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Let’s Assume Greta Wins

Suppose, all the eco-activists are right, the “green” guys won, and humanity immediately satisfied all their requirements: the rejection of fossil fuels, abandonment of geological exploration of it, and the end of fossil fuel mining.

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Disclaimer: Yes, fuckers, this is yet another boring article for those, who use their head not just for wearing hats and shoving food in it. Got something to say on topic? Leave a comment!

I emphasize: IMMEDIATELY, that is, right now, and irrevocably. For example, destroying all this stuff. I will miss the purely financial aspects of this Armageddon, I will touch upon purely technical ones.

First of all, this means the collapse of all international logistics. ALL. No fossils – no fuel – no truckers, no coal/diesel trains, no planes. Electric transport also goes into oblivion: coal is banned, gas is banned, nuclear power plants will stand up because uranium is FOSSIL, yup. Hydroelectric power stations, solar power plants, and windmills do not cover the needs of household electric networks, and it will not help to build logistics on electric cars and electric trains.

The only country that can exist under such circumstances for some time, is Norway because of the specifics of their electricity network and the vast number of mini-rivers and waterfalls, but this is all to no avail because after the collapse of logistics all hell breaks loose.

There is no stock of provisions in large cities, and the one that is there will quickly become worthless: there’s no electricity, remember?; no new incomes. Accordingly, megacities are turning into a humanitarian catastrophe zone, consequently – to millions of refugees in rural areas. There’s no place for millions of people to live, and not enough opportunities, and – more importantly – because of the rejection of fuel, the farm goes straight to the 18th century, and its effectiveness is catastrophically declining.

A hard fall in productivity leads to hunger, and hunger leads to the extinction of everything edible, which affects the situation even more: the supply of the grain for the next sowing will be just eaten, and there will simply be no next harvest. The global manmade famine.

Next, after hunger comes always epidemics – the body is weakened by stress and malnutrition, and we get outbreaks of all kinds of rubbish everywhere (huge thanks to anti-vaccination), which is worsened by the lack of quality medical care because logistics is everything.

Of course, we can say that the world will not allow this, and everybody will help everyone, but fuck no. International logistics is dead, everyone survives as best as he/she/it (put your fucking gender in here) can. Logistics becomes insignificant. This, in turn, puts an end to all modern technologies – they are too complicated to be able to produce something useful. So, windmills, hydroelectric power stations, solar panels – everything is fucked up. Spare parts for equipment? Forget about them because there is no way to deliver them or, at least, to PRODUCE them. Lithium for batteries is an inaccessible luxury, because there is no electrical equipment for its extraction now, and the fuel for vehicles, well, there’s none.

One might say “But the environment will get better”. Well, big fucking No-No! The environment will become fucked up even more – in attempts to survive, hundreds of millions of people will eat everything, including each other. Rollback to the medieval “harmony with nature” will happen only after everything is eaten and burned to ashes. No food chains left. Everything is fucked.

And now the fun part.

When this party comes to an end, the most fierce global feeding in history shall come – there will be absolutely no one to process the greenhouse gases that the ocean produces – the forests are destroyed, the species that formed their ecosystem – destroyed as well. Deserts and erosion will finish everything that is left after people. Nuclear reactors that nobody will take care of will be scattered and will turn huge areas into lifeless wastelands for hundreds of thousands of years.

So, yeah, let’s all fucking go green and “save” our planet immediately!

I’m not saying, that we should not give a fuck about our planet. We need to take care of this baby. I’m just saying, that people should think first (using their head, if there is any brain there) how, with minimal risks, to switch to renewable sources and to help those who cannot do it themselves, how to produce all required materials in the future, but not just fucking yell at everyone!

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