media reported that another reason for the rejection of the allegations towards Brian may be a new girl’s novel. Recently, she was photographed with his brother. So maybe Brian beat Hayden because she’s getting with Zach Hickerson. Well, then it’s still strange that he didn’t kill her.

The actress claimed that there was nothing intimate between them. She just walked with him sweetly by the hand to help him find a new job. Here’s the fucking situation!

Nothing in this world could ever bring Brian and Hayden down

Let’s taking bets as to when Brian goes crazy the next time! Of course, the main thing is that the girl is happy. Really? But can life in fear be called happy? Her friends see that something is wrong with her. Hayden has become very introverted. 

The famous actress didn’t succeed in starting a new life. She is again with a man who nearly killed her and, perhaps, he will continue to live for many years at her expense, to use the kindness of his beloved girlfriend.

Recently, a couple was seen together at the New York airport. According to eyewitnesses, Brian and Hayden looked happy. But how long does the bright streak last, if the fists go again? Wait and see!

We remind you that the scandalous couple began to meet last year. Her ten-year relationship with Wladimir Klitschko wasn’t as loud as this affair. But it’s clear that there are more chances to be beaten up by the realtor Brian than by the boxer Wladimir.

The police found the couple almost immediately after the quarrel. There were bruises and abrasions on the actress’s body. The scandalous case was heard in the High Court of Los Angeles. Police officer Amber Findley told many resonant details, in particular, about the state of Hayden Panettiere during the arrival of law enforcement officers.

According to the policeman, the conflict between the couple arose in the bar, which is located near Hayden Panettiere’s apartment. Already at the door of the house, Brian Hickerson began to brutally beat his lover. Due to the screams of the actress, the neighbors called the police. At first, the attacker didn’t want to let the police inside and claimed that he was alone at home and just turned on the TV loudly. However, Hayden screamed in pain, so law enforcement officers entered her house.

“I immediately noticed that she had bruises on her eye and a swollen face. Handprints were also visible on the neck and the left side of the face. When I talked to her, she took off her sweater. Her hands were all bruised,” — Amber said.

The man didn’t want to open the door of the police, because he was afraid that due to beating the star he would be imprisoned for a long time. Unfortunately, even after such a brutal beating, they are together.

Amber Findley added, that Brian hit Hayden in the face three times. Her nose started bleeding, but it didn’t stop the man. He grabbed her neck and all this continued until the police arrived.

The policeman took a photo of the beaten Hayden Panettiere, and provided the court as evidence of the attack. At the same time, Brian Hickerson’s lawyers tried to defend him, emphasizing that the couple was having fun. He added that boyfriend Hayden Panettiere didn’t strangle her, but couldn’t explain the bruises on her neck.

Maybe the star withdrew the statement, so that he wouldn’t go to jail for 4 years, this term has been named by the court. Maybe she is dependent on his humiliation, some kind of Stockholm syndrome. It‘s surprising that she returned to him again. 

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