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Insta-addicts Going Nuts

Looks like Siberia has some new photo spot this summer. You are not gonna believe it but they say it’s just another Maldives.
New York Times ( reports about photos shot nearby this pond. Yep, it’s all good, but there’s always a but (this time it’s like a BUT but) – these Maldives of Siberia are the exact place of trade waste discharge for the local plant. Bright blue water is a solution of calcium salt and metal oxide as per the owners of this plant.

The bottom of the cesspool is covered with a thick layer of ash, so it’s unbelievably marshy. Once you get there you can’t go back without help. But you don’t know Russians if you think it can stop them from getting in there.
The company which owns the plant and “Maldives” states water is not poisonous if you don’t go in there. They say they have got two independent laboratories to do the tests.
Yep, right, local labs doing tests for the local plant. Of course, it’s all safe to get into a cesspool full of whatever it is discharged in there. No doubt about it.
Well, we had no idea Russians are that hard-boiled. May be every country has “Maldives” it deserves. Or at least the ones it can just about survive.

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