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How To Get Free 1000 Diamonds Daily In Free Fire Account

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The popular mobile battle royal Free Fire includes a payment system for various in-game assets with regular and premium currencies. Gold coins are used as the first, diamonds as the second. And if gold can be earned by idle playing the game, then with diamonds the situation is different.

Of course, you can always pay your own money, but not everyone wants to spend tens of dollars on customization, skins, and equipment. What should an ordinary player do? How to get 1000 diamonds in the free fire? Read the answer to these questions further in our article.

How to get free diamonds in the free fire?

Bonuses and prizes for participating in contests

free diamonds

This is the easiest way to get the premium currency. The player does not need to do anything except play the game and participate in all the developers’ promotions, activities, and missions. With the proper level of shooting and survival skills, you can get various items and free diamonds.

Be that as it may, but earning precious stones in this way is one of the longest and least effective tasks. Most likely, you simply will not have enough currency to buy all the desired exclusive items.

Google Opinion Rewards

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This method is as simple as the first one. To be able to earn Free Fire free diamonds, you just need to take surveys in the Google Opinion Rewards app. Each mini-interview takes an average of 5 minutes.

When you fill out the form, a certain small amount of money will be credited to your Google Account. They can be used to get gems.

By regularly completing surveys in this application, you can accumulate a sufficient amount of funds for the purchase of not too expensive gaming equipment.

Earning points from apps

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The next method is similar to the previous one, but somewhat more complicated. You will have to complete tasks that various third-party apps offer, such as Poll Pay, eToro, Easy Rewards, appKarma, and others.

The purpose of apps is for you to leave reviews, try other games, invite friends with a specific code, or even just open some apps on your phone to increase usage statistics.

Whatever it was, but by accumulating special points for simple tasks, you can exchange them for a Google Pay voucher after a while. Just activate it and you can get free diamonds in Free Fire.


Various items are raffled in the game every week. In addition to legendary skins, weapons, and other rare items, you can also receive premium currency. In general, this method is as simple as the first. But you cannot be sure whether you are lucky to win something or not.

Promo codes

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If you manage to find a working promo code, you’re in luck. Where to find them? On social networks, with bloggers, and the official broadcasts of the matches of the game. Developers often give them away as gifts. Please note that promotional codes may only be valid in certain geographic regions.


Free diamond apps are very popular on the Internet. You will have to try to find a working program, and no one guarantees you the security of your data or the security of your account.

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Also, keep in mind that hacking the game is cheating. Will you be interested in playing with the ultimate advantage over other players? Decide for yourself.


The article covered 6 different options on how to get free diamonds in Free Fire without top-up. You can use only one of them or use all of them together to maximize the chance of getting additional gems. Whether all this is worth the effort is another question. It may be easier to donate by buying a monthly premium subscription. Or buying both – weekly and monthly. Yes, that is also possible.

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