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Maniacs in Uber: What Passengers Should be Wary of

Although the statistics are collected from the US Uber clients, this also implies that there are a lot of psychos among European taxi drivers. What’s more, even real acquaintances sometimes share unforgettable impressions of trips and the level of service. For example, one girl said that the taxi driver who drove her at night “played to his little friend” with one hand while driving, and she only thought on a plan in case he would attack her! Another girl shared that the taxi driver offered her quick sex, and it was not a joke. Sometimes you have to rush from a taxi to your house not to be witness these perverts finishing their dirty tricks in a cab.

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Horrible Statistics!

The American Uber shared dramatic results: in the last couple of years, they received over 6000 reports of sexual assault from passengers! Okay, maybe they need to switch their business to a dating service for perverts? That could work, but… would be completely illegal.

The statistics reveal that in 2018, the rate of terrible incidents decreased by 16%. Still, don’t hurry up to order an Uber cab, as this was not due to drivers becoming normal but the higher overall number of journeys!

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Dangerous Passengers

If you think that only drivers might have dirty plans in their heads, it’s a mistake. Passengers are accused of HALF of those cases. If you decided to join Uber yesterday, think twice, especially if you are still a virgin. Although… perhaps this is your last chance to lose your virginity! And then it is not clear whether this is a problem or a solution!

Uber’s Image Is Getting Worse

In the US, Uber does its best to prove that the company cares about clients’ needs and tries to improve safety for the whole taxi industry. All we notice is that the keyword here is “tries”. It faces great scrutiny globally – for example, London authorities took away their license not so long ago, so Uber in London is now officially dead. Rest in peace!

To save its already spoiled and weak image, Uber claims that 99.9% of all the journeys were actually safe. With publishing that horrible report, that wanted to show their active work on the issue, stressing that resolving it is not so simple – you never know who you hire. Maybe it is a friendly middle-aged man with a mustache, and maybe it is someone like Ted Bundy. 

uber statistics

Tony West, the Uber’s CLO (Chief Legal Officer) shared with the public that most American companies don’t reveal the issues of sexual violence in taxis, as it’s so easy to get a high wave of criticism and an avalanche of negative headlines in the media. They just share one report in two years to show that they care. But what about people? They should be still scared of taking Uber rides!

What’s more, the company didn’t tell anything about their safety plans for non-US departments. The Europeans should be afraid of maniacs even more, as we don’t know whether someone keeps an eye on the number of sexual assaults in taxis here! Beware! 

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