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Hit The Jackpot: Andrew Yang Earned $ 1.3 Million on The Last Day of The Year

The American billionaire entrepreneur, a possible Democratic presidential candidate in the United States, Andrew Yang, managed to raise $ 1.3 million on December 31.

Businessman Yang received this amount throughout the fundraising of his presidential campaign with the help of the supporters base known as Yang Gang. On November 30, Yang’s team collected his previous one-day record of 750 thousand dollars. 

Successful donations have turned Yang from a newly nominated political candidate into one of the most popular politicians of the US. These results provide support to the entrepreneur not only for participating in debates but also in the society of Democrats-competitors. 

At the moment, about 400 thousand donors have submitted applications for presence in the White House. Moreover, Andrew Yang fundraising has exceeded 1 million! 

Andrew Yang is not as simple as you think. Before submitting his application for the presidential race, Mr. Yang was never involved in politics! But that didn’t stop him from fundraising about $ 17 million over the past three months. We see a fucking absolute record for a new political candidate! This is $ 6.5 million more than in the previous quarter. 

The last day of the 2019 year was the most successful for Yang’s fundraising team. After all, the fucking result of more than a million dollars a day significantly increased Yang’s rating and recognition among voters.

These financial resources will allow Yang’s politician team to create high-quality TV and digital advertising, to provide their campaign with personnel and infrastructure.

Well, the numbers are much lower than those of famous sharks in politics, so Yang managed to do the impossible ‒ to become a fucking popular guy in a short time! 

Andrew Yang is next to Bernie Sanders who is among the top US presidential candidates. Bernie Sanders is a Senator of Vermont, whose balance sheet at the end of the year was about $ 35 million. Yang is also going next to Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, with an income of $ 24.7 million. As you know, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren did not disclose the details of their campaign but confirmed, that they had raised more than $ 16.5 million.

Other US candidates have not yet published the data of their presidential campaigns. Meanwhile, incumbent President of America Donald Trump has fundraised about $ 46 million.

Along with the most famous politicians, Andrew Yang is in the top 5 candidates in America. Yang’s campaign is well thought out and helps him progress in the presidential race.

“The famous businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Yang continues to exceed expectations. This can be noted not only at the speed of Yang fundraising, but also at the debate, the ability to attract a large audience of voters, participate in early voting at the state level,” said the chairman of the presidential campaign Nick Ryan. “The values ​​of our team and our teamwork help us to make decent competition in the primary elections and further in the main qualifying race”.

Officially, the billionaire entrepreneur announced his desire to participate in politics and in the presidential race back in 2017.

During this time, Yang rallied a coalition of liberal democrats, libertarians and some republicans around his differing political positions. We are talking about the “Dividend of Freedom” plan aimed to provide every adult American with $ 1,000 per month of universal basic income. This benefit from Mr. Yang will reduce many social troubles and poverty.

From December 23 to the end of the year, Yang’s political campaign had an initial goal of $ 3 million. But soon the political team saw its superiority after contributions in the amount of 97 thousand from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, three military postal codes, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico. 

Andrew Yang’s mass campaign is funded by small donors. More than 98% of the 200 dollars donations were made over the Internet. Yang’s average campaign donation is $ 30.

Also, on the last day, the Yang fundraising goal was increased to 3.5 million US dollars, and soon to 4 million. The decision was made after donations continued to go well beyond the original goal. In the last 48 hours before the deadline, the Andrew Yang fundraising campaign has added more than 10000 new donors. 

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