TWIFT | Lifestyle | Indian star Avika Gore denied rumors about a child from Manish Raisinghan: “He is old enough to be my father!”

Indian star Avika Gore denied rumors about a child from Manish Raisinghan: “He is old enough to be my father!”

Avika Gore, a young actress of Indian cinematography and television said that rumors about her being in love with colleague Manish Raisinghan aren’t true. Furthermore, the young lady emphasized that the secret child who is attributed to her by the media has never existed and will never be. The first argument the girl named was Manish Raisinghan age.

Avika Gore herself received recognition at a very early age. Her first and successful experience in cinematography happened when the girl was only 11 when she played the role of Anandi in the movie “Balika Vadhu”, which aired on Color TV. A few years after her debut on television, Avika got the main role. The actress played it at the same project, where she met with Manish Raisinghan.

Avika Gore

The girl is 23 years old now. And her co-star in the film, the model-actor, and producer Manish Raisinghan’s age is 41. They have 18 years difference. The actress admits that Manish is a little younger than her father, so she definitely wouldn’t want to date him and even more so to have a child with him.

It is worth noting that as soon as the media began to dazzle with headlines about their romance and the presence of secret descendants, even friendship between Avika and Manish got worse. 

They stopped being in touch, texting, and seeing each other. Their contact faded away for about two weeks. But in a while “couple” realized that there was no escape from the submarine and it was not an option to cut off communication due to rumors, so whenever they saw the yellow press with their names, artists just laughed. 

All this was happening while the stars were working on the Indian soap opera “Sasural Simar Ka”, directed by Rashmi Sharma. The second part of it was being filmed at that time, and the first one was released back in 2011.

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Such assumptions about their relationship didn’t come from the sky. Avika Gore and Manish Raisinghan were very close despite their age. They spent a lot of time together, both at work and not. And certainly looked very cute. They managed to become real friends and even shot several short films together.

The actress spoke very warmly about Manish Raisinghan. She stated that thanks to this age difference, the producer taught her a lot. She likes his position and perspective on life, so the star will not part with him.

That was at the time when Avika gave an interview to R.J. Siddhart Kanan. A young lady shared that statements about her also having a child with her colleague in the movie “Sasural Simar Ka” began to appear in the media. She called it impossible and also admitted to a really strong connection with Raisinghan:

“We’ve known each other since I was 13 years old when we first met on the set. Of course, we have always had warm friendly relations. Even without romance. He was and remains for me an important person in my life, and even without exaggeration ‒ the dearest and close. And I’m firmly convinced that I don’t plan to delete it from my reality,” shared the star.

Meanwhile, the romance started between Avika and businessman, motivational speaker, and TV star Milind Chandwani. The guy is 30 years old. Their age difference is not as big as with Manish. And Avika seems to be crazy about him. Recently, the actress publicly confessed that she’s in love.

Avika and Milind met at one of the workshops. At first, they were just friends. But after a while, they fell in love madly. Now the actress posts her photos on Instagram. They show happy Avika and the man of her dreams holding hands and hugging. Their loving look at each other immediately makes it clear that there is a fiery flash of love between them. 

Avika Gore

The Indian showman often posts photos with his beloved woman. In one of them, he hugs Avika tightly. He reflects philosophically and sincerely in his post about their connection. He calls the actress the most pleasant words and truly thanks fate for this meeting. It can be seen that Milind Chandwani is happy and loved.

He writes to Avika with love:

“Sometimes life is so spontaneous that you just don’t know what to expect from it. And in some cases, it gives you the best of what it can, not without a shock. This beautiful girl settled in my soul and won my heart. She is passionate about children and knows how to deal with them professionally. She spared no time and effort and taught children drama and dance right in our home. Sometimes it even seems to me that she was carried away so much that she even forgot that she is a famous actress and her vocation to delight others.”

In addition, Milind noted that even though they have not legalized their relationship yet, he considers Avika the most important in his life. In his post, he made many sincere and very touching statements:

“I love you, my dear. I watch you and your progress every day. I tell you with full confidence that you have grown over this year and seem to be moving in your direction. You are the most attractive to me.”

“And although you often attribute your achievements to my role in your life, I answer you that this is only because sometimes you look at yourself with my eyes full of love to you. And it cannot be different.”

Separately, Milind Chandwani thanked his beloved for her sensitivity, support, and caring participation in his life:

“When I’m too lazy to do something, you cheer me up. When I’m sad you are always here and ready to share my feelings. When I have no inspiration ‒ you are my brainstorming session. And it also happens that I am lost in life and you don’t let me be depressed at such moments. And it’s worth a lot. To be with you. To know you. And call your woman. I’m insanely happy, that we are together, that you are with me. I’m incredibly proud of that. Thank you, my dear, for you!”

And after such a romance and the tide of lover’s tenderness, let’s go back to Manish. How is he, by the way?

Fortunately, Manish Raisinghan’s personal life was not affected either. A year ago, he married the Indian actress, the star of the Hindi Colors TV show, Sangeeta Chauhan. Judging by the photo, the couple is happy to be together.

However, as Manish Raisinghan himself admits, his wife was jealous of Avika and didn’t fully understand what it was, which tied them together.

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In 2017, the Indian model and producer took an important step ‒ he gave a very honest interview to the Bollywood Times. The man spoke about his real feelings for Avika Gore and what connected them.

He admitted that he did not expect such rumors from the public. Since at that time their relationship for themselves was as clear as possible and not new:

“Initially, I reacted very sharply to such gossip. Then I moved away from Avika quite strongly and I wildly didn’t like the version that they came up with about us. I was very angry and sick of all these headlines about us.”

Manish Raisinghan also admitted that he never dated with Avika and didn’t even plan it:

“Why should I treat her differently? She is twice younger as me and of course, I respect her. We are very close psychologically and mentally and I am pleased to communicate with her and just be. 

Later on, the artist called all these talks empty and said that he was meeting with Avika now only for work.

He discussed all this for a long time with his wife Sangeeta Chauhan. And the couple managed to translate it into a joke and do not remember again.

Avika Gore herself responded to this interview. The girl confessed that earlier, many of her entourage offered her to bring Rakhi and Manish together. But the guy did not react to such offers in any way and left everything as it was in his life.

Now Manish and Avika remain friends, and at the same time, colleagues. So several times they became co-directors of short films, which came out at the Cannes Film Festival and were distinguished by their subtlety and meaning.

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