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Katy Perry: Breaking Up With Orlando Bloom Made Me Think About Suicide

Famous American singer Katy Perry, who played novels with rich and successful sharks of show business, admitted about the instability of her mental state after breaking up with actor Orlando Bloom. Now the couple is back together and is expecting the birth of their first child. You know, it happens. 

katy perry orlando bloom

Katy Perry told reporters about her breakup with Orlando Bloom in 2017, after which her life went so bad.

This is not the first public recognition of the celebrity in the fight against mental illness. During psychotherapy, Katy Perry reflected on the psychological difficulties she encountered at that time.

So, three years ago, a breakup with a loved one coincided with professional problems in the music career of a singer. Her albums of popular music began were being sold much worse. It was a great career decline in the life of an American celebrity.

“I broke up with the man whom I loved, and now he is the father of our future child. Then I was very worried about the issue of my career development. I really believed that my new album would be successful and would blow up the ratings. But this didn’t happen. I was very devastated by this news,” says Katy Perry in a media interview.

These events caused Katy Perry a mental illness ‒ she faced a depression. The singer thought about suicide for a long time. Psychotherapy, faith, and gratitude to God helped to bring her out of the dark period of life. Her parents were pastors, so from childhood, little Katy was brought up in the spirit of religion.

“There was always hope with me because I believe that there is something more than me that can protect us.”

The American celebrity admitted that the years of depression were somewhat healing and helped to look at the world in a different way.

“The breakup with Orlando Bloom literally broke me in half, I sank to the deep end, but after that, I flew even higher and no longer sink, my career, songs, and videos are the evidence of my healing,” notes Katy Perry.

The celebrity claims that this period of mental illness helped her to find and regain her integrity, and to live more meaningful than before when she was just a fame-hungry star.

Also, Katy stated that her popular music was written precisely in the “dark period” of her life.

katy perry orlando bloom

The relationship between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom experienced both ups and downs. This beautiful couple hasn’t stopped experimenting, pouring new and bright colors into their lives. On Valentine’s Day, handsome Orlando Bloom made a cherished proposal by giving a vintage ring with a pink stone. Of course, Katy answered “yes.”

Their passions and love adventures don’t leave the audience indifferent.

Charming and sexy Katy Perry, who never suffered from a lack of male attention, chose Orlando Bloom. Their relationship resembled insanity, the couple was deeply in love with each other. However, the engagement didn’t happen. In 2010, Orlando Bloom started dating supermodel Miranda Kerr. 

The couple lived together for three years and broke up. And right after that, at a charity festival, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met. Their meeting wasn’t at that time something fateful but led to a further love story.

Katy Perry`s and Orlando Bloom`s love story

katy perry orlando bloom

It took another three years to mature these feelings. And already in 2016, at some party, a spark ran between the stars. They danced together and drank champagne from one glass. This was the beginning of something more. 

Music also connected a couple. At one of the concerts in Los Angeles, they sang along with their favorite singer. And after that, Orlando Bloom suddenly kissed Katy Perry. They left the event together holding hands. And the paparazzi instantly captured photos that scattered all over the Internet. A day later, the whole public said that a new beautiful sexy couple appeared in Hollywood.

From that moment, the couple was constantly seen together in various institutions. They behaved like children, not paying attention to anyone. Their love was so strong that everyone was waiting for something more. And already in April 2016 they first came together to the festival, openly holding hands.

katy perry orlando bloom

However, on March 1, 2017, the couple officially paused their relationship. This was the most difficult period in a girl’s life. After several months, the lovers came together again. In August, they continued to meet and go on a joint holiday. And in 2018, Katy Perry performed a song specifically for Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are now expecting a baby. Among closed sources, there are rumors that harmony and mutual understanding dominates the life of lovers. They have learned from the experience of previous relationships and are now building them in a new way.

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