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Is Ronaldo Gay? Would You Bet On It?

Let’s talk about one of the most famous footballers of our time. Rumors about whether Ronaldo is gay have been around for a long time, and the evidence has grown over the years. But where is the truth in this question? Are you ready to bet money on your idol’s homosexuality? There are even a bunch of psychos who are ready to accept this kind of bet, even on such an extraordinary “event”.

For the first half of his career, Ronaldo was called homosexual because of his image and behavior. Stereotypically he is a famous daffodil – he meticulously monitors his appearance, sometimes wears makeup, shaves his legs, and is the last to leave the locker room, fiddling around the mirror. Even young Ronaldo dressed brightly (for example, short pink shorts). And he was always emotional – how many times we saw him crying.

In short, a typical “non-man” and “fagot” for conservative and patriarchal-masculine people.

Until 2013, there were only guesses. Then – a series of stuffing that Ronaldo is really gay.

1. In May 2013, Ronaldo went to Rihanna’s concert, and then talked and took a picture with her. After a couple of months, Rihanna commented on the photo, “I have many gay friends and I always support them.” It is still unclear whether this was a joke – both did not comment in any way.

is ronaldo gay

2. A random photo of Ronaldo with a friend.

is ronaldo gay

3. In 2015-2016, Ronaldo often flew to Morocco, from where he posted photos with his kickboxer friend Badr Hari. When rumors about their romance spread, Hari posted a photo in which he was holding Ronaldo in his arms with the caption: “Newlyweds, hahaha.”

is ronaldo gay

The French commentator Daniele Riolo finally inflated, who said on the air of the show: “I am sure that if you fly to Morocco three or four times to cuddle with a friend, it can affect the performance of a football player.”

And – resonance in all the yellow media. But Riolo denied everything, saying that he was joking and he had no evidence.

4. If you enter “Ronaldo gay?” In Google, the first “story” is his alleged coming out from 2016. Then in an interview, he said that Koke from Atlético during the match called him a fagot and heard the answer: “Fagot. But a rich one. “

The media presented it as “I’m a rich fagot.” In fact, Ronaldo sarcastically repeated for Koke, added that he was rich, and called him.

is ronaldo gay

And what about the women?

He was with:

Jordan Jardel (broke up due to Chris’s move to England).

Gemma Atkinson (stormy but short-lived romance).

Nereida Gallardo (her quote: “Our life in Manchester consisted of Playstation, TV and sex”).

Paris Hilton (dated for less than a month).

Then – Irina Shayk. They stayed together for five years, but never got married. The reason for the separation is unknown, but in an interview, Shayk called Ronaldo “the wrong man.”

is ronaldo gay

After Shayk – model Desiree Cordero, with whom Ronaldo stayed for several years.

is ronaldo gay

Now Ronaldo is with model Georgina Rodriguez. For over four years now. Everything is serious with her.

is ronaldo gay

So, what about the children?

There are four of them.

The first (Cristiano Jr.) was born in 2010. Just during a relationship with Irina Shayk, but not from her. Perhaps the mother was a surrogate. Ronaldo said several times that he would not reveal the secret. “Nobody, neither my family members nor the child himself, knows who his mother is. I will tell him this when I deem it necessary ”- words from 2016.

is ronaldo gay

Twins were born in 2017. Then Ronaldo already was with Georgina, but the children are not from her (you will understand why later). This time around, surrogacy seems more obvious. Perhaps fertilization took place before the start of the romance with Georgina.

is ronaldo gay

Five months later, Georgina gave birth to a daughter. For the first time, Krish did not hide the name of the child’s mother. Now Ronaldo’s instagram is the first time in his career so family – there are many photos with Jojina and children. In idyll and love.

is ronaldo gay


1. Rumors of Ronaldo’s homosexuality arose because of his image and several hyped stories.

2. There is no evidence of Ronaldo’s love and sexual relations with men.

3. But there is evidence of Ronaldo’s connections with women. These are both short-term and long-term relationships. And Georgina, with whom he seems to be happy now.

4. Despite his relationships, parting with ex women is shrouded in secrets and raises some questions.

This strange topic has been popping up here and there for many years, and to be honest, I recently saw for the first time that you can even bet on such nonsense! Imagine, someone in all seriousness takes money for the fact that Ronaldo is gay, or vice versa, straight. I haven’t seen a platform that does this kind of crap yet, but does offer this kind of content.

If you have chosen which part of the rumors and “evidence” you believe, then try to play with me!

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