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More days off in Denmark

The country where dreams come true. Denmark fulfilled the desire of 90% of the working class. Some people will work for 4 days and will have 3 days to relax. Someone cares about people and let them sleep. We can congratulate them! So, where in Denmark will they have more rest and why?

In Denmark, the dream of many people came true. Tell me honestly: “Would you like to relax one day more?”. Alas, even in this fabulous country such privileges are given only in one municipality. It is about the Danish commune Odsherred. It is located in the east of the Scandinavian state. This is your geo direction, where to go to sleep a little more. Since the whole working class looks like a guy from the movie “Fight Club”.

Odsherred: how to make Danes happy

Already a few weeks the Danes who live in the Danish commune Odsherred (East) have been enjoying a four-day workweek. Probably the other residents of the state are already dying from fucking envy, but what can they do? Someone gets more, someone rests more, someone has a beautiful wife. There will always be a person who has more privileges. It’s important to be able to enjoy what you have and strive for more. Although still reading such news, you begin to think, “Well, why the fucking bosses don’t consider this a brilliant idea.” Well, work hard on Friday with a smile!

The head of the department of the municipality commented on this decision. Kirsten Lund Marquardsen believes that employees should rest longer, then the work process will show better results. Perhaps the fourth working day will last a little longer. The United States and European countries will have to work the same way five days a week and to enjoy life two days. Stop whining guys, it’s 48 hours to find something new in life, to eat, sleep and even have time to have sex. There is a way out if this time is not enough for you. Don’t work and make friends with local homeless people, well, or work at your favorite job. As Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” In this case, the news of the four-day workweek will break your heart. Perhaps the lone workaholic in Denmark is already suffering the 9th day from this fucking weekend news. He has nothing more to do and takes the soap with a rope. Oh, it’s scary to think about this, it’s better without work fanaticism, guys! Make friends and relax for 2-3 days.

More on the benefits of a three-day weekend

In the Danish commune of Odsherred, the authorities decided to improve the quality of municipal services. According to Marquardsen, an innovation with one more day off will improve the quality of services. True, instead of 32 working hours, these 4 days people will work for almost 38. The Danish government has reported that employees will be able to get individual schedules.

33000 residents will have one more day off. Odsherred is the first municipality in Denmark with a 4-day workweek. Local council hindered the adoption of such a drastic decision for three years. Various initiatives have been put forward according to the issue of shortening the workweek. Only in 2019, the issue was decided. Even the fact that employees of the municipality will relax for three days won’t affect their work. City residents will be able to contact the municipality during off-hours on weekdays.

“Public members will be able to call earlier and later on a business day because we are closed on Friday. This should improve the quality of municipal services and provide our employees with an additional day off”, – said Marquardsen.

So, how are things in other cities?

Not only in Denmark, people want changes. The four-day week has been in the public eye for many years. But does it make sense? Many live by the “a free artist” principle. It’s 21 century and freelance is popular. In the United States, they even did a little research on this topic. It turns out that in the United States more than a third of employees work on a freelance, on a permanent, temporary and contract basis.

So, the number of “freelancers” is growing at an enormous rate. Only a few people want to work in the office, the number of employees is reducing, and has become a global trend. Again, money can decide everything, if you will be paid more, you will go to the office just sit on your ass. Maybe for someone comfort is better. To each his own, we guess.

US expert study

According to forecasts, by 2020, the share of freelancers in the US labor market will reach 16%. For comparison: in 1995 this figure was only 6.7%. The share of full-time and part-time employees will decrease.

In Ukraine, for example, according to the Ukrainian Freelancehunt service, last year the number of specialists registered on the platform increased by 100 thousand or 45% to 320 thousand. The number of customers increased by 35 thousand, the number of projects — by 30 thousand, and the total budget — by UAH 60 million

There are different situations in Denmark and other countries. Each person chooses how it’s more convenient for him or her to work. Statistics show one thing and reality is quite another. The main thing is that we have all read the text about the innovation, but the conclusion is the same: well, okay, but tomorrow I have to work again. Everyone loves Friday for its ending and the day off. In Denmark, the dream of many people came true to get more rest. True, in return you get a little shit, more hours at work every day. Have a nice day working class. Have fun today!

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