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Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv Trolls People

This troll has become famous for defining himself as a woman (being completely male biologically and looking accordingly).
Now he(she?) uses Canadian idiotic legislation for judicial trolling, suing female beauty salons who refuse to give him genital hair removal. Like, he is legally a woman, and if someone does not like that he has a dick with balls, they violate the rights of transgenders.

Poor girls who refused to do a hair removal got fined on the amount comparable to their annual salary, because even if they win the trial, paying a lawyer can cost more than they could have earned in their entire lives.

Jessica (Jonathan) Yaniv Trolls People

The troll himself, on the other hand, got lawyers paid by the LGBT community, thus – for free.

Jessica-Jonathan, among other things, is extremely active on Twitter, where he persecutes feminists, provoking them to name-calling him in male gender; with these name-callings he refers to Twitter abuses and gets the feminists banned, because on Twitter “misgendering” (naming a person in a different way) is the worst crime for which he will be banned immediately, extrajudicially.

Yaniv’s last victim was the famous Canadian journalist Lindsay Shepherd, who also got banned on Twitter. She discovered that Yaniv living in Sikh neighborhood, hates the Sikhs, and fights Sikh immigration to Canada; and most victims of judicial trolling are immigrants who are forbidden by religion to touch other people’s penises.

In response to this, Yaniv wrote that she had a broken vagina and vaginal diseases after giving birth, while he has everything very elastic and firm, and for a long time they argued on medical topics; poor woman in the heat of discussion lost her temper and pointed out that he had no vagina not at all, because he is a man, for which she was banned for life.

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