TWIFT | Lifestyle | “Little Women” Fashion: How to Dress from the 1890s in 2020?

“Little Women” Fashion: How to Dress from the 1890s in 2020?

Little Women” Fashion: How to Dress from the 1890s in 2020?

The film “Little Women” takes a special place in the hearts of many people because of the nostalgia for the children’s Little Women book, the resonating life story about the four sisters who get together in hard times. Many recognize themselves in their older sister, Joe March, a writer and a feminist who does not put off her dreams and resists the fate of women of those times.

Films have been made over the book many times, and its 1994 version with Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder was awarded the Academy Awards, USA, and received the award for the best costumes. Nowadays, Little Women’s fashion trends are becoming more popular.

It is not difficult to understand the hype around the movie. I’m sure that the version of “Little Women” will find its place in the hearts of fans and in their closets.

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The tendency to dress in the style of the 90s is not new, yet many women like it. So how to dress as if you’re Little Women character?

The so-called trend of prairie girls can be so refreshing in 2020 because it includes certain femininity that avoids splitting, tight-fitting clothes, and uncomfortably short skirt lines. Little Women’s fashion of those times demonstrates that comfort was valued above all: the neckline is high, and the skirt hides the knees.

Fashionistas know this feature very well and understand how to dress right. World brands have in their arsenal dresses that are easy to dress both for a nursing mother and a Hollywood star. This is what Little Women’s fashion is all about.

little women fashion how to dress fashion make

To learn a little more about this trend and how to dress like prairie girls, we talked with Catherine Newell-Hanson, director of Zappos. She is also a former fashion editor for Marie Claire, who has created styles for such brands as Net-a-Porter, Louis Vuitton, H&M, Madewell, Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein Jeans.

“The popularity of the Little Women fashion seems to be a counter-reaction,” says the stylist. “For me, it looks like a natural take-off of sports and streetwear. Every fashion movement, every fashion trend will always have a natural opposite. Fashion makes the best out of global trends. It is romantic when streetwear is practical, it is loose and airy. On the contrary, sportswear is suitable for a certain physical form. This is the perfect combination of escapist imagination and modest practicality.”

little women fashion how to dress fashion make

Finding comfort seems to be one of the most desirable factors when it comes to prairie 2020 trends. “It’s comfortable: I like the lightness of a loose dress combined with a practical boot,” said Newell-Hanson.

She also added, “Sometimes I feel cultural pressure regarding diet and exercise, super-stylish Instagram workout clothes that seem to require a perfect body. I want to rebel against this and walk the dirty field in a long dress and lace-up boots, like the sisters from the movie Little Women.

“There have always been designers who have beautifully included historical silhouettes and details in their collections. Sarah Burton at McQueen is unparalleled and Alessandro Michele from Gucci did something special with his crazy collage for decades. But I think that recently this trend has struck the spirit of the times in a new way! Raf Simon’s stay at Calvin, which was a real raid in America, led to a lot of dresses for girls, as did Stuart Wevers at Coach. And with the recent huge success of a new brand as Batsheva, this wave has really attracted everyone’s attention.”

little women fashion how to dress fashion make

This trend can be intimidating, and imitation of the sisters will not be easy. Most careers or jobs may not be suitable for dressing in fancy outfits up to the floor. But Newell-Hanson has a few tips to find a solution:

“I like to combine a beautiful dress with a hard boot. In Little Women, the girls have flat lace-up shoes that make the wardrobe practical. Little Women’s fashion hard boot makes it difficult to look too expensive and elegant. It is like a modern way to balance the softness of a romantic dress.”

Newell-Hanson offers lacing, ribbed soles, and boots with a red blouse with a high collar and long sleeve, worn with blue jeans with a high waist. “It helps refresh the look and add a bit of coolness,” she suggested.

If you are afraid of a full-body closure or an exaggerated volume, instead look for “details with a touch of romantic Victorian or prairie details with a high neck, ruffles or lace only in a more modern fitting silhouette.” Fashion makes it easy to pick up something for yourself.

“I love how Prada and Gucci take historical elements and details and give them a fresh context, combining them with modern and unexpected boots as thick sneakers or hybrid hiking boots, thereby updating volumes and proportions.”

If you’re ready to go back to the 1890s and put on a prairie dress, there are many brands that can easily help you!

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